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Florida State Road 618 West
Ramps from Interstate 75 south and north come together above Falkenburg Road. The adjacent Express Lanes see an egress point to the Selmon Expressway mainline in one mile. Photo taken 10/19/13.
Lee Roy Selmon was a professional football player for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 1976 to 1984. Inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1995, Selmon was honored with the renaming of the Tampa Crosstown Expressway in his name in 1999. Photo taken 01/28/07.
The Selmon Expressway utilizes all electronic tolling (AET). Tolls are collected via Sunpass transponders or toll-by-plate, where motorists receive a bill in the mail. Convention toll collection ceased system-wide on September 17, 2010. Photo taken 10/19/13.
A diamond interchange joins SR 618 (Selmon Expressway) with U.S. 301 at Exit 13. U.S. 301 forms a six lane arterial south to Riverview and Bloomingdale and north to the Florida State Fairgrounds and the outskirts of Temple Terrace. Photo taken 10/19/13.
The ingress point to the Express Lanes follows in one half mile for motorists emanating from Interstate 75 or U.S. 301. Photo taken 08/12/14.
Interests to Ybor City should remain along the SR 618 mainline to Exit 9. Photo taken 08/12/14.
The Express Lanes are reversible, carrying three lanes inbound during the morning hours and three lanes outbound during the evening hours. Photo taken 08/12/14.
An AET gantry collects tolls as the Express Lanes ascend onto a a viaduct between the east and westbound mainline. Photo taken 01/28/07.
A loop ramp joins SR 618 west from 78th Street (CR 573) and Adamo Drive (SR 60) ahead of the Palm River. Photo taken 10/19/13.
Crossing the channelized Palm River, which forms part of the Tampa Bypass Canal operated by the Southwest Florida Water Management District. The canal provides flood relief to the Hillsborough River through Tampa. Photo taken 10/19/13.
The first reassurance marker for the Selmon Expressway westbound appears after the partial interchange (Exit 12 on eastbound) with 78th Street (CR 573). Photo taken 10/19/13.
The Selmon Expressway shifts southward to the site of the former main line toll plaza. Photo taken 10/19/13.
A portion of the old toll plaza was retained for use as a service road for a Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority maintenance facility. Photo taken 08/12/14.
The first of two collection points along SR 618 west is positioned just east of the Maydell Drive overpass. Photo taken 08/12/14.
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2 photos
SR 618 continues west parallel to both the Palm River and SR 60 (Adamo Drive). The Express Lanes run down the middle of the Selmon Expressway for the remainder of their trek into Tampa. Photo taken 08/12/14. Second photo taken 10/19/13.
SR 618 elevates over a CSX Railroad ahead of Exit 11 with U.S. 41 (50th Street). There is no advance sign for the upcoming diamond interchange. Photo taken 01/28/07.
U.S. 41 (50th Street) ventures north from Gibsonton and Palm River to meet the Selmon Expressway en route to Highland Pines and East Tampa. The US highway primarily carries local traffic to Port Tampa Bay and industrial areas to Interstate 4 by Oak Park. Photo taken 08/12/14.
Continuing west, the Selmon Expressway next meets the Selmon Connector, a series of elevated ramps connecting SR 618 with Interstate 4. Exit 10 provides access to I-4 west ahead of its end with I-275. Photo taken 08/12/14.
Exit 9 quickly follows the Selmon Connector as a lengthy off-ramp to U.S. 41 Business (22nd Street). Photo taken 08/12/14.
22nd Street north from U.S. 41 Business and SR 60 leads directly into the Historic Ybor City. Travelers bound for the Tampa cruise terminals at Channelside are directed onto SR 60 west to Channelside Drive via Exit 9 as well. Photo taken 08/12/14.
The Selmon Connector opened on January 6, 2014 to connect SR 618 and I-4. The toll road provides increased connectivity between Interstate 75 south of Brandon with Interstate 275 leading to north Tampa. Photo taken 08/12/14.
U.S. 41 Business loops west from U.S. 41 at Palm River across McKay Bay and Port Tampa Bay at Hooker's Point. The route combines with SR 60 along zigzagging route west to Channelside and Downtown Tampa. Photo taken 08/12/14.
Two lanes part ways with the Selmon Connector westbound mainline for the Selmon Connector north at Exit 10. Motorists using the north-south roadway above Ybor City are levied an additional toll to connect with Interstate 4. Photo taken 08/12/14.
Exit 9 follows and leaves SR 618 west from within the directional T interchange with the Selmon Connector. 22nd Street forms a couplet with 21st Street south through Ybor City as SR 585. SR 585 leads north from SR 60 to U.S. 41 & 92 (Hillsborough Avenue) at Seminole Heights. Photo taken 08/12/14.
Three flyovers pass above the Selmon Connector: two truck only ramps connect the Selmon Connector with U.S. 41 Business while a general purpose ramp provides access from eastbound SR 618 to I-4 east. Photo taken 08/12/14.
Speed limits along the Selmon Expressway reduce from 60 to 55 miles per hour beyond the parclo interchange (Exit 9) with U.S. 41 Business. Photo taken 08/12/14.
Back to back half diamond interchanges (Exits 8 and 7) serve a variety of interests in Downtown Tampa including Amalie Arena (home of the NHL Tampa Bay Lightning), Florida Aquarium and Cruise Terminals 3 and 6 of Port Tampa Bay. Photo taken 08/12/14.
The Selmon Expressway transitions to a viaduct west from North 20th Street to the Hillsborough River and Bayshore Boulevard. Photo taken 08/12/14.
The Downtown West off-ramp (Exit 7) ties into Morgan and Brorein Streets near the Tampa Convention Center. Tampa Street north from there leads motorists to the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center via Tyler Street. Photo taken 08/12/14.
U.S. 41 Business & SR 60 turn west onto Kennedy Boulevard from Channelside Drive through the central business district. Exit 8 joins the tandem westbound ahead of East Street. Photo taken 08/12/14.
The Express Lanes viaduct branches west to curve southward and end as Meridian Street at Twiggs Street. Photo taken 08/12/14.
SR 618 encircles the Tampa central business district west to the Hillsborough River. Drivers along the elevated roadway are afforded unobstructed views of the various Downtown area skyscrapers. Photo taken 08/12/14.
SR 60 lines Kennedy Boulevard west from Downtown and Exit 8 to North Hyde Park, Beach Park and the Westshore area. U.S. 41 Business branches north along a couplet of Florida Avenue and Tampa Street to Tampa Heights. Photo taken 08/12/14.
The Downtown West off-ramp (Exit 7) descends onto Brorein Street west. Brorein Street parallels the Selmon Expressway west across the Hillsborough River to the Hyde Park - Spanishtown Creek community. Photo taken 10/19/13.
Taking Exit 7, drivers can either continue onto Brorein Street west or turn onto Morgan Street north to the central business district. Photo taken 10/19/13.
Turning back to the west, SR 618 passes by the Tampa Convention Center and next meets a half diamond interchange (Exit 5) with Brorein Street and Plant Avenue. Photo taken 03/07/07.
Westbound drivers cross the Hillsborough River north of Seddon Channel and Davis Islands. Forthcoming Hyde Park and Plant Avenues form a couplet between the bridges to Davis Islands and SR 60 (Kennedy Boulevard) at the University of Tampa. Photo taken 04/22/15.
A toll schedule sign appears just ahead of the Exit 5 off-ramp to Davis Islands. AET gantries are positioned above both the mainline and departing ramp. Photo taken 04/22/15.
Exit 5 departs from the Hillsborough River bridge and lowers to the intersection of Brorein Street west at Plant Avenue north. Hyde Park Avenue travels south one block to the west to span both Bayshore Boulevard and Hillsborough Bay. The bridge leads to Davis Boulevard, a loop south on Davis Islands to Peter O'Knight Airport (TPF). Photo taken 04/22/15.
The AET gantry at Plant Avenue replaced the second main line toll plaza along SR 618 west. Photo taken 04/22/15.
An empty sign bridge used to host signs directing Sunpass account holders to the left for the upcoming toll plaza. Photo taken 04/22/15.
A grassy area alludes to the old toll plaza as SR 618 quickly reaches the diamond interchange (Exit 4) with Willow Avenue. Photo taken 04/22/15.
Exit 4 leaves SR 618 west for adjacent Cleveland Street ahead of Willow Avenue in Hyde Park. Willow Avenue travels south to Bayshore Boulevard and north to the West Riverfront neighborhood by I-275. Photo taken 04/22/15.
The remainder of the Selmon Expressway angles southwest alongside a CSX Railroad line. Photo taken 04/22/15.
2015 traffic counts drop from 40,000 vehicles per day (vpd) east of Plant Avenue to 36,500 vpd ahead of Exit 3 as SR 618 continues westward. Photo taken 04/22/15.
The Selmon Expressway westbound next meets Bay To Bay Boulevard via a partial interchange at Exit 3. Bay to Bay Boulevard does just what its name infers, traveling across the Interbay Peninsula between West Shore Boulevard near Old Tampa Bay and Hillsborough Bay. Photo taken 04/22/15.
A grassy median separates four lanes of traffic in this scene along the Selmon Expressway south of Mississippi Avenue. Photo taken 04/22/15.
Exit 3 loops to Bay To Bay Boulevard from SR 618 westbound at the Palma Ceia Park neighborhood. Bay to Bay Boulevard ends at Bayshore Boulevard adjacent to SR 618. Westward, the boulevard meets U.S. 92 (Dale Mabry Highway) at Virginia Park and Manhattan Avenue at Sunset Park. Photo taken 04/22/15.
A short distance further along SR 618 west is the half diamond interchange (Exit 2) with Euclid Avenue. Euclid Avenue meets the Selmon Expressway within the Bayshore Beautiful neighborhood. Photo taken 04/22/15.
Exit 2 ascends over both El Prado Boulevard and the adjacent CSX Railroad line abruptly before lowering to Euclid Avenue just east of its intersection with Himes Avenue. Euclid Avenue leads west to Virginia Park and Fair Oaks / Manhattan Manor in South Tampa. Photo taken 04/22/15.
The final exits of SR 618 west separate traffic interests to U.S. 92 (Gandy Boulevard) westbound to the Gandy Bridge and St. Petersburg and Gandy Boulevard eastbound to SR 573 (South Dale Mabry Highway) south to MacDill Air Force Base. U.S. 92 follows Dale Mabry Highway south from Drew Park to Gandy Boulevard at the south end of the Selmon Expressway. Photo taken 04/22/15.
A pair of Expressway Ends signs advise motorists of the ramps to U.S. 92 and the somewhat premature end of the Crosstown Expressway. The South Crosstown Expressway was originally envisioned to continue west along Gandy Boulevard to the Gandy Bridge over Tampa Bay. This would have provided a needed limited access crossing between South Tampa and St. Petersburg. Instead Gandy Boulevard comprises a congested four-lane commercial boulevard from Dale Mabry Highway west to Tampa Bay just north of Rattlesnake Point. Photo taken 04/22/15.
SR 618 passes over U.S. 92 (Dale Mabry Highway) ahead of the half-cloverleaf interchange with Gandy Boulevard. Gandy Boulevard takes U.S. 92 west across the Gandy Bridge to SR 694 and 687 at Fourth Street North in St. Petersburg. Gandy Boulevard east ends at Bayshore Boulevard at the Ballast Point community. Photo taken 04/22/15.
A pair of loop ramps lie south of U.S. 92 (Gandy Boulevard), west of its turn from Dale Mabry Highway. Lighthouse Bay Apartments abut the south side of the interchange. Photo taken 04/22/15.

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