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A 25.51-mile route, State Road 674 ventures east from U.S. 41 in Ruskin to Sun City Center, Wimauma, Fort Lonesome, and SR 37 in southwest Polk County. The state road provides freeway access to I-75 for the growing Ruskin and Sun City Center communities to the west. East of Wimauma, SR 674 constitutes a truck route for various phosphate mines scattered throughout southeast Hillsborough County.

Florida State Road 674 East
SR 674 changes from College Avenue to Sun City Center Boulevard within the six-ramp parclo interchange at Interstate 75. Photo taken 03/22/20.
Interstate 75 heads north from Sun City Center to Riverview, Brandon and the Tampa area. Photo taken 03/22/20.
Leaving U.S. 301 and Sun City Center, SR 674 reduces from a four-lane divided arterial into a two-lane rural highway. Photo taken 10/15/07.
Entering the unincorporated town of Wimauma along SR 674 east. Photo taken 10/15/07.
Exiting the Wimauma street grid, SR 674 approaches the north end of the southernmost County Road 579. Photo taken 10/15/07.
Hillsborough County Road 579 spurs south 4.97 miles from Wimauma alongside Little Manatee River Preserve to end as Saffold Road on the Manatee County line. Saffold Road extends the roadway south to SR 64. Photo taken 10/15/07.
Balm-Wimauma Road branches northeast from SR 674 to County Road 672 (Balm-Riverview Road) at the rural community of Balm. Photo taken 10/15/07.
SR 674 crosses the Little Manatee River twice, passes by a mobile home park, and reaches the crossroads of Fort Lonesome. Photo taken 06/30/14.
Hillsborough County Road 39 intersects SR 674 (Wimauma Road) at Fort Lonesome. The county road heads north five miles to Alafia River State Park and 19 miles to Plant City, becoming a state road north of SR 60. Photo taken 06/30/14.
Stretching 24.61 miles from a rural beginning at SR 62 in Manatee County, CR 39 bisects phosphate mine country northward to Picnic, Alafia State Park, Lithia and SR 60 by Hopewell. Photo taken 06/30/14.
SR 674 bee lines east from Fort Lonesome by a number of phosphate mines. Photo taken 06/30/14.
A second shield posted for SR 674 east at Fort Lonesome. Speed limits increase to 60 miles per hour for the remainder of the trek east to SR 37. Photo taken 06/30/14.
Passing to the north of the Little Manatee River source, SR 674 crosses the Polk County line. Photo taken 06/30/14.
2.13 miles of SR 674 east remain through rural southwest Polk County. Photo taken 06/30/14.
Approaching SR 37 along SR 674 east. Traveling 29 miles, SR 37 travels northeast to Mulberry (SR 60) and its end at U.S. 98 in Downtown Lakeland. Photo taken 06/30/14.
Leading southwest, SR 37 travels to the four corners of Hardee, Hillsborough, Manatee and Polk Counties before ending 5.5 miles further south at SR 62 and Duette. Photo taken 06/30/14.
Florida State Road 674 West
2 photos
2 photos
SR 674 bee lines west from SR 37, 17 miles to Wimauma. Ruskin lies at the opposite end in 25 miles. Photos taken 06/30/14.
Trees line both sides of SR 674 as the state road passes by a phosphate mine. Speed limits are posted at 60 miles per hour along this otherwise uninterrupted stretch. Photo taken 06/30/14.
Crossing the Hillsborough County line along SR 674 west. Photo taken 06/30/14.
Paralleling the Little Manatee River through equally rural areas, SR 674 reaches Fort Lonesome and County Road 39. Photo taken 06/30/14.
County Road 39 heads south to SR 62 in Manatee County and north to Alafia State Park and SR 60 near Hopewell. There State Road 39 takes over as an arterial route north into Plant City. Photo taken 06/30/14.
Leaving Fort Lonesome, SR 674 remains rural by more phosphate mines, agricultural areas, and the Little Manatee River. Photo taken 06/30/14.
Wimauma lies nine miles ahead, followed by the retirement community of Sun City Center in 12 miles and the western terminus at Ruskin in 18 miles. Photo taken 06/30/14.
A six-ramp parclo interchange joins Interstate 75 with SR 674 (Sun City Center Boulevard east / College Avenue west) at Exit 240. Pictured here is the approach to the southbound on-ramp to Bradenton and Sarasota. Photo taken 11/24/07.
SR 674 follows College Avenue, a four-lane arterial, from Interstate 75 west to its end at Ruskin. This shield stands after the freeway interchange. Photo taken 11/24/07.
Westbound at the signalized intersection with 21st Street. 21st Street leads north to Shell Point Road and Hillsborough Community College Southshore and south across Interstate 75 to the Little Manatee River Preserve. Photo taken 11/24/07.
SR 674 (College Avenue) enters the unincorporated town of Ruskin where it meets U.S. 41 (Tamiami Trail). College Avenue crosses 2nd Street Southeast in this scene. Photo taken 11/24/07.
U.S. 41 overheads hang on span wires above the ending SR 674. College Avenue continues west into residential areas buffeted by Ruskin Inlet and the Little Manatee River. U.S. 41 continues north to Gibsonton and south to Sun City. Photo taken 11/24/07.
There is no end sign for SR 674 at U.S. 41 (Tamiami Trail). Photo taken 11/24/07.

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