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Florida State Road 688 East
SR 688 (Walsingham Road) intersects Oakhurst Road (CR 233) by Indian Rocks Shopping Center in west Largo. A guide sign alludes to the former status of Oakhurst Road as Florida Secondary 694 south to Park Boulevard and 697 north to Belleair. Photo taken 05/04/19.
Eastbound SR 688 (Ulmerton Road) reaches SR 693 (66th Street N) just prior to U.S. 19. SR 693 runs south to South Pasadena and north to U.S. 19 north nearby. Photo taken 11/26/03.
State Road 688 shield posted after SR 693 (66th Street N) in Largo. Photo taken 11/13/07.
Approaching U.S. 19 on SR 688 (Ulmerton Road) east, a single point urban interchange joins the two highways.
This stretch of Ulmerton Road was expanded to eight lanes during 2007-08. Photo taken 11/13/07.
Frontage roads links SR 688 (Ulmerton Road) and U.S. 19. U.S. 19 leads southeast into east Pinellas Park, Lealman and St. Petersburg.
This sign bridge was replaced after 2008 during widening of Ulmerton Road. Photo taken 11/13/07.
Florida State Road 686 Florida State Road 688 East
40th Street N leads south from Ulmerton Road to CR 296 (Bryan Dairy Road) by Airway Industrial Park. A traffic light was removed here during work to upgrade Ulmerton Road. Photo taken 03/06/19.
A traffic light operates at the SR 686 & 688 intersection with 38th Street N a local road joining Ulmerton Road with Airway Industrial Park. Photo taken 01/03/15.
Approaching 34th Street N and the separation of SR 686 with SR 688 for Roosevelt Boulevard southeast to north St. Petersburg. Interests to I-275 south are directed onto SR 686, as there is no direct access to southbound from SR 688 east. Photo taken 01/03/15.
34th Street N heads south to Meridian Gateway Center and Gateway Industrial Park between Ulmerton Road and CR 296 (118th Avenue N). Photo taken 01/03/15.
A new overpass was completed by early 2015 carrying motorists from SR 686 west onto SR 688 west.
SR 688 (Ulmerton Road) ends at I-275 (Exit 31) just southwest of the Howard Frankland Bridge. Roosevelt Boulevard carries SR 686 southeast to I-275 and the Gandy Freeway (SR 694) at U.S. 92 & SR 687 (4th Street North). Photo taken 01/03/15.
Florida State Road 688 East
Ulmerton Road lines the south side of Feather Sound, an unincorporated collection of neighborhoods, businesses and a golf course. Photo taken 05/16/15.
The final eastbound reassurance marker precedes the traffic light with Egret Boulevard north and Carillon Parkway West. Photo taken 07/06/13.
This mileage sign posted 13 miles southwest of Tampa was removed by 2015 as an extended turn lane was added for Carillon Parkway West. Photo taken 07/06/13.
Egret Boulevard connects SR 688 with Feather Sound Square Shopping Center and an apartment complex as one of two entrances to Feather South from Ulmerton Road east. Carillon Parkway West provides the first of four access points to the Carillon Business Complex. Photo taken 05/16/15.
Feather Sound Drive connects SR 688 (Ulmerton Road) with a loop encircling Feather Sound to the north. Carillon Parkway East extends south as a loop through Carillon. Photo taken 07/16/13.
State Road 688 (Ulmerton Road) east defaults onto Interstate 275 north. The right lane however provides access to the freeway south for St. Petersburg. Photo taken 07/16/13.
The southbound ramp also connects with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Street (CR 803) south. CR 803 (9th Street N) parallels SR 687 and U.S. 92 (4th Street N) southward through the Gateway and Fossil Park communities of north St. Petersburg en route toward Downtown. Photo taken 07/16/13.
SR 688 eastat the southbound off-ramp to I-275 and CR 803. Since this exchange falls within the St. Petersburg city limits, Bradenton is the southbound control point. The Manatee County seat is a 32-mile drive to the south via I-275, U.S. 19 and U.S. 41. Photo taken 07/16/13.
Construction from May 2002 to January 2005 expanded the wye interchange between the two highways with ramps to I-275 south and Martin Luther King, Jr. Street. Photo taken 07/16/13.
Motorists continuing onto Interstate 275 north across the Howard Frankland Bridge next encounter SR 60 (Kennedy Boulevard) in eight miles. The two-lane ramp curves northward to join I-275 ahead of the wye interchange with adjacent SR 687 (4th Street N). Photo taken 07/16/13.

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