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Traveling across urban Pinellas County, CR 694 and SR 694 follow a combination of Park and Gandy Boulevards from Indian Shores to St. Petersburg. The corridor carries at least four lanes throughout, mostly as a commercial boulevard, but with an expressway section east from Grand Avenue to U.S. 92 (4th Street North).

State Road 694 originally ran only between 66th Street North (SR 693) and U.S. 19 along 74th Avenue through Pinellas Park. Gandy Boulevard northeast from U.S. 19 (Haines Road) to 4th Street North was designated as a western extension of SR 600. By 1959, Secondary 694 appeared on maps along 74th and 78th Avenues west from SR 693 to Oakhurst Road. The secondary route turned north along Oakhurst Road and west along Walsingham Road to SR 699 at Indian Rocks Beach. Secondary 694 appears to have been routed east along Gandy Boulevard to U.S. 92, but some maps to the mid 1970s still showed this as SR 600.

The maximum extent of Florida 694 took the route west to Indian Rocks Beach via Oakhurst and east to U.S. 92 and Florida 686 in north St. Petersburg. 1973 Florida Official Highway Map

Secondary 694 west from 66th Street North was redesignated as a County Road by 1980. Florida 688 replaced Florida 694 west from Oakhurst Road across the Intracoastal Waterway into Indian Rocks Beach later that decade. Also during this time frame was the construction of Gandy Boulevard northeast from Pinellas Park to St. Petersburg. This replaced the alignment of Florida 694 along 94th Avenue North and Koger Boulevard to the north.

Gandy Boulevard was built in a wide right of way with the intention of upgrading it as part of a 12.6-mile freeway extending east from U.S. 19 to South Tampa. The interchange with I-275 was finished in 1976,1 but left incomplete pending the completion of the Gandy Freeway. The freeway was however canceled in 1979,2 leaving both missing movements between SR 694 and I-275, and the remainder of Gandy Boulevard as an at-grade arterial / expressway. A ramp was subsequently added from SR 694 east to I-275 south, coupled with a new left turn from the northbound I-275 off-ramp to SR 694 west by 1980.1

The remainder of Gandy Boulevard remained as an at-grade route until 2014, when construction started to upgrade Florida 694 to a freeway from I-275 east to 4th Street North (U.S. 92 and Florida 687). $83-million in work completed in March 2018 upgraded the state road into a six-lane elevated roadway from I-275 to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Street (CR 803), and a four lane freeway from CR 803 to east of 4th Street North. Frontage roads provide local access and connectivity to north-south roads.3

County Road 694 east
Pinellas County 694 shield posted along Park Boulevard eastbound after its intersection with U.S. 19 Alternate (Seminole Boulevard) in the city of Seminole. Photo taken 01/28/07.
Park Boulevard intersects Belcher Road and 71st Street North as a six lane arterial in western reaches of Pinellas Park. Photo taken 08/22/15.
Belcher Road runs north along western reaches of Pinellas Park to 124th Avenue North to the city of Largo. The arterial is also a part of County Road 501. Photo taken 08/22/15.
Eastbound reassurance marker posted for Pinellas County 611 after Belcher Road north and 71st Street North south. Photo taken 08/22/15.
A short distance further east is the transition of County Road 694 into State Road 694 at SR 693 (66th Street North). SR 693 runs north to end at the U.S. 19 freeway in east Largo. Photo taken 11/07/15.
A large monotube spans the busy intersection between Park Boulevard and 66th Street North. SR 693 south connects Pinellas Park with St. Petersburg, Pasadena and St. Pete Beach via Corey Causeway. Historically the route was part of SR A19A. Photo taken 11/07/15.
Florida 694 east
The first reassurance marker for Florida 694 appears to the immediate east of 66th Street North (Florida 693). Park Boulevard constitutes a six-lane commercial boulevard east to U.S. 19. Photo taken 01/18/14.
52nd Street North runs north from Park Boulevard to an Pinellas Park Elementary School, Pinellas Park Library and City Hall. Photo taken 01/18/14.
A commercialized intersection follows along Florida 694 east at Pinellas County 611 (49th Street North). Photo taken 01/18/14.
County Road 611 runs north from Pinellas Park to the Bayside Bridge across Tampa Bay, east Clearwater and Safety Harbor. Southward, 49th Street continues as a four-lane boulevard to Lealman, Lake Sheffield in St. Petersburg and 22nd Avenue South (CR 138) at Gulfport. Photo taken 01/18/14.
Park Boulevard provides the most direct route to Interstate 275 from Pinellas Park east of CR 611. Photo taken 01/18/14.
43rd Street crosses Florida 694 midway between County Road 611 and U.S. 19. Photo taken 01/18/14.
The right lane of Florida 694 (Park Boulevard) east drops beyond a signalized entrance to Shoppes at Park Place Mall for U.S. 19. A single point urban interchange (SPUI) joins the two routes. Photo taken 01/18/14.
All movements to U.S. 19 north to Clearwater and south to St. Petersburg depart Florida 694 east in unison. U.S. 19 angles northwest from 34th Street North to become a freeway at County Road 611. Southward the US route becomes 34th Street North at Haines Road to Lealman and St. Petersburg. Photo taken 01/18/14.
Transitioning onto Gandy Boulevard, Florida 694 expands into a six lane divided highway to Interstate 275. Photo taken 01/18/14.
Grand Avenue south ties into Gandy Boulevard opposite South Frontage Road at a traffic light midway between U.S. 19 and I-275. Grand Avenue connects SR 694 with 28th Street North by Gateway Center Business Park. Photo taken 01/18/14.
Interstate 275 (St. Petersburg Parkway), winds northward from the Sunshine Skyway through the city of St. Petersburg to cross paths with Florida 694 near Sawgrass Lake County Park. Photo taken 05/28/14.
Florida 694 upgrades into a controlled access expressway through the directional cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 275. Photo taken 05/28/14.
A two-lane off-ramp departs Florida 694 (Gandy Boulevard) east for Interstate 275. Gandy Boulevard leaves Pinellas Park and enters St. Petersburg here. Photo taken 01/18/14.
The southbound ramp departs for Downtown, which lies six miles away. Interstate 275 north next meets Florida 686 (Roosevelt Boulevard) before defaulting onto the Howard Frankland Bridge across Old Tampa Bay. Photo taken 05/28/14.
A set of companion I-275 shields posted at the ramp split from Florida 694 to the north-south freeway. Photo taken 01/18/14.
Initial construction to upgrade Gandy Boulevard to a freeway was underway in this scene as Florida 694 east leaves the exchange with Interstate 275. Photo taken 03/11/15.
16th Street North stems north from Florida 694 and its frontage road system to a series of business parks to Florida 686 (Roosevelt Boulevard). This at-grade intersection was eliminated with the Gandy Freeway. Photo taken 03/11/15.
Florida 694 turns more northward with a wider right of way from 16th Street North. The right of way accommodated construction of the six lane Gandy Freeway in 2014-17. Photo taken 03/11/15.
The roadways of SR 694 at Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Street (County Road 803) were redesigned as frontage roads for the Gansy Freeway. CR 803 leads north to I-275 ahead of the Howard Frankland Bridge and south to Fossil Park and Northside in St. Petersburg. Photo taken 03/11/15.
Florida 694 continues to its end at the U.S. 92 eastern turn from 4th Street North to Gandy Boulevard east. Florida 687 continues 4th Street North to a merge onto Interstate 275 north at the Howard Frankland Bridge. Photo taken 03/07/14.
The older trailblazer for the Crosstown Expressway for U.S. 92 (Gandy Boulevard) east. U.S. 92 spans Tampa Bay across the Gandy Bridge between Snug Harbor and South Tampa. The US route ties into the south end of the LeRoy Selmon Expressway at the turn onto Dale Mabry Highway (SR 597) north. Photo taken 06/20/06.
U.S. 92 travels southward along side Florida 687 on 4th Street to Crescent Lake and 5th Avenue North near Downtown. There U.S. 92 ends. Photo taken 03/07/14.
Florida 694 west
SR 694 quickly split with the westbound beginning of SR 686 (Roosevelt Boulevard) beyond U.S. 92 (4th Street North). SR 686 angles northwest to St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport (PIE). Photo taken 11/04/07.
Florida 686 meets Interstate 275 (Exit 30) in 1.5 miles on its course west to Largo and Indian Rocks Beach. Photo taken 11/04/07.
Gandy Boulevard carried four lanes with a wids grassy median to 16th Street North. The expansive right of way was a reserved for the Gandy Freeway, ehich finally broke ground in 2014. Photo taken 11/04/07.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Street (9th Street North) crosses paths with Florida 694 (Gandy Boulevard) next. The multi lane boulevard carries Pinellas County 803 north to Interstate 275 and south to the Fossil Park neighborhood. Photo taken 11/04/07.
Continuing southwest along Florida 694, Gandy Boulevard passes by a number of commerce and industrial parks. Photo taken 11/04/07.
A directional cloverleaf interchange (Exit 28) joins Interstate 275 with Florida 694 (Gandy Boulevard) near Sawgrass Lake Park. Photo taken 11/04/07.
I-275 continues south toward Downtown St. Petersburg while Florida 694 west enters Pinellas Park. Photo taken 11/04/07.
A loop ramp provides direct access to southbound from Florida 694 west. There is no direct access onto Interstate 275 north. Photo taken 11/04/07.
The Florida 694 expressway ends at upcoming Grand Avenue. Gandy Boulevard maintains six overall lanes to U.S. 19. Photo taken 08/15/15.
Grand Avenue south ties into Florida 694 (Gandy Boulevard) at South Frontage Road. Grand Avenue arcs northeast to 28th Street North by Gateway Center Business Park. Photo taken 05/28/14.
An overhead precedes the single point urban interchange (SPUI) with U.S. 19 by one quarter mile. Florida 694 passes over U.S. 19 with four overall lanes. Photo taken 08/15/15.
SR 694 west transitions from Gandy Boulevard to Park Boulevard beyond U.S. 19. U.S. 19 travels south as a commercial arterial (34th Street North) into St. Petersburg and north from Pinellas Park as a freeway between CR 611 and SR 580 at Countryside. Photo taken 01/17/15.
The on-ramp from U.S. 19 forms a third westbound lane to Florida 694 (Park Boulevard) west from 40th Street North. A small mileage sign is posted six miles from the Seminole city center. Photo taken 01/17/15.
Westbound Florida 694 at the traffic light with 43rd Street North, a local road to the adjacent residential street grid. Photo taken 08/15/15.
A half mile further west, Park Boulevard intersects Pinellas County 611 (49th Street North). 49th Street comprises an important arterial route from Gulfport and St. Petersburg north to the Bayside Bridge by St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport (PIE). Photo taken 08/15/15.
The ensuing westbound signal on SR 694 operates at 52nd Street North south of Pinellas City Hall. Photo taken 08/15/15.
Approaching Florida 693 (66th Street North) on Florida 694 (Park Boulevard) west. Florida 693 travels north through Pinellas Park to end at the U.S. 19 freeway in Largo. Photo taken 08/15/15.
The monotube supporting the traffic lights across the intersection of Park Boulevard and 66th Street in Pinellas Park was installed in 2000 as a hurricane-resistant structure.4 Photo taken 01/17/15.
South from the end of Florida 694, Florida 693 follows 66th Street to Kenneth City, Tyrone Park in St. Petersburg and Pasadena Avenue South. The state road crosses Boca Ciega Bay to end at Florida 699 (Blind Pass Road) on Long Key. Photo taken 08/15/15.
County Road 694 west
Pinellas County 694 extends Park Boulevard west another 7.01 miles. Photo taken 08/22/15.
Belcher Road heads north from Park Boulevard and 71st Street North as a busy arterial through Pinellas Park, Largo and Clearwater. The route doubles as County Road 501. Photo taken 08/22/15.
Park Boulevard remains a commercial arterial west from Belcher Road into the city of Seminole. Photo taken 08/22/15.
CR 694 crosses the Cross Bayou Canal to intersect 83rd Street North to the Seminole Park neighborhood. Photo taken 08/15/15.
Park Street North and Starkey Road south come together as an important route linking Seminole with St. Petersburg and Largo. The arterial is also Pinellas County 1 and was historically Florida 695 southward to U.S. 19 Alternate. Photo taken 08/15/15.
Lake Seminole County Park spreads to the north of Park Boulevard between Garden Drive and Lake Seminole. Photo taken 08/15/15.
West of Lake Seminole, County Road 694 enters the busy intersection with U.S. 19 Alternate (Seminole Boulevard). Photo taken 08/15/15.
Park Boulevard continues west to Oakhurst while U.S. 19A bisects Seminole north to Largo and south to Florida 666 (Tom Stuart Causeway) to Madeira Beach. Photo taken 08/15/15.


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