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Florida State Road 700 is the hidden counterpart to U.S. 98 for the majority of its route between Citrus County and Lake Okeechobee. While Palm Beach County sees a portion of SR 700 posted separate from U.S. 98, the only other stretch signed independently is a 0.33 mile segment in Brooksville.

Florida State Road 700 North
U.S. 41 (Broad Street) meets the south end of Ponce De Leon Boulevard in Brooksville. SR 700 follows the arterial north 0.33 miles to combine with U.S. 98 at Jefferson Street. SR 700 south joins Broad Street as an unsigned route to Mildred Avenue (U.S. 98 south). Photo taken 07/13/07.
State Road 700 leaves a short unsigned overlap with U.S. 41 (Broad Street) south to follow Ponce De Leon Boulevard north to U.S. 98 and SR 50A. This segment is fully signed as SR 700. Photo taken 09/15/19.
Approaching U.S. 98 south and SR 50A (Jefferson Street) on SR 700 (Ponce De Leon Boulevard) north. Photo taken 09/15/19.
U.S. 98 south & SR 50A east combine through Downtown to Cortez Boulevard, where SR 50 takes over to Ridge Manor. Photo taken 03/26/18.
SR 50A follows the original alignment of SR 50 through Downtown Brooksville while SR 50 bypasses Downtown along the south side of the city. Photo taken 09/15/19.
SR 700 rejoins U.S. 98 north as its hidden counterpart to U.S. 19 in Citrus County. Photo taken 09/15/19.
Florida State Road 700 South
A reassurance marker for SR 700 south appears alongside Ponce De Leon Boulevard after the intersection with SR 50A west and U.S. 98 south. Photo taken 03/26/18.
SR 700 provides a direct link between U.S. 98 south and U.S. 41 south in Brooksville. The state road designation turns east along U.S. 41 (Broad Street) north to rejoin U.S. 98 east of Downtown, though that movement requires drivers to U-turn at Veterans Avenue. Photo taken 03/26/18.

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07/13/07, 03/26/18, 09/15/19 by AARoads

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