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Florida State Road 739 North
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2 photos
SR 739 begins its 16.5-mile course through the Fort Myers area at an intersection with U.S. 41 (Tamiami Trail) near San Carlos Park. This stretch of SR 739 was opened by October 2012 and is dedicated as the Michael G. Rippe Parkway, named for a former FDOT District director. Photos taken 11/24/12.
SR 739 spans Alico Road (CR 840) and the Seminole Gulf Railway as the arterial kinks northwest from U.S. 41. Alico Road connects U.S. 41 (Tamiami Trail) with I-75, Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) and Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) to the east.
There is no direct access from SR 739 north to Alico Road. Photo taken 11/24/12.
2 photos
2 photos
Michael G. Rippe Parkway gains a travel lane from Alico Road northward to Daniels Parkway (CR 876). Photos taken 11/30/19.
Briarcliff Road connects SR 739 with U.S. 41 to the west and residential areas to the east. Traffic lights were added at this intersection by December 2013. Photo taken 11/30/19.
This confirming marker for SR 739 stands beyond Briarcliff Road. Photo taken 11/30/19.
Nine miles separate Michael G. Rippe Parkway from Downtown Fort Myers at this point. SR 739 skirts the central business district to the east as it travels north along Evans Avenue to SR 80 (Second Street). Photo taken 11/30/19.
Unmarked from SR 739 north, SR 865 travels west on a 1.1 mile course to U.S. 41 while CR 865 follows Six Mile Cypress Parkway northeastward to points east of Fort Myers. The county road ends at SR 80 (Palm Beach Boulevard) in Tice. Photo taken 11/30/19.
Metro Parkway continues the state road north from SR 865 / CR 865 (Six Mile Cypress Parkway) to Evans Avenue and Fowler Street in central Fort Myers. Photo taken 11/28/13.
Metro Parkway (SR 739) passes Gulf Coast Medical Center en route to Daniels Parkway (CR 876). Daniels Parkway is a major corridor through south Fort Myers, linking SR 739 with U.S. 41 and Cape Coral to the west and with SR 82 and Lehigh Acres to the east. Photo taken 11/28/13.
CR 876 (Daniels Parkway) east also connects SR 739 (Metro Parkway) with Interstate 75 and Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW). Photo taken 11/28/13.
CR 876 travels Daniels Parkway its entire length between U.S. 41 (Cleveland Avenue) and SR 82 in Lehigh Acres. Cypress Lake Drive continues the county road 3.8 miles west to SR 867 (McGregor Boulevard). Photo taken 11/28/13.
SR 739 becomes an undivided arterial beyond Daniels Parkway as it presses north through an industrial district. Photo taken 11/28/13.
Crystal Drive is a residential street linking SR 739 and U.S. 41 (Cleveland Avenue) in South Fort Myers. Photo taken 11/28/13.
Metro Parkway meets Danley Drive at the next signalized intersection beyond Crystal Drive. Danley Drive leads west and follows the southern boundary of Page Field (FMY) to South Airport Road before turning south to Beacon Manor Drive. Photo taken 11/28/13.
Landing View Road stems west to an end beyond the Ten Mile canal at the eastern boundary of Page Field airport. There is no direct access to the airport from Landing View Road. Photo taken 11/28/13.
Northbound motorists along SR 739 (Metro Parkway) travel an S-curve beyond Landing View Road en route to SR 884 (Colonial Boulevard). The state road forms part of a major east-west corridor through Lee County linking Cape Coral, Fort Myers and Lehigh Acres. Photo taken 11/28/13.
SR 739 formally enters the limits of Fort Myers on the approach to SR 884 (Colonial Boulevard). Photo taken 11/26/15.
SR 884 overlays Colonial Boulevard between U.S. 41 (Cleveland Avenue) and I-75 while CR 884 continues from each end into Cape Coral (west) and Lehigh Acres (east). Overall SR 884 and CR 884 travel 37.6 miles through Lee County, forming a partial loop from SR 78 (Pine Island Road) in west Cape Coral to SR 80 (Palm Beach Boulevard) near Alva. Photo taken 11/26/15.
A confirming marker lines SR 739 north of Colonial Boulevard. Winkler Avenue lies 0.5 miles ahead at the ensuing traffic signal. Photo taken 11/26/15.
Winkler Avenue constitutes a four-lane arterial stretching west from Metro Parkway to U.S. 41 (Cleveland Avenue) near the Edison Mall and east to CR 865 (Six Mile Cypress Parkway). Photo taken 11/26/15.
SR 739 (Metro Parkway) continues north from Winkler Avenue as a six lane urban arterial, curving northwest toward Evans Avenue. Photo taken 11/26/15.
Metro Parkway meets Old Metro Parkway at the upcoming intersection. A $24 million project between 2012 and 2015 realigned a portion of Metro Parkway onto a new footprint from this point to Evans Avenue near Kennesaw Street. Historically, SR 739 continued north along Old Metro Parkway to its west jog at Hanson Street. Photo taken 11/26/15.
2 photos
2 photos
SR 739 (Metro Parkway) advances north over the Seminole Gulf Railway line, Ten Mile canal and Palm Avenue en route to Evans Avenue. Photos taken 11/26/15.
LeeTran Boulevard ties into Metro Parkway (SR 739) opposite the Lee County Transit (LeeTran) bus system hub. LeeTran Boulevard otherwise links with Fowler Street near Kennesaw Street one block west. Photo taken 11/26/15.
SR 739 north follows Evans Avenue along a one way couplet from this point to SR 82 near Dunbar. A merge lane enters ahead from SR 739 (Metro Parkway) south. Photo taken 11/26/15.
A second confirming marker lines Evans Avenue on the approach to Hanson Street. Photo taken 11/26/15.
Hanson Street connects SR 739 north (Evans Avenue) with Fowler Street (SR 739 south) and U.S. 41 (Cleveland Avenue) to the west. The local street otherwise continues east through an industrial area to Veronica S. Shoemaker Boulevard.
Historically, Hanson Street was the brief east-west component of SR 739. Photo taken 11/26/15.
Three travel lanes make up Evans Avenue north from Hanson Street to SR 82 (Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard). A rail spur from the Seminole Gulf Railway line travels beside Evans Avenue between Canal Street and Edison Avenue. Photo taken 11/26/15.
State Road 739 north shifts on the approach to Edison Avenue. Photo taken 11/26/15.
Northbound motorists along SR 739 meet Edison Avenue at this signalized intersection. Edison Avenue travels east-west through the Fort Myers street grid to the City of Palms baseball park and U.S. 41 (Cleveland Avenue) to the west, and connects with Dunbar to the east. Photo taken 11/26/15.
A Seminole Gulf Railway murder mystery train passes by in this scene on the approach to SR 82 (Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard). The train typically travels the rail line on a 40-mile course between Fort Myers and Tuckers Grade in Charlotte County, offering passengers dinner and entertainment. Photo taken 11/26/15.
SR 739 (Evans Avenue) crosses SR 82 (Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard) at this intersection. SR 82 travels southeast from downtown Fort Myers to the southern reaches of Lehigh Acres. Overall, the state road travels 30 miles to SR 29 in north Collier County. Photo taken 11/26/15.
Advancing north from SR 82 along SR 739 (Evans Avenue), this trailblazer guides motorists to U.S. 41 Business. The bannered US highway meets SR 739 ahead at SR 80 (Second Street). Photo taken 11/26/15.
Bending northwest, Park Avenue continues SR 739 north the remaining distance to SR 80. SR 80 travels 123.9 miles overall between Fort Myers and Palm Beach on the Atlantic coast. Photo taken 11/26/15.
SR 80 east generally follows Second Street from Downtown Fort Myers to join Seaboard Avenue. The state road then continues along Palm Beach Boulevard east to Interstate 75.
This intersection also marks the end for the signed portion of SR 739 as U.S. 41 Business continues north from this point into North Fort Myers. Photo taken 11/26/15.

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