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Florida State Road 826 North
State Road 826 branches from U.S. 1 (Dixie Highway) northbound at SW 100th Street. The Palmetto Expressway proceeds a half mile north to SR 94 (SW 88th Street) at the Kendall business district. Photo taken 05/07/06.
Ramps at the wye interchange joining the south end of the Palmetto Expressway with U.S. 1 (Dixie Highway) at Pinecrest separate by as much as a quarter mile. The first confirming marker for SR 826 stands at the SW 98th Street underpass. Photo taken 05/07/06.
High rises from Dadeland in Kendall rise along the east side of SR 826 beside the flyover taking traffic over U.S. 1 (Dixie Highway) and Metrorail. Photo taken 05/07/06.
SR 826 (Palmetto Expressway) connects with SR 94 (SW 88th Street / N Kendall Drive) by Dadeland Mall. Photo taken 05/07/06.
SR 94 comprises a 10.70 mile long arterial route west from U.S. 1 (Dixie Highway) at Pinecrest to Kendall West and SR 997 (Krome Avenue). Photo taken 05/07/06.
The parclo interchange with SR 94 (Kendall Drive) includes a flyover from SW 88th Street eastbound to the Palmetto Expressway north. Photo taken 05/07/06.
Ramps from SR 94 west and Dadeland Mall Circle W join SR 826 northbound across Snapper Creek Canal. The ensuing exit departs in a half mile for SR 986 (SW 72nd Street). Photo taken 05/07/06.
State Road 986 is an arterial route that follows Sunset Drive (SW 72nd Street) 4.89 miles from the Homestead Extension of Florida's Turnpike (HEFT) east to the South Miami city line at SW 67th Avenue. Photo taken 12/08/03.
SR 826 (Palmetto Expressway) north at the diamond interchange with SR 986 (SW 72nd Street) west to Glenvar Heights and Sunset. SR 986 formerly extended east along Sunset Drive to U.S. 1 (Dixie Highway) in South Miami. Photo taken 05/07/06.
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Back to back ramps over the ensuing 0.75 miles join the Palmetto Expressway northbound with SW 56th Street / Miller Drive at Glenvar Heights and SR 976 (Bird Road) at Ludlam. Photo taken 05/07/06. Second photo taken 01/23/16. Third photo taken 01/23/16.
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SW 56th Street / Miller Drive meets the Palmetto Expressway at a diamond interchange. The arterial leads east to the University of Miami in Coral Gables and west along the south side of Tropical Park to the Sunset community. Photos taken 01/23/16.
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Expansion of the Palmetto Expressway from four to eight lanes through Glenvar Heights included an extended collector distributor roadway northbound to SR 976 (SW 40th Street) beyond the merge with SR 874 (Don Shula Expressway). Photos taken 01/23/16.
The tolled Don Shula Expressway (SR 874) concludes at a wye interchange with the Palmetto Expressway just south of SR 976 (SW 40th Street) to Olympia Heights and Ludlam. Photo taken 01/23/16.
Tropical Park lines the west side of SR 826 north to SR 976 (Bird Road). The park features four lakes, one each for passive viewing, swimming, fishing and boating. Athletic fields within the park offer recreational activities for baseball, soccer and softball. An equestrian center at Tropical Park alludes to the horse track located at the site prior to the early 1970s. Photo taken 01/23/16.
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Advancing north between the Coral Terrace and Westchester communities in Miami-Dade County, the Palmetto Expressway converges with SW 24th Street / Coral Way at a parclo A2 interchange Photos taken 01/23/16.
Coral Way extends from SR 826 to Tamiami Park and the Egret Lakes Estates development at the far western suburbs of Miami-Dade County. Eastward, SW 24th Street continues to the cities of West Miami and Coral Gables, becoming a part of SR 972 at SW 37th Avenue to Coral Way in Miami. Photo taken 01/23/16.
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The Palmetto Expressway meets U.S. 41 (Tamiami Trail) at the western tip of the Miami city limits. Ensuing ramps join SR 826 with SR 968 east to the Flagami neighborhood in Miami and the Dolphin Expressway to Downtown Miami. Photos taken 01/23/16.
U.S. 41 is known as Tamiami Trail between Tampa and Miami. Opened in April 1928, the Tamiami Trail was an engineering marvel of its time, tracing a course across the enormous freshwater Everglades swamp. Built on a combination of levees and bridges, the road was financed by Barron G. Collier when the state ran out of money. Photo taken 01/23/16.
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Continuing north from the six-ramp parclo interchange with U.S. 41 (Tamiami Trail), succeeding ramps depart SR 826 for SR 968 (W Flagler Street) to Fontainebleau and the tolled Dolphin Expressway to Miami International Airport (MIA). Photos taken 01/23/16.
A collector distributor roadway partitions from SR 826 northbound at SR 968 (W Flagler Street). The c/d roadway extends north to ramps with SR 836 (Dolphin Expressway) east and SR 969 (Milam Dairy Road) along the west side of MIA Airport. Photo taken 01/23/16.
With auxiliary lanes and the tolled Palmetto Express lanes, SR 826 northbound swells to eight lanes leading into the folded diamond interchange with SR 968 (W Flagler Street). Photo taken 01/23/16.
Construction from 2014 to Spring 2019 expanded the Palmetto Expressway north from Flagler Street to Interstate 75 with the Palmetto Express lanes. Tolls on the express lanes are collected electronically using congestion pricing. Photo taken 01/23/16.
Flagler Street, SR 968 west to SR 973 (NW 87th Avenue) and east to Riverside in Miami, marks the dividing line between North and South street prefixes in Miami-Dade County. Miami Avenue represents the meridian street which separates West and East street prefixes. Photo taken 01/23/16.
The five level systems interchange with the Dolphin Expressway spreads to the north of Flagler Street and Mall of the Americas. Built in conjunction with the $563 million reconstruction of the Palmetto Expressway, seven years of work at the exchange with SR 836 wrapped up on September 27, 2016.1 Photo taken 01/23/16.
Operated by the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority (MDX), the Dolphin Expressway stretches across the city of Miami between Grapeland Heights and West Flagler to the Midtown Interchange with I-95/395 at Overton. SR 836 spurs west from SR 826 to Doral, the HEFT at Sweetwater and SR 825 (NW 137th Avenue). Photo taken 01/23/16.
SR 969 (Milam Dairy Road) runs just east of the Palmetto Expressway as it circumvents Miami International Airport (MIA). Forthcoming NW 25th Street joins SR 826 with Miami International Park and an array of other industrial and business parks. Photo taken 04/04/14.
NW 25th Street / PBA Memorial Boulevard represents one of three arterial routes leading directly into the adjacent city of Doral from the Palmetto Expressway. The NW 25th Street Viaduct was constructed in 2014 across the diamond interchange with SR 826. Photo taken 04/04/14.
A six-ramp parclo interchange lies a half mile ahead with NW 36th Street (SR 948 east) along the Doral city line. Photo taken 04/04/14.
State Road 948 (NW 36th Street) stems east from SR 826 (Palmetto Expressway) along the north side of Miami International Airport (MIA). The 4.00 mile route leads directly to U.S. 27 (Okeechobee Road) and SR 112 (Airport Expressway). Photo taken 04/04/14.
NW 36th Street continues west from SR 948 and SR 826 as a six lane, suburban arterial to Doral Golf Course and the HEFT (SR 821). Separate ramps for NW 36th Street previously departed here as part of a full cloverleaf interchange. Photo taken 04/04/14.
Progressing north from SR 948, the Palmetto Expressway travels by a series of industrial parks along the Doral city line. Photo taken 04/04/14.
A diamond interchange follows along the Palmetto Expressway with NW 58th Street. Photo taken 04/04/14.
NW 58th Street links SR 826 with SR 969 (NW 72nd Avenue) a half mile to the east. The arterial through Dural heads four miles west to Doral Meadow Park at the HEFT. Photo taken 04/04/14.
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The Palmetto Expressway continues north through a heavily populated area of industrial parks to the town of Medley at SR 934 (NW 74th Street). Photos taken 04/04/14.
State Road 934 originates at the diamond interchange with the Palmetto Expressway and travels east through the city of Hialeah to Gladview, Little River in Miami, and across Kennedy Causeway to SR A1A in northern Miami Beach. Photo taken 04/04/14.
Two lanes depart SR 826 northbound for NW 74th Street west to north Doral and the Hialeah Expressway (SR 934) east. The Hialeah Expressway is a controlled access roadway spanning Miami Canal and U.S. 27 (Okeechobee Road) east to SR 823 (Red Road). Photo taken 04/04/14.
The Palmetto Expressway proceeds north across the southeastern wedge of Medley to South River Drive and U.S. 27 (Okeechobee Road). Photo taken 04/04/14.
Incorporated in 1949, the town of Medley is best known as an industrial area. The official web page in March 2005 listed "Today Medley is proud of its over 1500 businesses and approximately 1000 permanent residents. During business hours the working population swells to over 30,000." That would translate into approximately 1.5 businesses for every single resident living in Medley. Photo taken 04/04/14.
Ascending over a Florida East Coast (FEC) Railroad spur, the Palmetto Expressway reaches the split diamond interchange with South River Drive and U.S. 27. The two roads parallel the Miami Canal northwest along the Medley and Hialeah Gardens city line. Photo taken 04/04/14.
U.S. 27 bee lines northwest from Miami Springs and Hialeah to the HEFT (SR 821). Leaving built up areas of Miami-Dade County, U.S. 27 turns north and skirts western reaches of Pembroke Pines en route to I-75 (Alligator Alley) at Andytown Photo taken 04/04/14.
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The ensuing exit along the Palmetto Expressway northbound is with SR 932 (NW 103rd Street) at Westland Mall in Hialeah. Interstate 75 begins in 2.5 miles. Photos taken 04/04/14.
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SR 932 travels 9.70 miles overall, linking SR 826 with U.S. 27 (Okeechobee Road) in Hialeah Gardens to the west and extending east to SR 915 (NE 6th Avenue) at Miami Shores. Photos taken 04/04/14.
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SR 826 advances north into the city of Hialeah to NW 122nd Street and SR 916 (NW 138th Street) at the exchange with I-75 north and SR 924 (Gratigny Parkway) east. Photos taken 04/04/14.
A parclo interchange joins the Palmetto Expressway with NW 122nd Street (W 68th Street in Hialeah) a quarter mile north of the W 60th Street underpass. Photo taken 04/04/14.
A lengthy flyover departs from SR 826 northbound for Interstate 75, 0.75 miles beyond the off-ramp for NW 122nd Street. There is no direct access to SR 916 (NW 138th Street), which ends below the Palmetto Expressway within the systems interchange at I-75 and SR 924. Photo taken 04/04/14.
Industrial businesses line the W 20th Avenue frontage road system along the Palmetto Expressway northward from W 68th Street in Hialeah. Photo taken 04/04/14.
SR 924 (Gratigny Parkway) leads west from Opa-Locka directly onto the northbound beginning of Interstate 75 at SR 826. The Palmetto Express lanes built from 2014 to 2019 directly tie into the I-75 Express lanes north to I-595 and SR 869 (Sawgrass Expressway) at Davie and Sunrise. Photo taken 04/04/14.
The tolled Gratigny Parkway extends 4.85 miles east from I-75 and SR 826 to NW 119th Street ahead of the North Campus of Miami-Dade College at Westview. Photo taken 04/04/14.
Interstate 75 initially travels north through the Broward County suburbs of Pembroke Pines, Southwest Ranches and Weston before turning west to Alligator Alley across the Everglades. A major corridor throughout the state, I-75 joins the Miami area with Naples, Ft. Myers and Sarasota in Southwest Florida, and Tampa Bay, Ocala and Gainesville further north. Photo taken 04/04/14.
Interstate 75 was completed in South Florida in October 1986. Subsequent construction from 1987 to 1992 built the Gratigny Parkway east to Opa-Locka. Photo taken 04/04/14.
A c/d roadway separates from the northbound roadway to NW 154th Street / Miami Lakes Drive just beyond the exit for SR 924 (Gratigny Parkway) eastbound. Photo taken 04/04/14.
SR 924 measures 8.49 miles in length from the Palmetto Expressway to SR 909 (W Dixie Highway) at North Miami and Biscayne Park. Photo taken 04/04/14.
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The succeeding three exits join the Palmetto Expressway with the city of Miami Lakes. Photos taken 04/04/14.
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Ramps from I-75 south and SR 924 west merge onto the c/d roadway leading into the parclo interchange with NW 154 Street / Miami Lakes Drive. Photos taken 03/04/14.
The last confirming marker for SR 826 north stands ahead of the Big Curve turning the Palmetto Expressway east toward Miami Gardens. Photo taken 04/04/14.
The Palmetto Expressway curves around Don Shula's Golf Club on the one mile approach to NW 67th Avenue / Ludlam Road. Photo taken 03/04/14.

  1. "Seven-year reconstruction of Palmetto and Dolphin expressway interchange is done." Miami Herald (FL), October 3, 2016.

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