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Florida State Road 836 West
Spanning State Road 973 (NW 87th Avenue), the Dolphin Expressway will meet State Road 985 (NW 107th Avenue) beyond the approaching toll gantry. All cash transactions must depart next for SR 985 (NW 107th Avenue) and the Homestead Extension of Florida's Turnpike (HEFT). Photo taken 07/05/11.
The collector distributor roadway reaches the loop ramp to SR 973 (NW 87th Avenue). Use the state road south to Kendall. Photo taken 07/05/11.
NW 107th Avenue continues north from SR 836 to adjacent Miami International and Dolphin Malls. Photo taken 07/05/11.
SR 836 widens to six lanes near the departure for NW 107 Avenue. Two lanes will leave for the cash toll plaza and NW 107th Avenue while two lanes split from the mainline to SR 985 south beyond the electronic toll gantry. Use the left two lanes to continue along the Dolphin Expressway to NW 137th Avenue. Photo taken 07/05/11.
One final guide sign alerts motorists to the impending departure to NW 107th Avenue. Though indicated, State Road 985 does not continue north along NW 107th Avenue but instead ends at the Dolphin Expressway. Photo taken 07/05/11.
NW 97th Avenue crosses over the expressway and nearby rail line as three lanes peel away to the toll plaza, NW 107th Avenue and the Turnpike Extension (SR 821). Photo taken 07/05/11.
Lanes are partitioned for NW 107th Avenue north, SR 985 south (NW 107th Avenue) and the Turnpike on the final approach to the cash toll plaza. Photo taken 07/05/11.
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2 photos
Passing under the electronic toll gantry SR 836 comes to within one mile of the city of Sweetwater. The city lies immediately to the south of the Dolphin Expressway along the SR 985 and U.S. 41 corridors. Photos taken 07/05/11.
SR 836 reduces to two lanes as drivers depart for both SR 985 south and the Turnpike Extension. NW 107th Avenue carries SR 985 south 7.6 miles through Sweetwater and Kendall before ending at SR 990 at the Don Shula Expressway (Toll SR 874). At 309 miles, Florida's Turnpike links the southeast coast (Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach) with central (Orlando) and northern (Ocala) Florida. Though not signed, the Turnpike consists of two designations: SR 91 for the mainline and SR 821 for the HEFT. Prior to 2007, the Dolphin Expressway ended at the Turnpike Extension. Photo taken 07/05/11.
Sideways glance at the distributor roadway as it reaches a loop ramp to SR 985 south. Photo taken 07/05/11.
The Homestead Extension of Florida's Turnpike (SR 821) was constructed in the 1970s to provide quicker access to Homestead and points south as well as being a secondary beltway for the Miami area. The HEFT connects the Dolphin Expressway with Homestead and U.S. 1 to the south and Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Orlando to the north. Photo taken 07/05/11.
SR 836 briefly curves northwest to circumvent the HEFT interchange as it continues toward its end at NW 137th Avenue. Originally planned in 1969, the 3.1-mile extension was not completed until 2007. Photo taken 07/05/11.
The Dolphin Expressway spans NW 127th Avenue 1.4 miles out from its current end at NW 137th Avenue. Studies are underway to extend the expressway another 15 miles south and west to Kendall West and the Hammocks, ending in the vicinity of SW 136th Street.1 Photo taken 07/05/11.
One more toll is levied on the final approach to the expressways end. Ramps will split ahead for NW 137th Avenue north and south. Photo taken 07/05/11.
NW 137th Avenue continues north from the Dolphin Expressway a short distance to NW 25th Street. Continue ahead along SR 836 to NW 137th Avenue south. Photo taken 07/05/11.
Travelers reach the end of SR 836 and the Dolphin Expressway as it defaults onto NW 137th Avenue south. The local arterial links drivers from the expressway with U.S. 41 (SW 8th Street/Tamiami Trail) ahead. SW 137th Avenue continues south from there and transitions to Lindgren Road in Kendall Lakes. Photo taken 07/05/11.

  1. Future projects: MDX State Road 836 Southwest Extension - Miami-Dade Expressway Authority (

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