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Lined with royal palm trees, a tradition originally started by once part-time winter resident Thomas Edison, Florida State Road 867 and Lee County Road 867 (McGregor Boulevard) provide a connection between Sanibel Island and Fort Myers. Existing in varying capacities for 14.5 miles, the route begins in Downtown Fort Myers at U.S. 41 and SR 82, angling southwest toward the communities of Iona and Punta Rassa before connecting with Sanibel Island via the Sanibel Causeway toll bridge.

The three spans that comprise the Sanibel Causeway system were originally opened in 1963, and by 2003 portions were deteriorating to the point of replacement. New spans were constructed parallel to the draw bridge section and two low level sections. The draw bridge section, which often plagued drivers due to constant sailboat traffic, was replaced with a fixed high-level span completed in 2007. The causeway serves as Sanibel and Captiva Islands' only entrance/exit point to mainland Lee County.

Lee County Road 867 North
Exiting from the Sanibel Causeway toll plaza, Lee County Road 867 curves northeastward toward the Fort Myers area. U.S. 41 and Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) can be accessed via Lee County Road 869 north and Lee County Road 865 east. Photo taken 07/03/11.
Lee County Road 67 (McGregor Boulevard) traverses through a mangrove peninsula situated between San Carlos Bay to the south and Punta Rassa Cove to the north. A typical sight during summer months, thunderstorms often form in the east part of Lee County and drift westward toward Sanibel Island and the Gulf of Mexico. Photo taken 07/03/11.
CR 867 turns at the forthcoming intersection with CR 869 (Summerlin Road). Summerlin Road was constructed in the early 1980's to serve two purposes: a relief route for U.S. 41 and as a secondary evacuation corridor for residents living on Sanibel Island and nearby Fort Myers Beach. The intersection was reconfigured to allow traffic from McGregor Boulevard north to continue onto Summerlin Road with no interruption. Motorists wishing to continue north along McGregor Boulevard must make a left turn at the signalized intersection ahead. Photo taken 07/03/11.
Lee County Road 869 begins at the signalized intersection with Lee County Road 867, branching in an east to north arc eventually paralleling U.S. 41 (Cleveland Avenue). Existing for 11.7 miles, Lee County Road 869 (Summerlin Road) connects Lee County Road 867 with Lee County Road 884 (Colonial Boulevard) in Fort Myers. Additional trailblazers for U.S. 41 and the airport and an added trailblazer for Interstate 75 alert motorists to continue on Summerlin Road. Interstate 75 is reachable via Lee County Road 865 east to Lee County Road 876 (Daniels Parkway) east. Prior to construction, Summerlin Road was to have carried the SR 869 designation, but the state instead transferred that number to the then proposed Sawgrass Expressway toll facility near Fort Lauderdale. The state, however, gave the rights to number the route to Lee County DOT, so the 869 designation became county-based instead. Photo taken 07/03/11.
McGregor Boulevard continues on its northeastward trajectory toward Fort Myers. The remainder of Lee County Road 867 is a multi-lane facility with a continuous center turn-lane. Prior to reaching its counterpart SR 867 at SR 865 and Lee County Road 865, the county route will pass through the area known as Iona. Photo taken 07/03/11.
John Morris Road connects Lee County Road 867 with the San Carlos Bay/Bunch Beach Preserve park to the south and residential subdivisions to the north. Photo taken 07/03/11.
Kelly Road stems east from McGregor Boulevard to SR 865 (San Carlos Boulevard) and Pine Ridge Road. Kelly Road east connects with San Carlos Boulevard south to Fort Myers Beach. Photo taken 07/03/11.
The county-maintained portion of McGregor Boulevard ends at the intersection with SR 865 and SR 867. SR 867 continues McGregor Boulevard north to Downtown Fort Myers, still 10.2 miles away. Fort Myers Beach is about 4.5 miles to the south along SR 865. CR 865 (Gladiolus Drive) extends 17 miles east and north through the eastern sections of Fort Myers before ending at SR 80 in the community of Tice. Photo taken 07/03/11.
McGregor Boulevard (former Florida State Road 867) South
McGregor Boulevard (former SR 867) begins its 14.5-mile course southwest toward Sanibel Island. During the latter part of the 2000's, the first 3.4 miles of McGregor Boulevard south to Lee County Road 884 (Colonial Boulevard) have been turned over from state control to city control. SR 867 now begins immediately south of the partial interchange with Colonial Boulevard. McGregor Boulevard parallels the Caloosahatchee River for its entire duration toward Sanibel Island. Nearby Johnson Street acts as a short-cut to U.S. 41 south. Photo taken 07/07/11.
Continuing south from U.S. 41 and Johnson Street, McGregor Boulevard approaches Victoria and Altamont Avenues. For the majority of its trek through Fort Myers and beyond, royal palm trees line both sides of McGregor Boulevard. The royal palm tree-lined street, originally began by Thomas Edison when he lived part-time at his winter estate, has become famous over the years via postcards and other memorabilia. Photo taken 07/07/11.
Victoria Avenue links with U.S. 41 (Cleveland Avenue). Altamont Avenue stems northwest to nearby parallel West First Street. Photo taken 07/07/11.
Motorists cross over the signalized pedestrian cross-walk at the historic Edison-Fort Winter Estates as McGregor Boulevard passes between the famous inventors' homes and laboratory. Visitors can take guided tours to both the Edison and Ford winter homes and gardens, and is open to the public daily. The Edison winter estate was opened to the public in 1950, with Henry Ford's former estate opening for public view 40 years later. Photo taken 07/07/11.
Still navigating through residential Fort Myers, McGregor Boulevard approaches the partial interchange with Lee County Road 884 (Colonial Boulevard). Lee County Road 884 east transitions into SR 884 at U.S. 41 (Cleveland Boulevard) and continues east toward Interstate 75. Photo taken 07/07/11.
Lee County Road 884 was extended west of McGregor Boulevard across the Caloosahatchee River via the Midpoint-Memorial bridge into Cape Coral in 1997. The entire designation, including the state-maintained portion, stretches 37.6 miles across Lee County and has become a major east-west corridor linking Cape Coral, Fort Myers, and Lehigh Acres. Photo taken 07/07/11.
Florida State Road 867 South
SR 867 south begins at the interchange with Lee County Road 884 near the Caloosahatchee River. McGregor Boulevard carries the state designation for 6.6 miles to the intersection with SR 865 (San Carlos Boulevard) near the area known as Iona. Photo taken 07/07/11.
Royal Palm Square Boulevard shoots east from McGregor Boulevard to connect with Lee County Road 869 (Summerlin Road). Photo taken 07/07/11.
Beyond Whiskey Creek, Winkler Road veers south from SR 867 toward College Parkway. Winkler Road also connects with CR 865 and CR 869. The local arterial ends at the north end of the Estero Bay Preserve State Park (no access to park). Photo taken 07/07/11.
SR 867 (McGregor Boulevard) approaches the signalized intersection with Camelot Drive and Landings Drive. Camelot Drive links SR 867 with South Pointe Boulevard while Landings Drive serves the Landings development that lies along the Caloosahatchee River. Photo taken 11/24/12.
Cypress Lake Drive is the next signalized intersection along McGregor Boulevard south. Photo taken 11/24/12.
Cypress Lake Drive (unsigned Lee County Road 876) extends east to Lee County Road 869 and U.S. 41. East of the U.S. highway, the county road becomes Daniels Parkway as it continues toward Interstate 75, Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) and Lehigh Acres. Photo taken 11/24/12.
Pine Ridge Road stems south from SR 867 and acts as a bypass for the often busy SR 865 (San Carlos Boulevard). The local road ends at San Carlos Boulevard 0.4 miles south of the single point urban interchange with Lee County Road 869. Vista River Drive serves as the main entrance to Golf Harbour, a higher end residential subdivision along McGregor Boulevard. Once home to thriving tomato fields, the area has now grown single family dwellings and a pristine golf course. Photo taken 11/24/12.
SR 867 (McGregor Boulevard) intersects Iona Road before turning south to meet SR 865. Iona Road extends 2.8 miles west through the Iona area to end west of Davis Road at the entrance to St. Charles Yacht Club. Photo taken 11/24/12.
McGregor Boulevard curves south preparing to meet SR 865 ahead. SR 867 once followed Old McGregor Boulevard while SR 865 (San Carlos Boulevard) began its journey to Fort Myers Beach here. When McGregor Boulevard was multi-laned from SR 865 southwestward, the road was realigned to meet San Carlos Boulevard behind the Miner's Plaza shopping center. Old McGregor Boulevard transitions into Gabriel Lane at Cornell Drive immediately north of McGregor Boulevard (Lee County Road 867). Photo taken 11/24/12.
SR 865 (San Carlos Boulevard) continues south toward Fort Myers Beach and beyond. Lee County Road 865 north (Gladiolus Drive) stems east toward Lee County Road 869 and U.S. 41. The county road extends 17 miles east and north through the eastern sections of Fort Myers before ending at SR 80 (Palm Beach Boulevard) in the community of Tice. Sanibel and Captiva Islands are reached via Lee County Road 867 (McGregor Boulevard) and the Sanibel Causeway. Photo taken 11/24/12.
The state owned portion of SR 867 ends as the state owned section of SR 865 begins. Lee County Road 867 continues southwest along McGregor Boulevard toward the Sanibel Causeway and beyond. Photo taken 11/24/12.
Lee County Road 867 South
Continuing southwestward toward Sanibel along Lee County Road 867 past the western terminus of Lee County Road 869 (Summerlin Road), the route approaches Shell Point Boulevard. Photo taken 07/03/11.
Shell Point Boulevard branches northwest to serve a few condominium developments and Shell Point Village. Photo taken 07/03/11.
Motorists are warned of the impending toll plaza before crossing the Sanibel Causeway. The toll for the bridge/causeway is $6 for common two-axle vehicles. Originally a $3 toll, the rate was doubled in 2004 as an effort to help pay for new bridge spans across the causeway. Photo taken 07/03/11.
The toll plaza accepts both Sunpass and LeeWay, Lee County's version of the electronic toll collection system. LeeWay offers annual and semi-annual discount programs for motorists crossing Sanibel Causeway. Photo taken 07/03/11.
Immediately before the toll plaza for the Sanibel Causeway, Punta Rassa Road shoots off Lee County Road 867 (McGregor Boulevard) to the Sanibel Harbour Yacht Club resort. Photo taken 07/03/11.
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2 photos
Along with new spans across the Sanibel Causeway opened in 2007, the toll plaza was upgraded as part of the overall construction. County Road 867 ends at Punta Rassa Road. Photos taken 07/03/11.

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