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A 1.00 mile route, State Road 887 is the PortMiami Tunnel linking MacArthur Causeway (SR A1A) with Cruise Boulevard and Port Boulevard at the Port of Miami. Costing $668.5 million to build, the 4,200 foot long tunnel opened to traffic on August 3, 2014.1 The toll free crossing provides a high speed route from I-95, I-395 and SR 836 (Dolphin Expressway) onto Dodge Island. The tunnel allows trucks and other traffic to bypass the Port Boulevard (SR 886) bridge and connection from U.S. 1 (Biscayne Boulevard) at Downtown Miami.

PortMiami Tunnel approaches
N Cruise Boulevard flows west by the Port of Miami Cruise Terminals. Atlantic Way links the westbound roadway with S Cruise Boulevard east to the entrance ramp for SR 887 (PortMiami Tunnel). 09/30/17
A ramp leads directly from N Cruise Boulevard west onto SR 886 (Port Boulevard) and the Port Bridge into Downtown Miami. Atlantic Way leads south toward the PortMiami Tunnel on-ramp from Europe Way. 09/30/17
A sign posted ahead of the S Cruise Boulevard ramp for SR 887 advises motorists of width, height and hazardous materials restrictions. 09/30/17
An over height vehicle detector and accompanying warning sign precede the U-turn ramp for SR 887 from S Cruise Boulevard. 09/30/17
S Cruise Boulevard east at Europe Way and the turn off for the PortMiami Tunnel. SR 887 provides a high speed route west to the Midtown Interchange joining I-395 and I-95 with the Dolphin Expressway (SR 836). 09/30/17
Florida State Road 887 North
An entrance ramp from Port Boulevard west descends toward the PortMiami Tunnel. Port Boulevard travels above as SR 886 west to U.S. 1 (Biscayne Boulevard). 04/04/15
The ramp from S Cruise Boulevard and Europe Way combines with the Port Boulevard on-ramp just ahead of the tunnel entrance. 09/30/17
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2 photos
SR 887 descends into the PortMiami Tunnel with two northbound lanes. Lane changes are restricted throughout the 4,200 foot long tunnel. 09/30/17, 04/04/15
Curving northward below a set of ventilation fans on SR 887 through the PortMiami Tunnel. 09/30/17
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2 photos
Variable message signs and lane control signals operate throughout the tunnel, allowing the port to close a lane as needed. Speed limits are posted at 35 miles per hour. 04/04/15
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2 photos
SR 887 north leaves the tunnel and merges with the left side of SR A1A (MacArthur Causeway). 04/04/15
Florida State Road 887 South
SR 887 splits from SR A1A (MacArthur Causeway) northbound via a left side ramp and quickly descends into the PortMiami Tunnel. A series of signs partitions traffic for the port cruise terminals. 04/04/15
SR 887 and SR A1A (MacArthur Causeway) partition at a wye interchange. 04/04/15
Speed limits are set at 35 miles per hour and lane changes prohibited through the PortMiami Tunnel. 04/04/15
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2 photos
Motorists enter the PortMiami Tunnel below a high ventilation building. 09/30/17, 04/04/15
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2 photos
Lane control signals and dynamic message boards appear in regular intervals along SR 887 through the PortMiami Tunnel. 09/30/17, 04/04/15
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2 photos
Ventilation fans disperse vehicle exhaust from the PortMiami Tunnel. 04/04/15, 09/30/17
Exiting the PortMiami Tunnel, SR 887 ascends to merge with a ramp from Port Boulevard (SR 886) east. 04/04/15
SR 887 partitions with two lanes curving left toward the cruise terminals and two lanes remaining right to the cargo facilities. 09/30/17
The right lanes combine with a ramp from Port Boulevard ahead of the Port railroad yard. Cruise goers shift to the left and pass under the westbound lanes of Port Boulevard ahead of Cruise Boulevard. 04/04/15
A second turn lane provides access to Port Boulevard west for motorists destined for the cruise terminals that inadvertently continued toward the cargo facilities. 04/04/15
A sign bridge directs tourists along Port Boulevard east to terminals D-J and A-C. The first turn provides return access to the PortMiami Tunnel. 09/30/17

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