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Measuring 8.49 miles in length, Florida State Road 924 follows Gratigny Parkway from Miami Lakes to Opa-Locka and NW 119th Street east to North Miami and Biscayne Park. Operated by the Miami Dade Expressway Authority (MDX), the Gratigny Parkway comprises a six lane toll road from the exchange joining the south end of Interstate 75 with the Palmetto Expressway (SR 826) to the Douglas Le Jeune Connector at Amelia Earhart Park.

The Gratigny Parkway was proposed in the 1969 Miami Transportation Study as the Opa-Locka Expressway. The Opa-Locka Expressway was planned to bridge the east-west gap in North Dade, roughly paralleling the existing Gratigny Drive / NW 119th Street corridor. Built between December 1987 and January 1992, the Gratigny Parkway represents the western half of the Opa-Locka Expressway. The name "Gratigny" comes from the name of the landowners who owned property in the vicinity of the area prior to development.

The section of the Opa-Locka Expressway from NE 27th Street east to U.S. 1 was canceled due to community opposition. A revised proposal for extending SR 924 east to Interstate 95 resulted in a Project Development & Environment (PD&E) Study began in June 2010. However subsequent action by MDX placed the SR 924 East Extension PD&E on permanent hold.

The PD&E for the MDX SR 924 West Extension, lengthening the Gratigny Parkway to the Homestead Extension of Florida's Turnpike (HEFT) along NW 138th Street, was completed in 2015. A Design Phase Reevaluation followed, with the design build for the section between the HEFT and NW 97th Avenue included in the Five Year Work Program.

Florida State Road 924 East
No longer posted, the zero milepost for State Road 924 appeared next to this shield assembly above the Palmetto Expressway (SR 826). 04/01/14
MDX converted the Gratigny Parkway to all electronic toll collection (AET) in 2010. 04/01/14
Two interchanges lie along Gratigny Parkway east over the ensuing 2.5 miles. 03/21/20
Tolls are collected along Gratigny Parkway between each interchange. The first toll gantry along SR 924 operates east of the SR 916 (W 84th Street) underpass in Hialeah. 03/21/20
Gratigny Parkway trends southward from parallel SR 916 (W 84th Street) to the parclo interchange with SR 823 (NW 57th Avenue). 03/21/20
State Road 823 constitutes an arterial route south along Red Road (W 4th Avenue) through Hialeah and north along NW 57th Avenue to Miami Lakes and Miami Gardens. 03/21/20
2 photos
2 photos
SR 924 curves southeast between Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport (OPF) and Amelia Earhart Park. 03/21/20
SR 953 (NW 42nd Avenue) passes under SR 924 (Gratigny Parkway) just ahead of the parclo interchange with the Douglas Le Jeune Connector. 03/21/20
The second toll collection point along SR 924 eastbound. 03/21/20
SR 953 stems south from NW 42nd Avenue and SR 916 (NW 135th Street) at Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport (OPF) into eastern reaches of Hialeah. The state road extends 11.74 miles south to U.S. 1 at Coral Gables. 03/21/20
Douglas Le Jeune Connector branches east from SR 953 (E 8th Avenue) in Hialeah to Douglas Road north through the city of Opa Locka. 03/21/20
A loop ramp connects SR 924 east with Douglas Le Jeune Connector north to Douglas Road and NW 37th Avenue through Miami Gardens. 03/21/20
2 photos
2 photos
Gratigny Parkway transitions to NW 119th Street beyond the TriRail bridge south of Lejeune-Douglas Industrial Park. 03/21/20
NW 119th Street comprises a six lane arterial east from Gratigny Parkway at NW 36th Avenue. The ensuing intersection is with NW 32nd Avenue. 04/01/14
NW 32nd Avenue joins SR 924 (NW 119th Street) with Seaboard Industrial Park and the North Campus of Miami Dade College. 03/21/20
Florida State Road 924 East
Reassurance marker for SR 924 posted after NW 32nd Avenue. 03/21/20
Lake Road from Miami Dade College North and NW 30th Place from Seaboard Industrial Park converge with SR 924 (NW 119th Street) at the ensuing traffic light. 03/21/20
SR 9, the hidden component of I-95 throughout most of Florida, emerges from the freeway at the Golden Glades Interchange and overtakes NW 27th Street south from SR 817 through Opa Locka. 03/21/20
NW 27th Street (Carrie P. Week Boulevard / Unity Boulevard) leads SR 9 south from Westview in unincorporated Miami-Dade County to the city of Miami at SR 112 (Airport Expressway). 03/21/20
Maintenance along NW 119th Street shifts from MDX to FDOT for the remaining 3.11 miles of SR 924 east of SR 9. 03/21/20
An end shield for the tolled portion of SR 924 previously appeared at NW 119th Street and SR 9 (NW 27th Street). 05/07/06
Florida State Road 924 West
SR 924 (NW 119th Street) west at NW 27th Place to Seaboard Industrial Park and East Road to Miami Dade College North. 03/21/20
MDX maintains SR 924 along NW 119th Street west of SR 9. 03/21/20
The ensuing westbound signal is with NW 30th Place to Seaboard Industrial Park and Lake Road to Miami Dade College North. 03/21/20
SR 924 transitions onto Gratigny Parkway west beyond NW 32nd Avenue. 03/21/20
The Gratigny Parkway portion of SR 924 extends 4.85 miles from NW 119th Street at NW 32nd Avenue to I-75 and SR 826 (Palmetto Expressway). 04/01/14
A left turn connects SR 924 (Gratigny Parkway) with NW 36th Avenue into Seaboard Industrial Park at the expressway beginning. 04/01/14
SR 924 elevates across TriRail leading into the parclo interchange with the Douglas Le June Connector. 04/01/14
Entering the Opa Locka city limits, SR 924 (Gratigny Parkway) reaches the off-ramp for Douglas Le Jeune Connector north to NW 37th Avenue and south to SR 953 (E 8th Avenue). 04/01/14
SR 953 follows NW 42nd Avenue north from E 8th Avenue in Hialeah to SR 916 (NW 135th Street) and Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport (OPF) in Opa Locka. 03/21/20
MDX uses all electronic toll (AET) collection along the Gratigny Parkway. SR 924 switched from cash tolling in 2010. 04/01/14
The original Gratigny Parkway toll plaza was located west of SR 953 (NW 42nd Avenue) by Amelia Earhart Park. 03/21/20
SR 924 (Gratigny Parkway) arcs westward between Amelia Earhart Park and Miami-Dade Industrial Park toward the exchange with SR 823 (Red Road / NW 57th Avenue). 03/21/20
State Road 924 passes through an unincorporated area of Miami-Dade County between Opa Locka and northern Hialeah. 03/21/20
2 photos
2 photos
An AET gantry precedes SR 823 at Hialeah on SR 924 (Gratigny Parkway) westbound. 03/21/20
State Road 823 is a 20.22 mile long arterial route originating from U.S. 27 in Hialeah and leading north to I-595 in Broward County. 03/21/20
Westbound at the parclo interchange with SR 823 (Red Road / NW 57th Avenue) north to Miami Gardens and W 4th Avenue south through Hialeah. 03/21/20
Confirming marker posted west of SR 823 by Palm Lakes Industrial Park. 03/21/20
Gratigny Parkway leads 1.25 miles west to the systems interchange (former Exits 1A/B) with SR 826 (Palmetto Expressway) and Interstate 75 north. 03/21/20
The second westbound AET gantry on SR 924 lies between Hialeah-Miami Lakes Park and parallel SR 916 (W 84th Street) in Hialeah. 03/21/20
Gratigny Parkway transitions directly onto Interstate 75 northbound at the exchange with SR 826 (Palmetto Expressway). The succeeding exit is with NW 138th Street and Graham Dairy Road in northwest Hialeah. 03/21/20
Forthcoming SR 826 is a major commuter corridor, connecting Hialeah, Hialeah Gardens, Medley, West Miami, Kendall and Pinecrest along the heavily traveled Palmetto Expressway. 03/21/20
The ramps for SR 826 (Palmetto Expressway) were previously assigned I-75 based exit numbers along SR 926 (Gratigny Parkway) westbound. 03/21/20
Exit 1A departs SR 924 west for the Palmetto Expressway north through Miami Lakes and east through Miami Gardens. The freeway concludes at the Golden Glades Interchange with I-95, Florida's Turnpike and U.S. 441/SR 9. 03/21/20
The left exit for SR 826 (Palmetto Expressway) southward to Doral and Miami International Airport (MIA) follows. 03/21/20
Interstate 75 commences at the bridges spanning SR 826 (Palmetto Expressway). I-75 winds northward through suburban areas of Broward County to I-595 (Port Everglades Expressway). 04/01/14
Interstate 75 initially straddles the Hialeah and Miami Lakes city line northwest from SR 924 (Gratigny Parkway) and SR 826. Express lanes accompany the corridor north to SR 869 (Sawgrass Expressway) and Interstate 595. 04/01/14


Research from Justin Cozart and Jason Learned on the background of SR 924 on was reproduced with permission by Justin Cozart.

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  • 05/07/06 by AARoads and Justin Cozart.
  • 04/01/14 by AARoads and Carter Buchanan.
  • 03/21/20 by AARoads.

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