Running 11.74 miles north from U.S. 1 (Dixie Highway) at Coral Gables to SR 916 (NW 135th Street) in Opa-Locka, State Road 953 is LeJeune Road. The urban arterial ties into the west end of the tolled Airport Expressway (SR 112), serving Miami International Airport (MIA). North from there, SR 953 nips the corner of Miami Springs en route to the city of Hialeah.

Florida State Road 953 North
Ramps from SR 953 (LeJeune Road) and SR 836 (Dolphin Expressway) combine along a collector distributor roadway leading to the exchange with NW 21st Street / Central Boulevard for Miami International Airport (MIA). 03/21/20
A slip ramp connects with SR 953 (LeJeune Road) northbound ahead of Tamiami Canal for motorists originating from SR 836. 03/21/20
The c/d roadway partitions with a loop ramp for NW 21st Street west to the passenger terminal at MIA Airport and an extended ramp onto NW 25th Street at the MIA Rental Car Center. 03/21/20
SR 953 continues north alongside Miami International Airport one mile to the split with SR 112 (Airport Expressway) east. 03/21/20
NW 25th Street ties into LeJeune Road at a signalized intersection west of the MIA Rental Car Center. 03/21/20
The succeeding traffic light is with NW 28th Street east through a business park. 03/21/20
Advancing north across a South Florida Rail Corridor line, SR 953 (NW 42nd Avenue) leads into the wye interchange with the Airport Expressway (SR 112) east to Miami and Miami Beach. 03/21/20
The previous overheads for the SR 112/953 split along LeJeune Road northbound. 12/28/03
NW 31st Street (Anthony Abraham Drive) stems east from SR 953 at the entrance to the MIA Airport Cell Phone Lot to NW South River Dr. 03/21/20
The turn off for South River Drive precedes the entrance ramp for the tolled Airport Expressway. South River Drive parallels Miami Canal, which angles southeast and feeds into North Fork of the Miami River. 03/21/20
State Road 112 links Miami International Airport (MIA) with the 36th Street Interchange joining I-95 with I-195 east to Miami Beach. Operated by MDX, the 4.13 mile route utilizes all electronic toll collection. 03/21/20
Hialeah and Fort Lauderdale were referenced for the connections with U.S. 27 and I-95 respectively on former signs at the SR 112/953 split. 12/28/03
Continuing north into the city of Hialeah, SR 953 follows SE 8th Avenue and intersects SR 944 at Hialeah Drive / NW 54th Avenue. SR 944 measures 5.82 miles west to U.S. 27 (Okeechobee Road) in Miami Springs and east through unincorporated Brownsville to U.S. 1 at Bayshore in Miami. 12/28/03
Reassurance marker for SR 953 posted north of SR 944 (NW 54th Street) at the Sun-Tan Village section of Hialeah. 12/28/03
Metrorail, which ferries commuters from Hialeah southeast to Miami, comes into view along SR 953 northbound just ahead of SR 934 (E 25th Street / NW 79th Street). Most streets in Hialeah are dually numbered: 25th Street is the numbered grid pattern for the city, while NE 79th Street provides the location of the street within the metropolitan area grid system. 12/28/03
SR 934 travels east to Gladeview, northern reaches of Miami and across Biscayne Bay toward North Bay Village and Normandy Shores in the city of Miami Beach. Westward, SR 934 dog legs around Hialeah Race Track via E 4th Avenue and E 21st Street en route to SR 823 (Red Road), U.S. 27 and SR 826 (Palmetto Expressway). 12/28/03
Advancing north from SR 934 (E 25th Street) on SR 953 (E 8th Avenue) in Hialeah. 12/28/03
Originating to the west at U.S. 27 (Okeechobee Road) in Hialeah Gardens, SR 932 is another major arterial across Miami-Dade County. The state road follows NW 103rd Street to Westland Mall in Hialeah and across the city on E 49th Street to SR 953. 12/28/03
The 9.70 mile course of SR 932 extends east from SR 953 (E 8th Avenue) in Hialeah to West Little River and Pinewood in unincorporated Miami-Dade County. The state road concludes at SR 915 (NE 6th Avenue) in Miami Shores by Miami Shores Country Club. 12/28/03
With 17,100 vehicles per day recorded by FDOT in 2018, SR 953 remains a busy arterial north through Hialeah. This confirming marker stands at the crossing over Little River Canal beyond SR 932. 12/28/03
An SR 924 trailblazer appears at E 56th Street, advising motorists of the forthcoming split of SR 953 with the Douglas Le Jeune Connector to Gratigny Parkway. 12/28/03
The LeJeune Douglass Connector branches northeast from SR 953 (E 8th Avenue) to a parclo interchange with the tolled Gratigny Parkway at E 65th Street. 12/28/03
A free flow turn connects SR 953 north with NW 42nd / 37th Avenue (LeJeune Douglas) Connector. The controlled access arterial extends north from the exchange with SR 924 to SR 916 (NW 135th Street) and NW 37th Avenue in Opa-Locka. 12/28/03
SR 953 advances north into Opa-Locka through Amelia Earhart Park. Adjacent LeJeune Douglas Connector enters the exchange with SR 924 (Gratigny Parkway) to the immediate east. SR 924 follows NW 119th Street east to Seaboard Industrial Park and unincorporated Westview. 12/28/03
Gratigny Parkway constitutes a 5.38 mile long toll expressway linking Opa-Locka with Interstate 75 and SR 826 (Palmetto Expressway) at Miami Lakes. 12/28/03
Florida State Road 953 South
Traffic from SR 112 (Airport Expressway) westbound merges onto SR 953 (LeJeune Road) south just ahead of NW 31st Street. 03/21/20
NW 31st Street intersects SR 953 (LeJeune Road) across from the MIA Airport Cell Phone Lot and the Miami-Dade Aviation Department (MDAD). 03/21/20
A six-ramp parclo interchange joins SR 953 with NW 21st Street / Central Boulevard west to Miami International Airport (MIA) in a half mile. 03/21/20
Confirming marker posted south of NW 31st Street. SR 112 parallels the west side of LeJeune Road along this stretch. 03/21/20
A slip ramp separates from LeJeune Road southbound onto adjacent SR 112 ahead of ramps for NW 21st Street / Central Boulevard west to the passenger terminal of Miami International Airport (MIA). 03/21/20
NW 28th Street stems east from LeJeune Road to airport related businesses and NW 37th Avenue. 03/21/20
A continuous green allows SR 953 to bypass the intersection with NW 25th Street east. 03/21/20
Advancing south through the exchange with NW 21st Street, the succeeding ramps are for NW 21st Street east and SR 836 (Dolphin Expressway) west. 03/21/20
A loop ramp joins NW 21st Street east to NW 37th Avenue at Grapeland Heights. 03/21/20
The connection to SR 836 west from SR 953 south utilizes a collector distributor roadway along NW 12th Drive. The tolled Dolphin Expressway extends from Miami to Florida's Turnpike Homestead Extension and Tamiami. 03/21/20
LeJeune Road runs between NW 12th Drive / NW 42nd Court and Grapeland Heights Park ahead of the exchange with SR 836. 03/21/20
State Road 960 lines the north side of the Dolphin Expressway between the NW 37th Avenue off-ramp westbound to NW 42nd Court nearby. 03/21/20
SR 960 measures just 0.671 miles along NW 14th Street. 03/21/20
Passing through the cloverstack interchange with the Dolphin Expressway, SR 953 (LeJeune Road) southbound next meets the entrance ramp for SR 836 east to Downtown Miami. 03/21/20
SR 836 (Dolphin Expressway) travels 3.8 miles east to the Midtown Interchange with I-95/395 at Overtown. I-395 extends the expressway to SR A1A (MacArthur Causeway). 03/21/20
The Dolphin Expressway uses all electronic toll (AET) collection in both directions. 03/21/20

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