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State Road 972 is an urban route in the city of Miami measuring 4.16 miles along SW 22nd Street, SW 3rd Avenue and SW 3rd Street. SR 972 originates along the Coral Gables / Miami city line, where SW 22nd Street / Coral Way intersects SW 37th Avenue / Douglas Road. The western 0.508 mile segment to Anderson Road was relinquished. Heading east into Miami, SW 22nd Street runs between the Coral Gate and Shenandoah neighborhoods to the north and the Silver Bluff community to the south. SW 3rd Avenue angles SR 972 northeast from SR 9 (SW 12th Avenue) through The Roads neighborhood. SR 972 passes under Interstate 95 ahead of SW 15th Road and the turn onto SW 13th Street through the Brickell neighborhood south of Downtown. The state road concludes at Brickell Avenue, the former route of U.S. 1.

Florida State Road 972 East
Pedestrian signal on SR 972 (SW 22nd Avenue) east ahead of SW 13th Avenue. 03/21/20
SR 933 leads north from SR 972 (SW 2nd Street) along SW 12th Avenue between The Roads and Shenandoah communities. 03/21/20
SR 972 angles northeast along SW 3rd Avenue to Brickelll while SR 933 begins northbound along SW 12th Avenue toward Little Havana. 03/21/20
The shield for SR 933 north on SR 972 was previously posted at the turn off for SW 12th Avenue. 05/07/06
The SR 972 confirming marker posted ahead of SW 31st Road was removed by 2014. 05/07/06
Continuing east from SR 933, SR 972 follows SW 3rd Avenue, a banyan tree-lined boulevard with a wide landscaped median. 03/21/20
A second reassurance marker for SR 972 east along SW 3rd Avenue was removed after 2014. A bike lane sign stands in place of the shield now. 05/07/06
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2 photos
SW 26th Road links SR 972 (SW 3rd Avenue) with Rickenbacker Causeway (SR 913) to Key Biscayne. 03/21/20
A trailblazer for I-95 directs traffic from SR 972 (SW 3rd Avenue) east onto SW 25th Road south. The adjacent parcel by was redeveloped in 2007. 03/21/20
SW 25th Road connects SR 972 with a half diamond interchange to I-95 north adjacent to Rickenbacker Causeway. 03/21/20
SR 972 (SW 3rd Avenue) passes under Interstate 95 ahead of the turn onto SW 13th Street at SW 15th Road. 03/21/20
SE 13th Street east at SW 2nd Avenue in the Brickell neighborhood. 03/21/20
The M-Path transit line spans SR 972 (SW 13th Street) at SW 1st Avenue. 03/21/20
SW 13th Street becomes SE 13th Street at S Miami Avenue. 03/21/20
An end shield at Brickell Avenue (old U.S. 1) represents the lone marker for SR 972 posted east of SW 17th Avenue in Miami. 03/21/20
Florida State Road 972 West
SR 972 begins and leads west from Brickell Avenue (former U.S. 1) along SW 13th Street. The state road first intersects South Miami Avenue. 12/28/03
The first reassurance shield for SR 972 west appears beyond South Miami Avenue on SW 13th Street. 12/28/03

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