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Florida State Road A1A North
SR A1A overtakes Interstate 395 and unsigned SR 836 from the east side ramps linking MacArthur Causeway with U.S. 1 (Biscayne Boulevard). The causeway spans the Intracoastal Water east onto Watson Island. Photo taken 04/04/15.
MacArthur Causeway ascends with six overall lanes across Biscayne Bay from the north side of Downtown Miami and the Omni neighborhood. A left side ramp follows in one mile for SR 887 and the PortMiami Tunnel. Photo taken 04/04/15.
An impressive array of office and condominium high rises line the west shore of Biscayne Bay in Downtown Miami. Photo taken 04/04/15.
The PortMiami Tunnel (SR 887) allows trucks and tourists headed to the cruise terminals a high speed route to facilities on Dodge Island in lieu of SR 886 (Port Boulevard). Vehicles exceeding 15 feet in height must still use the Port Boulevard bridge from Downtown to the south. Photo taken 09/30/17.
The Port Boulevard bridge spans the Intracoastal Waterway from near American Airlines Arena and U.S. 1 (Biscayne Boulevard) in Downtown Miami. Photo taken 09/30/17.
Accommodating four lanes of traffic, the PortMiami Tunnel opened to traffic on August 3, 2014. Photo taken 09/30/17.
The Venetian Islands and the Miami Beach skyline appear in the distance as SR A1A curves southeast from the Intracoastal Waterway bridge onto Watson Island. Photo taken 04/04/15.
SR 887 separates from SR A1A (MacArthur Causeway) north into a 4,200 foot long tunnel below the Main Channel. Totaling 1.00 mile, the state road ties into Cruise Boulevard at the Port of Miami. Photo taken 09/30/17.
The Port of Tunnel can be closed for maintenance or incident management. Chains hanging from this mast arm alert drivers of over height vehicles. Photo taken 04/04/15.
Reassurance marker for SR A1A posted as MacArthur Causeway lowers onto Watson Island. Parrot Jungle Trail parallels the six-lane highway as a frontage road system here. Photo taken 03/04/14.
The first northbound SR A1A shield was posted along Watson Island adjacent to Watson Park. Prior to 2001, this assembly displayed U.S. 41 east. Photo taken 12/26/04.
SR A1A (MacArthur Causeway) northbound at Watson Island during early construction of the PortMiami Tunnel. Photo taken 07/05/11.
Passing by the facade of the ventilation building for the PortMiami Tunnel on SR A1A northbound. Photo taken 03/04/14.
Ramps from Parrot Jungle Trail tie into both sides of SR A1A (MacArthur Causeway). A left turn also provides return access to Miami. Photo taken 07/05/11.
An older guide sign for Watson Island on SR A1A northbound referenced Parrot Jungle Island. Photo taken 12/26/04.
MacArthur Causeway lines a narrow strip of land southeast between the Main Channel of the Intracoastal Waterway and Palm Island. Photo taken 03/04/14.
SR A1A (MacArthur Causeway) crosses the Miami Beach city line midway along Biscayne Bay. Photo taken 03/04/14.
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2 photos
A number of Port of Miami cranes appear to the south on nearby Lummus Island as MacArthur Causeway appears the signalized intersection with Fountain Street north to Palm and Hibiscus Islands. Photos taken 03/04/14.
SR A1A reassurance marker posted east of Fountain Street. Photo taken 12/26/04.
Bridge Road stems north from the succeeding eastbound signal of MacArthur Causeway onto Star Island. Photo taken 12/26/04.
These overheads were located along the bridge carrying SR A1A to South Beach ahead of the flyover for SR 907 (Alton Road) north. SR 907 begins and travels north along the west side of Miami Beach to the Bayshore community. Photo taken November 1999.
SR A1A transitions to 5th Street east through the Ocean Beach neighborhood of Miami Beach for seven blocks. An erroneous SR 41 shield was posted at Michigan Avenue in this scene. This was the last reassurance marker for U.S. 41, which ended at Collins Avenue in South Beach until 2001. Photo taken November 1999.
SR A1A turns north onto Collins Avenue from 5th Street and the historic end of U.S. 41. A reassurance marker follows. Photo taken November 1999.
Collins Avenue heads north through South Beach to Downtown Miami Beach. Pictured here is the state road at 10th Street / Barbara Capitman Way. Photo taken 05/17/08.
14th Street links Collins Avenue with a public beach access point one block east of SR A1A at Ocean Drive. Photo taken 05/17/08.
Collins Avenue north at Lincoln Road and the Lincoln Road Mall retail district. Photo taken 07/26/17.
As SR A1A (Collins Avenue) advances north from South Beach to partition into a one-way couplet of Collins Avenue north and Indian Creek Drive south through Mid-Beach. The state road meets the east end of SR A1A (41st Street) along this stretch. During the 1960s, the section of SR 112 between SR A1A and Interstate 195 was known as Business Spur I-195. Photo taken 12/28/03.
SR 112 (41st Street / Arthur Godfrey Road) spans Indian Creek and bisects the Orchard community west to Biscayne Waterway, SR 907 (Alton Road0 and the westbound beginning of Interstate 195. SR 112 overlays I-195 as the state road counterpart of Julia Tuttle Causeway to I-95 at the 36th Street Interchange and the tolled Airport Expressway to MIA Airport. Photo taken 12/28/03.
A trailblazer directs motorists northward along Collins Avenue to 65th Street for SR A1A (Indian Creek Drive) south back to SR 907 (63rd Street). SR 907 ends at SR A1A east of Allison Island and the La Gorce Golf Course. Photo taken 07/26/17.
One of two confirming markers posted along Collins Avenue for SR A1A north of SR 907 (63rd Street). Photo taken 07/26/17.
65th Street links the separate directions of SR A1A at North Beach in Miami Beach. SR 907 travels 5.66 miles overall along the west side of Miami Beach to MacArthur Causeway. Photo taken 07/26/17.
A trailblazer for SR 934 appears along SR A1A (Collins Avenue) north after 65th Street. SR 934 is the next connection to the mainland from Miami Beach for northbound motorists. Photo taken 07/26/17.
A variety of high rise condominiums line the one-way couplet of SR A1A through North Beach. 69th Street intersects Collins Avenue one block south of SR 934. Photo taken 07/26/17.
SR 934 (71st Street) begins and heads west from SR A1A (Collins Avenue) to the Isle of Normandy. Following John F. Kennedy Causeway, SR 934 spans Biscayne Bay across Treasure and North Bay Islands and the city of North Bay Village. Photo taken 07/26/17.
John F. Kennedy Causeway connects North Beach with NE 79th Street between the Belle Meade and Shorecrest neighborhoods of north Miami. SR 934 comprises an urban route west from Biscayne Bay to Little River in Miami, the city of Hialeah and the Palmetto Expressway at Medley. Photo taken 07/26/17.
Collins Avenue continues one block north from SR 934 to 72nd Street by the North Shore Bandshell. Photo taken 07/26/17.
Collins Avenue kinks westward from 72nd to 73rd Streets with three northbound lanes. Photo taken 07/26/17.
Still within the North Beach business district, SR A1A (Collins Avenue) north intersects 74th Street. Photo taken 07/26/17.
SR A1A (Collins Avenue) north at 75th Street. Photo taken 07/26/17.
77th Street leads west to cross Tatum Waterway at the Biscayne Point community. Photo taken 07/26/17.
North Shore Open Space Park lines the east side of Collins Avenue from 79th Street north to 87th Street. Collins Avenue intersects 81st Street west in this scene. Photo taken 07/26/17.
85th Street stems west from Collins Avenue to cross Tatum Waterway into the Biscayne Beach community. Photo taken 07/26/17.
SR A1A reassurance marker posted after 85th Street along Collins Avenue northbound. Photo taken 07/26/17.
SR A1A (Collins Avenue) crosses into the city of Surfside just ahead of 88th Street. Photo taken 07/26/17.
The north and southbound directions of SR A1A remain separate through Surfside. The state road intersects 90th Street here. Photo taken 07/26/17.
93rd Street leads west from Collins Avenue to Bay Drive along Indian Creek. Photo taken 07/26/17.
The succeeding northbound signal in Surfside operates along SR A1A at 94th Street / Eli Lurie Boulevard. Photo taken 07/26/17.
North at 95th Street / Isaac Bashevis Singer Boulevard and Downtown Surfside on SR A1A (Collins Avenue). Photo taken 07/26/17.
Drivers along SR A1A (Collins Avenue) north next approach the east end of SR 922 (96th Street). SR 922 (Kane Concourse) runs along the Surfside and Bal Harbour village line west to the town of Bay Harbor Islands. Photo taken 07/26/17.
Broad Causeway spans Biscayne Bay west as a toll bridge between Hay Harbor Islands and North Miami. SR 922 is discontinuous across the causeway, but otherwise links Surfside with U.S. 1 (Biscayne Boulevard), I-95 and U.S. 441 (NW 7th Avenue). Photo taken 07/26/17.
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2 photos
Collins Avenue shifts west to become a six-lane boulevard at the north end of Harding Avenue (SR A1A south). Photos taken 07/26/17.
Back to back signalized intersections connect Collins Avenue with Harbour Way west to residential areas along Biscayne Bay. Photo taken 07/26/17.
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2 photos
SR A1A narrows to four lanes across the 1950-built bridge spanning Bakers Haulover Inlet. Photos taken 07/26/17.
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3 photos
3 photos
SR A1A continues north from the Bakers Haulover Inlet bridge through Haulover Park. Photos taken 07/26/17.
Beyond Haulover Park, SR A1A (Collins Avenue) enters the city of Sunny Isles Beach. Photo taken 07/26/17.
159th Street / Kings Point Drive is one of four streets spurring west from Collins Avenue to condominiums and homes on Biscayne Creek. Photo taken 07/26/17.
SR A1A (Collins Avenue) north at Atlantic Isle west to Bella Vista Bay. Photo taken 07/26/17.
A two-lane flyover next departs from SR A1A (Collins Avenue) north for SR 826 (NE 163rd Street) west to North Miami and North Miami Beach. Photo taken 07/26/17.
The 1989-built flyover bypasses a portion of Sunny Isles Boulevard as it leads west from Collins Avenue to North Bay Road. Photo taken 07/26/17.
SR 826 ends just east of Gateway Park at SR A1A (Collins Avenue) directly. The state road navigates west through North Miami Beach along a surface route to the Golden Glades Interchange with I-95 and Florida's Turnpike. There it becomes the Palmetto Expressway west through Miami Gardens. Photo taken 07/26/17.
High rise condominiums line the east side of Collins Avenue through central Sunny Isles Beach. SR A1A again expands to six overall lanes north from SR 826 (Sunny Isles Boulevard). Photo taken 07/26/17.
Northbound SR A1A (Collins Avenue) at the intersection with 170th Street / Raanan Katz Boulevard west. Photo taken 07/26/17.
172nd Street leads west from SR A1A to become North Bay Road south to SR 826 (NE 163rd Street). Photo taken 07/26/17.
174th Street extends west from Collins Avenue onto a peninsula jutting out into Dumfounding Bay. Photo taken 07/26/17.
Reassurance marker for SR A1A posted north of 174th Street along Collins Avenue in Sunny Isles Beach. Photo taken 07/26/17.
178th Street links Collins Avenue with another section of North Bay Road by Dumfounding Bay. Photo taken 07/26/17.
An advance sign for SR 856 (William Lehman Causeway) references Aventura Mall. The largest mall in Florida, and third largest in the United States,1 lies on the northeast corner of SR 856 and U.S. 1 in the city of Aventura. Photo taken 07/26/17.
185th Street / Dezer Way links SR A1A with the north section of North Bay Road as Collins Avenue approaches the east end of SR 856. Photo taken 07/26/17.
A two-lane left side ramp departs from SR A1A (Collins Avenue) north for SR 856 (William Lehman Causeway) at 189th Street. SR 856 constitutes an expressway leading 1.70 miles west across the Intracoastal Waterway to U.S. 1 (Biscayne Boulevard). Photo taken 07/26/17.
The flyover linking SR A1A north with SR 856 (William Lehman Causeway) west was constructed in 1981. Photo taken 07/26/17.

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November 1999, 12/28/03, 12/26/04, 05/17/08, 07/05/11, 03/04/14, 04/04/15, 07/26/17, 09/30/17 by AARoads

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