Florida's Turnpike North
Confirming marker posted after the Interstate 4 underpasses. Traffic counts along this stretch recorded 107,000 vehicles per day (vpd) in 2016. 02/27/16
The succeeding interchanges of Florida's Turnpike connect with toll roads at Ocoee. Ocala is nearly an hour's drive. 02/27/16
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Florida's Turnpike was expanded to eight overall lanes to the Turkey Lake Service Plaza in 2008. 02/27/16
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Turkey Lake Service Plaza derives its name from nearby Turkey Lake. Located between the north and south roadways, the facility provides fuel, food, and tourist information. The Turnpike operations center is also located on the north side of the plaza. 02/27/16
Passing north of Lake Olivia, Florida's Turnpike next meets the west end of SR 408 at Exit 265. The tolled East-West Expressway travels to Pine Hills and Downtown Orlando, providing a bypass route to SR 50 (West Colonial Drive). 02/27/16
Exit 265 originally consisted of a wye interchange joining the Turnpike southbound with SR 408 east and from SR 408 west to the Turnpike north. 02/27/16
One mile ahead of the semi-directional T interchange (Exit 265) with SR 408 (East West Expressway). SR 408 provides a commuter route from Ocoee, Winter Garden and Clermont east to Downtown Orlando and the University of Central Florida (UCF). 02/27/16
SR 408 east serves the Pine Hills and Orlo Vista communities to the east via connections with Good Homes Road or Hiawassee Road. Prior to completion of Exit 265, an interchange was planned between the Turnpike and Hiawassee Road directly. 02/27/16
Northbound at the off-ramp (Exit 265) for SR 408 (East West Expressway). The toll road extends 22.5 miles across Orlando, ending at SR 50 (East Colonial Drive) and Challenger Parkway near Bonneville and UCF. 02/27/16
Back to back off-ramps leave Florida's Turnpike 1.5 miles west of the merge with SR 408 west for SR 429 (Daniel Webster Western Beltway) and SR 50 (West Colonial Drive). 02/27/16
Auxiliary lanes in each direction swell the toll road to 12 overall lanes between SR 408 (Exit 265) and SR 429 (Exit 267A). 09/20/17
Curving west by Lake Pearl, Florida's Turnpike reaches the city of Ocoee. SR 429 (Western Beltway) winds northward through Ocoee to Apopka while SR 50 (Colonial Drive) represents the main east-west arterial through Ocoee and adjacent Winter Garden. 09/20/17
The Western Beltway travels south from Winter Garden to Walt Disney World and northwest Osceola County. The toll road provides part of a bypass around Orlando south to Interstate 4. SR 50 continues west through Winter Garden to Oakland and a direct meeting with the Turnpike at Exit 272. 02/27/16
A two lane ramp (Exit 267A) partitions from the Turnpike mainline, carrying all motorists bound for the Western Beltway. 09/20/17
Traffic separates for SR 429 north to Apopka and south to Osceola County and I-4 west to Tampa depart in unison from the Turnpike northbound at Exit 267B. 02/27/16
SR 429 (Western Beltway) ties into the John Land Apopka Bypass (SR 414) to the north, and extends along the Wekiva Parkway northeast from Apopka to Lake County. SR 429 south travels 20 miles to end at I-4 near Championsgate. 02/27/16
Drivers from both directions of the Turnpike combine along the northbound on-ramp for SR 429 above SR 50 (West Colonial Drive). The Western Beltway north of Florida's Turnpike is maintained by the Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX). 02/27/16
A trumpet interchange (Exit 267B) follows with an access road linking the toll road with parallel SR 50 (West Colonial Drive). 09/20/17
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Traveling through the systems interchange with SR 429 (Western Beltway) on Florida's Turnpike north. 09/20/17
Confirming marker posted after the Beaulah Road underpass. Sound walls separate the Turnpike from the Sterling Point and Daniels Crossing subdivisions. 09/20/17
The final Orange County interchange joins Florida's Turnpike with SR 50 (West Colonial Drive) at the town of Oakland. Beyond Exit 272, the Turnpike angles northwest to the city of Minneola and U.S. 27. 09/20/17
SR 50 (West Colonial Drive) continues west from Oakland and a diamond interchange (Exit 272) with Florida's Turnpike to Killarney and eastern reaches of Clermont in Lake County. 09/20/17
One mile east of the off-ramp (Exit 272) to SR 50 (West Colonial Drive). Colonial Drive generally consists of a commercial arterial throughout most of Orange County and also west into the city of Clermont. 09/20/17
Suburban growth in both Clermont and Minneola led to expansion of Florida's Turnpike to eight overall lanes to Exit 272, and the addition of a new interchange (Exit 278). 09/20/17
Exit 272 departs from Florida's Turnpike north at the 4th Street overpass for SR 50 east to Winter Garden and west to Clermont. Traveling the width of the Florida peninsula, SR 50 totals 114 miles from U.S. 19 at Weeki Wachee to U.S. 1 in Titusville. 09/20/17
Oakland Avenue (CR 438) and the West Orange Trail cross over Florida's Turnpike just west of SR 50. 09/20/17
Northbound reassurance shield posted by the J.W. Jones Road underpass. Rural land on the south side of the Turnpike was turned over for development of the Oakland Trails subdivisions in 2017. 09/20/17
Entering the second to last county of Florida's Turnpike northbound. Lake County derives its name from the more than 1,400 named lakes found within its boundaries. 09/20/17
Posted 11 miles from U.S. 27 & SR 19, this mileage sign predates the opening of the Minneola interchange. 09/20/17
The forthcoming parclo interchange with Hancock Road opened to traffic on June 10, 2017. The exchange cost $14 million to build.1 09/20/17
Hancock Road replaced Turkey Lake Road north from SR 50 in Clermont as a new suburban arterial to the east side of Minneola and Florida's Turnpike. The road was extended on a new alignment north from Exit 278 to CR 561A. 09/20/17
Ramps at Exit 278 use all electronic tolling (AET) collection with transponder readers or toll-by-plate. 09/20/17
A two lane off-ramp (Exit 278) departs from Florida's Turnpike north for Hancock Road and Minneola. Opening of the interchange is expected to spur rapid suburban growth. 09/20/17
Florida's Turnpike curves around Camp Lake just beyond Exit 278. 09/20/17
Some of the most scenic stretches of Florida's Turnpike are found within Lake County. Low rolling hills that represent the tallest elevations on Peninsular Florida surround the areas west of Lake Apopka near Clermont and Minneola. Among the hills is Sugarloaf Mountain (el. 312 feet), the tallest elevation on the peninsula. 09/20/17
Next in line for northbound drivers is the trumpet interchange (Exit 285) to U.S. 27 (Claude Pepper Memorial Highway) and SR 19 (Howey Road) in north Groveland. A greenout replaced Clermont with Tavaras on this panel. 09/20/17
Clermont and Leesburg represent the U.S. 27 destinations, while SR 19 joins the Turnpike with Howey-In-The-Hills and the Lake County seat of Taveras to the north and Groveland (SR 50) to the southwest. 04/28/08
One mile out from Exit 285 to U.S. 27 and SR 19. The two highways meet at a parclo B2 interchange tying into the Turnpike access road in an unincorporated area midway between Clermont and Leesburg. 09/20/17
Northbound at the off-ramp (Exit 285) for U.S. 27 (Claude Pepper Memorial Highway) and SR 19 (Howey Road). U.S. 27 continues alongside Florida's Turnpike four miles to the northbound on-ramp at Exit 289. SR 19 heads south seven miles to Downtown Groveland and six miles north to Howey-In-The-Hills. 09/20/17
A loop ramp originally carried drivers onto the Turnpike northbound at Exit 285, but that movement was relocated to a half diamond interchange (Exit 289) located further north, as was the southbound off-ramp to U.S. 27 & SR 19. With half the movements removed from Exit 285, the former trumpet acts like a wye interchange. This view looks at the ramp toll plaza preceding U.S. 27 and SR 19. 04/28/08
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A signalized intersection joins the Exit 285 access road with U.S. 27 at the ramps to SR 19 southbound. 04/28/08
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The last main line toll plaza along the Turnpike northbound lies northwest of the O'Brien Road overpass near Mulehead Lake. 09/20/17
Similar to the Three Lakes Toll Plaza, the SunPass lanes at the Leesburg Toll Plaza are converted toll booth lanes with a 25 mile per hour speed limit. 09/20/17
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Traveling through the Leesburg Toll Plaza on Florida's Turnpike northbound at mile post 288. 12/05/10, 09/20/17
Confirming marker posted after the half diamond interchange (Exit 289) with U.S. 27. 09/20/17
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Lake County Road 470 crosses paths with the Turnpike in six miles at a rural area of west Leesburg. The Okahumpka Service Plaza follows two miles further northwest. 09/20/17
CR 470 stems west from CR 33 and CR 48 at Okahumpka to meet Florida's Turnpike at Exit 296 in two miles. 09/20/17
The parclo A2 interchange (Exit 296) with CR 470 opened to traffic on January 22, 2005. Construction on the $18 million exchange started in summer 2003. The exchange was completed 48 days ahead of schedule.2 09/20/17
Amenities at the Okahumpka Service Plaza include a gas station, fast food franchises and automated windshield washers. 09/20/17
The SunPass-only ramps for CR 470 connect the Turnpike with Leesburg to the east and Sumterville and Lake Panasoffkee to the west. 09/20/17
Florida's Turnpike northbound reaches the off-ramp (Exit 296) for County Road 470 near Lake Denham. Plans call for transferring CR 470 west to Interstate 75 to state control. Signs along I-75 for CR 470 installed in 2016 referenced it as SR 470. 09/20/17
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The final 10.67 miles of Florida's Turnpike extend northwest in Sumter County. 09/20/17
Progressing west from the county line, Turnpike motorists next approach the Okahumpka Service Plaza at milepost 299. 09/20/17
The Okahumpka Service Plaza falls within the city limits of Wildwood, which extend far southeast from the city center to the county border. 09/20/17
Eight miles remain before the Turnpike merges with Interstate 75 north in Wildwood. 09/20/17
Sumter County Road 468 passes over the toll road beyond this mileage sign 29 miles from Ocala. With the Villages community expanding southward into Sumter County, an interchange was proposed in 2009 at CR 468 to serve new development. The county road was four laned and grading was completed for possible ramps, but plans for the exchange were abandoned in 2017.3 09/20/17
Florida's Turnpike maintains a northwesterly course between Lake Okahumpka and Hogeye Sink to roadway separation ahead of U.S. 301 (Exit 304). 09/20/17
U.S. 301 (Main Street) joins the Turnpike with Downtown Wildwood to the north in one mile. 09/20/17
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The Villages, a large master-planned community, spreads to the northeast around Wildwood into portions of Lake and Marion Counties. U.S. 301 connects with western reaches of the age-restricted community. 09/20/17
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Entering the diamond interchange (Exit 304) with U.S. 301 (Main Street) on the Turnpike northbound. U.S. 301 heads south to CR 468 and west along Warm Springs Avenue into the city of Coleman. 09/20/17
Motorists along the Turnpike northbound leave the Wildwood city limits on the five-mile drive to Interstate 75. 01/20/20
The last confirming marker stands beside the CSX Railroad underpass west of U.S. 301. 01/20/20
Ocala lies 24 miles beyond the northern terminus of Florida's Turnpike. 01/20/20
There is no direct access to Interstate 75 south from Florida's Turnpike north. Instead drivers are directed onto SR 44 west for its southbound entrance ramp at nearby Exit 329. 01/20/20
The four lane toll road traverses wetlands to the southwest of Wildwood by this sign for the Ronald Reagan Turnpike. 01/20/20
Florida's Turnpike converges with I-75 north at a wye interchange adjacent to SR 44. Started in September 2016, a $68.5 million improvement project expanded the exchange with new distributor roadways linking I-75 and the Turnpike with SR 44. 01/20/20
Completed in January 2020, construction at the north end of the Turnpike added flyovers separating traffic from I-75 north to SR 44 and from SR 44 south to Florida's Turnpike.4 This eliminated weaving traffic. 01/20/20
State Road 44 runs across the city of Wildwood east to The Villages and U.S. 441 aat Leesburg and west to Inverness and U.S. 19/98 at Crystal River. 01/20/20
An end sign for the Turnpike mainline precedes the gore point for Exit 307 to SR 44. 01/20/20
Travelers merging onto I-75 north from Florida's Turnpike enter a 12 mile exit less stretch to CR 484 west of Belleview. 01/20/20

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