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FM 563 joins coastal areas of Chambers County with the Liberty County seat of Liberty in southeastern Texas. The 27.55 mile long highway originates in a rural area south of Anahuac along Eagle Road. Eagle Road extends 4.54 miles south from the state highway end to West Bayshore Road and Oak Island. FM 563 north lines Ross Sterling Avenue along the east side of Anahuac, intersecting SH 61 near Chambers County Airport (T00).

Continuing north from the city of Anahuac, FM 563 straddles the east shore of Lake Anahuac to Turtle Bayou. A diamond interchange lies beyond the lake with IH 10 (East Freeway). Joining Liberty Wallisville Road, FM 563 leads away from IH 10 through agricultural areas and timberland east of Lake Charlotte.

Crossing the Liberty County line, FM 563 remains rural northward to Shiloh, Turkey Creek Marsh and Clayton Bayou in southern reaches of Liberty. The state highway follows Wallisville Road to end at U.S. 90 & SH 146 east of Downtown Liberty.

Farm to Market Road 563 was designated in 1945 from Turtle Bayou to SH 73 - the predecessor of IH 10, near Eminence and Liberty Wallisville Road. The highway was extended north to Liberty and south to SH 61 near Anahuac in 1947. An additional four miles were added to FM 563 from SH 61 south to Eagle Road in 1960.

FM 563 North
Confirming marker posted north of IH 10 and the settlement of Eminence. Photo taken 01/15/06.
FM 563 (Wallisville Liberty Road) crosses the Liberty County line 13.68 miles north from its beginning east of Trinity Bay and Ash Point. Photo taken 01/15/06.
FM 563 South
2 photos
2 photos
FM 563 winds 13.84 miles southward from Liberty to enter Chambers County near Lake Charlotte. Photos taken 01/15/06.
FM 563 separates with Wallisville Liberty Road and turns southeast to IH 10 near Eminence. Photo taken 01/15/06.
IH 10 (East Freeway) travels west across the Trinity River to Cove and Baytown. Photo taken 01/15/06.
2 photos
2 photos
East from the diamond interchange with FM 563, IH 10 continues to Winnie and Beaumont. Photos taken 01/15/06.
IH 10 east from the Trinity River to Winnie was expanded to six overall lanes during an expansion project underway from August 2005 to August 2009. Four ten foot wide shoulders were added to the widened freeway and one-way frontage roads were added across Turtle Bayou.2 Photo taken 01/15/06.

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01/15/06 by AARoads

Connect with:
Interstate 10
U.S. 90
State Highway 146

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