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Foley Beach Express south
The Foley Beach Express begins at a signalized intersection with Alabama 59 in northern Foley. Initially traveling east, the four-lane divided highway first intersects Baldwin County 73. This sign was moved later to the next assembly and then taken down completely by 2009. Photo taken 08/24/03.
Just beyond Baldwin County 73 is a mileage sign assembly for the Intracoastal Waterway bridge. An at-grade intersection lies ahead with Juniper Street. Photo taken 03/08/09.
Foley Beach Express south (east) at Juniper Street. Juniper Street heads north to Baldwin County 28 and south to Baldwin County 14 (Peachtree Avenue). Photo taken 08/02/06.
A third at-grade intersection along the Foley Beach Express east joins the four-lane road with Baldwin County 28 South and the 2010-completed Baldwin Beach Express north. Baldwin County 28 includes an east-west and north-south branch. The north-south branch meets the expressway north of the Cambridge Park subdivision and Baldwin County 24. Photo taken 11/21/14.
The initial stretch of the Baldwin Beach Express overlaid County Road 28 north as part of a 1.5 mile link between the Foley Beach Express and County Road 32. The 12.8 mile route was completed on August 15, 2014 to provide a seamless link to Interstate 10 at Exit 49. Photo taken 11/21/14.
Missing reassurance shield for the Foley Beach Express southbound after the merge with the Baldwin Beach Express. Reassurance shields are generally not posted along the expressway. Photo taken 06/13/10.
Drivers turn southward on the Foley Beach Express after Woerner Road, traveling through the relatively undeveloped eastern reaches of Foley. Photo taken 06/13/10.
Nearing the intersection with U.S. 98 on the Foley Beach Express south, 2.2 miles east of Downtown Foley. Photo taken 06/13/10.
U.S. 98 journeys east from the Foley Beach Express to Elberta, Lillian and Pensacola by way of Perdido Bay. West of Downtown Foley, U.S. 98 continues to Magnolia Springs and Barnwell. Photo taken 06/13/10.
The one mile stretch of the Foley Beach Express within Section 26 downgrades from a four-lane expressway into a five-lane arterial with at-grade connections to adjacent businesses. Photo taken 06/13/10.
Approaching the cross roads with Baldwin County 20 (Miflin Road). Retail development occupies the northwest corner of the forthcoming intersection. Photo taken 06/13/10.
Baldwin County 20 travels 1.75 miles west to Alabama 59 near the Tanger Outlet Center. Eastward, Miflin Road continues three miles to Baldwin County 83 at Miflin. Photo taken 06/13/10.
Southbound at the traffic light with Baldwin County 20 (Miflin Road). County Road 20 ends at Hickory Street in Foley to the west and at County Road 95 east of Hammock Creek. Photo taken 06/13/10.
Next in line for the Foley Beach Express south is Baldwin County 12 South. Photo taken 06/13/10.
Baldwin County 12 travels west to Baldwin County 26 southwest of Magnolia Springs and east toward Wolf Creek south of Miflin. Photo taken 06/13/10.
Designated in 2010, the Alabama Scenic Highway Coastal Connection follows the Foley Beach Express between Baldwin County 20 (Miflin Road) and Alabama 180 (Canal Road) as part of a 130-mile route encircling the Mobile Bay area. Photo taken 06/13/10.
The first of three southbound crossovers provides northbound access after Baldwin County 12 South. The roadways of the Foley Beach Express diverge outside a large grassy median between County Road 12 and a point south of County Road 8. Photo taken 08/02/06.
Baldwin County 8 saw extension eastward to the Foley Beach Express upon completion of the roadway. The highway travels westward to Alabama 59 (Gulf Shores Parkway) and a dead end at the Bon Secour River north of Oak. Photo taken 06/13/10.
Foley Beach Express turns southeast from Baldwin County 8 on the approach to Portage Creek. County Road 8 serves northern reaches of the Craft Farms and other Gulf Shores-based subdivisions nearby. Photo taken 06/13/10.
Continuing beyond Baldwin County 8, the Foley Beach Express turns east to Roscoe Road and south toward the Intracoastal Waterway toll bridge. Photo taken 08/01/06.
An Alabama 180 guide sign (removed by 2009) was posted before the Foley Beach Express reached the turn for Bradford Road west. Bradford and Roscoe Roads connect the Express with Baldwin County 4 (Cotton Creek Drive) west to the Craft Farms community of north Gulf Shores and Alabama 59 (Gulf Shores Parkway). Otherwise the Foley Beach Express continues toward the Intracoastal Waterway toll bridge. Photo taken 08/24/03.
A four-booth toll plaza is situated at the north end of the two lane toll bridge over the Intracoastal Waterway (Portage Creek). Tolls are set at $3.50 per passenger vehicle. Photo taken 08/24/03.
Within the city of Orange Beach, the Foley Beach Express ends at Alabama 180 (Canal Road) by The Wharf mixed used development. Canal Road connects with Alabama 161 (Orange Beach Boulevard) three miles to the east. The 1.7-mile state route connects Alabama 180 with Alabama 182 (Perdido Beach Boulevard) along the coast. Westward Alabama 180 straddles the Intracoastal to East 2nd Street in Gulf Shores. Photo taken 08/24/03.

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