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Georgia 21 parallels the Savannah River Valley northwest from Savannah to Springfield, Sylvania and Millen. Totaling 84 miles, the state route varies between sections of four-lane divided highway and five-lane arterial. Within the Savannah area, Georgia 21 doubles as busy trucking corridor to the Georgia Port Authority terminals at Port Wentworth and Garden City, and a commuter route to the growing north suburbs. The state route also overlays all of Interstate 516 along William F. Lynes Parkway, an urban loop encircling central Savannah.

With traffic congestion an increasing problem at Interstate 95, a $6 million project converted the exchange into a diverging diamond interchange. Taking nearly two years to complete, the DDI debuted to traffic on January 15, 2017.1

DeRenne Avenue west
DeRenne Avenue advances west from Waters Avenue along by the Kensington community toward Georgia 204 (Abercorn Street) and Georgia 21 north. 05/29/07
Habersham Street intersects DeRenne Avene north from the Groveland neighborhood, and just ahead of the junction with Georgia 21 and 204. 05/29/07
Georgia 21 commences along DeRenne Avenue west from Georgia 204 (Abercorn Street). Abercorn Street leads Georgia 204 south toward Southside Savannah and north through Lamara Heights to 37th Street. 05/29/07
State Route 21 North
Trailblazers for I-16 and I-516 stand at the northbound beginning of Georgia 21 (DeRenne Avenue). 09/22/14
White Bluff Road north and Bull Street south come together at a signal midway between Georgia 204 (Abercorn Street) and the freeway beginning at Montgomery Street. White Bluff Road forms an arterial south to Savannah Technical College and Abercorn Street near Oglethorpe Mall. 09/22/14
Montgomery Street leads south through the Tatumsville and Staley Heights communities to intersect DeRenne Avenue where SR 21 north becomes Interstate 516. Montgomery Street curves southwest to become Duncan Drive leading into Hunter Army Airfield. 09/22/14
Despite a forthcoming right in right out (RIRO) intersection with Mildred Street, the first shield for I-516 north appears just west of Montgomery Street along SR 21 north. I-516 & SR 21 overlap for the entire length of William W. Lynes Parkway to Garden City. 09/22/14
Georgia 21 continues north from the end of I-516 as an at-grade arterial through Garden City and Port Wentworth. 05/29/05
Georgia 21 (Augusta Road) north at Minus Avenue, a local connector to an industrial park and retail areas north to Georgia 25 (Main Street). 01/03/14
State Route 21 State Route 30 North
Confirming marker posted along Augusta Road north between SR 21 Alternate (Sonny Dixon Interchange) and the Jimmy DeLoach parkway overpass. 12/13/17
Pinderpoint Road stems west from SR 21 & 30 (Augusta Road) to Expansion Boulevard at Crossroads Business Center ahead of this shield assembly. 12/13/17
A pair of 1980-built bridges carry SR 21/30 (Augusta Road) across St. Augustine Creek by this I-95 trailblazer. 12/13/17
The succeeding traffic light on Augusta Road north operates at International Trade Parkway south from adjacent distribution center and warehouse businesses. 12/13/17
Augusta Road navigates through an S-curve across the CSX Railroad line ahead of O'Leary Road. An array of trucking and motorist services line O'Leary Road adjacent to Interstate 95. 12/13/17
Georgia 21/30 (Augusta Road) enter the diverging diamond interchange (DDI) with Interstate 95. 12/13/17
Interstate 95 generally stays west of Savannah through suburban areas of Port Wentworth and Pooler south to Interstate 16 and north to Hardeeville, South Carolina. 12/13/17
Work to convert the I-95 exchange with SR 21/30 into a DDI wrapped up in January 2017 after two years of construction. I-95 crosses the Savannah River to the northeast en route to Florence, South Carolina. 12/13/17
State Route 21 State Route 30 South
Georgia 21 & 30 (Augusta Road) south at the northbound on-ramp to I-95. The exchange here was reconfigured into a diverging diamond interchange (DDI) by January 2017. 05/29/07
Span wire signs for Georgia 21 & 30 posted between I-95 and O'Leary Road. Construction for the DDI at Interstate 95 included the addition of a third southbound lane along Augusta Road south to Hendley Road. 05/29/07
O'Leary Road forms an east side frontage road for I-95, serving an array of hotels and industrial businesses nearby. 05/29/07
International Trade Parkway stems northeast from Augusta Road to a number of distribution centers. 05/29/07
Reassurance markers for SR 21 & 30 posted after Pinderpoint Road along Augusta Road south. 05/29/07
Jimmy DeLoach Parkway spans Augusta Road without direct access due to the adjacent railroad line. The controlled access arterial connects the Georgia Port Authority (GPA) - Garden City Terminal with I-95 and U.S. 80 at Bloomingdale. 05/29/07
An access road links Georgia 21 & 30 with an adjacent diamond interchange along Jimmy DeLoach Parkway. Collectively the road complex is designated the Sonny Dixon Interchange. 05/29/07
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2 photos
Prior to May 27, 2016, Jimmy DeLoach Parkway ended at the Sonny Dixon Interchange. Following a ribbon cutton ceremony that morning, a 3.1-mile extension of the parkway (Georgia 21 Alternate) opened south to Georgia 307.2 05/29/07
The 3.3-mile long overlap between Georgia 21 and 30 east concludes at Bonnybridge Road. 05/29/07
Bonnybridge Road leads Georgia 30 east 0.9 miles to Georgia 25 (Coastal Highway) in north Port Wentworth. 05/29/07
State Route 21 South
Gulfstream Road east and Crossgate Road west come together at the succeeding signal southbound after SR 30. Gulfstream Road heads west to cargo areas of Savannah / Hilton Head International Airport (SAV). Crossgate Road extends the road east into the Port Wentworth street grid. 05/29/07
Georgia 21 reassurance marker south of Crossgate and Gulfstream Roads. 05/29/07
Grange Road links Georgia 21 (Augusta Road) with Georgia 21 Alternate (Jimmy DeLoach Parkway) next. Beyond that intersection, Georgia 21 approaches Georgia 307 (Bourne Avenue / Dean Forest Road). 05/29/07
Georgia 307 joins the GPA Garden City Terminal with SAV International Airport and Interstate 16. The state route travels 8.5 miles between Garden City and Pooler. 05/29/07
Advancing south from SR 307, SR 21 (Augusta Road) formerly enters the city limits for Garden City. 05/29/07
Georgia 21 Spur provides an additional truck route from Augusta Road to the GPA - Garden City Terminal. The 0.4-mile route along Brampton Road ends at Georgia 25 (Main Street). 05/29/07
A guide sign precedes the signalized intersection with Minus Avenue for Interstate 516 east at Exit 8. Georgia 21 accompanies I-516 along William F. Lynes Parkway south from Garden City to DeRenne Avenue in Savannah. Exit 8 links the freeway with Georgia 26 Connector to both U.S. 80 (Bay Street) and Georgia 25 (Main Street). 05/29/07
Minus Avenue spurs south to an industrial and mobile home park and north to a shopping center and Georgia 25 (Main Street). 05/29/07
Beyond Minus Avenue, right in right out (RIRO) intersections tie into Georgia 21 south from Leon Village Drive and Oak Street. I-516 east begins after Oak Street. 05/29/07
Georgia 21 southbound transitions from Interstate 516 (W.F. Lynes Parkway) onto DeRenne Avenue at the signalized intersection with Montgomery Street. The last reassurance shield for the state route follows. 01/03/14
DeRenne Avenue east at White Bluff Road south and Bull Street north. Retail lines both sizes of the often congested six-lane arterial along this stretch. 05/29/05
The forthcoming junction with Georgia 204 (Abercorn Street) is one of the busiest intersections in the Savannah area. Abercorn Street south comprises a major commercial arterial, linking Downtown Savannah with Southside. 01/03/14
Georgia 21 ends at Georgia 204 (Abercorn Street). DeRenne Avenue extends east as an unnumbered arterial to Truman Parkway and the Forest Hills and Magnolia Park communities. Georgia 204 forms a loop north toward Downtown and south to Oglethorpe Mall and west to I-95 near Richmond Hill. 01/03/14

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