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Georgia 25 Connector in Savannah links I-516, U.S. 80 and Georgia 21-25-26 with Historic Downtown Savannah and U.S. 17 & Georgia 404 on the Talmadge Bridge approach. The urban route takes a hook-shaped alignment east from I-516 along Bay Street, south along Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard and west on Oglethorpe Avenue. Cardinal directions along the route are counter intuitive, with northbound actually traveling east and south and vice versa.

The state route was formed to provide connectivity from the Talmadge Bridge east into Downtown, and U.S. 17 with its former alignment along SR 25 north through Garden City.

State Route 25 Connector North
This confirming marker for SR 25 Connector east formerly stood along the loop ramp from U.S. 17 & SR 404 Spur south to Oglethorpe Avenue. It was removed by 2013. 03/15/10
SR 25 Connector spans Springfield Canal and lowers onto Oglethorpe Avenue east at Boundary Street. 05/29/05
Oglethorpe Avenue comprises a tree-lined, four-lane boulevard east from the U.S. 17 ramps at Boundary Street. Since removed, a trailblazer for SR 25 Connector preceded Fahm Street in this scene. 05/29/05
Oglethorpe Avenue east at Fahm Street by the Savannah Greyhound Bus Terminal. 05/29/05
Approaching the northerly turn for SR 25 Connector onto Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. Traffic interests to both Interstates 16 and 95 are directed southward onto MLK Boulevard to the on-ramp for the westbound beginning of I-16. I-16 links Savannah with I-95 at Pooler. 03/15/10
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2 photos
SR 25 Connector southbound follows Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard north from Oglethorpe Avenue to Bay Street. Oglethorpe Avenue extends east through the Central Historic District of Savannah. 03/15/10, 05/29/05
Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard north at Oglethorpe Avenue. SR 25 Connector northbound leads directly to U.S. 17 north across the Talmadge Bridge. The south trailblazer for U.S. 17 alludes to the remainder of the connector north and west to Garden City. 05/29/07
This reassurance marker for SR 25 Connector stands to the immediate north of Oglethorpe Avenue. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard lines the west side of the Chatham County Courthouse over the ensuing block. 05/29/07
Broughton Street intersects Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard west from the NW Historic District. 03/15/10
A city-installed trailblazer for Interstate 516 appears along SR 25 Connector north at Congress Street. 03/15/10
SR 25 Connector turns westward from Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard along Bay Street for its continuation west toward Garden City. Bay Street constitutes the main route east to Downtown and the Savannah Riverfront. 03/15/10
Bay Street historically was a part of U.S. 80 west to Garden City and U.S. 80 Toll east from Downtown Savannah to Wilmington Island along the Islands Expressway. 03/15/10
2 photos
2 photos
Bay Street leaves Downtown Savannah and intersects Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard. MLK Boulevard south carries the northbound direction of SR 25 Connector to Oglethorpe Avenue and splits with the ramp for I-16 in 0.6 miles. 05/29/05
Georgia 25 Connector (Bay Street) separates industrial areas along the Savannah Riverfront with the Yamacraw community on the stretch leading west from MLK Boulevard. 05/29/05
The Talmadge Bridge carries U.S. 17 high above Bay Street in this scene beyond Fahm Street. SR 25 Connector ascends across Springfield Canal and a series of GPA - Ocean Terminal railroad tracks along a viaduct on the succeeding stretch. 05/29/05
Bay Street advances west as a four-lane boulevard through the Clearview, Hudson Hill and West Savannah communities to meet Interstate 516. 05/29/07
A direct ramp takes motorists from Bay Street west onto I-516 west & SR 21 north to Garden City. 05/29/07
SR 25 Connector passes under I-516 (W.F. Lynes Parkway) and intersects Lathrop Avenue. The state route turns south to connect with U.S. 80 & SR 26 (Augusta Avenue) east while U.S. 80 west & SR 25 north overtake the final segment of Bay Street west. 05/29/07
SR 25 Connector loops south and then east, combining with U.S. 80 and SR 25 south to complete the route to I-516 eastbound. 05/29/07
An end shield for SR 25 Connector stands at the half diamond interchange taking U.S. 80 east & SR 25 south onto I-516 east & SR 21 south from Augusta Avenue. 05/29/07

Photo Credits:

  • 05/29/05 by AARoads and Carter Buchanan.
  • 05/29/07 by AARoads.
  • 03/15/10 by AARoads.

Connect with:
Interstate 516 - W.F. Lynes Parkway
U.S. 17
U.S. 80

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