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Garden State Parkway north
Garden State Parkway continues north from the tri-level stack interchange with the New Jersey Turnpike (Interstate 95) connector through Woodbridge to Exit 131A (Metropark). The next main line service plaza lies 12 miles northward at Union. Photo taken 07/27/07.
Exits 131A/B both serve NJ Transit's Metropark in west Woodbridge. Metropark serves the NJ Transit line northeast to Newark and southwest to New Brunswick. Photo taken 10/05/14.
An old Conrail Railroad passes over the Garden State Parkway north of the partial-interchange (Exit 130 on south) with U.S. 1. Affixed to the bridge is a warning sign advising motorists of the low clearances associated with the shoulders and right lane due to the stone arch overpasses over the next seven miles. Photo taken 10/05/14.
A trumpet interchange (Exit 131A) joins Garden State Parkway with Wood Avenue South near NJ Transit's Metropark. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Exit 131B consists of a loop ramp onto Middlesex-Essex Turnpike (CR 637) south for Metropark and Menlo Park. A return ramp provides access to Garden State Parkway southbound. Photo taken 07/27/07.
Northbound Garden State Parkway at Exit 131B onto Middlesex-Essex Turnpike (CR 637) south. CR 637 parallels the AMTRAK corridor southwest from Green Street (CR 604) to Metropark and Evergreen Road. Wood Avenue passes under the railroad to join the route with New Jersey 27 (Lincoln Highway); direct access to the state highway however is available from Exit 131. Photo taken 10/05/14.
New Jersey 27 parallels AMTRAK's Northeastern Corridor through Metuchen, Menlo Park, and Iselin near its interchange with the Parkway. The railroad line passes over the Parkway ahead of the folded diamond interchange at Exit 131. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Exit 131 departs the Garden State Parkway northbound for New Jersey 27 (Lincoln Highway) at Iselin. New Jersey 27 travels an urban path northeast from New Brunswick and Metuchen to Rahway and Linden. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Another advisory sign warns motorists of the low clearances associated with the stone arch overpasses on the Garden State Parkway. Vehicles over 13' in height should use the middle lanes. Photo taken 10/05/14.
The Garden State Parkway Woodbridge service plaza lies on the right side between the New Dover Road and Inman Avenue overpasses. Photo taken 07/27/07.
Approaching the New Dover Road stone arch bridges above the Garden State Parkway. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Clearances range from 13' to 13'7" and above at the New Dover Road overpass. Traveler services are available at the Colonia North Service Area nearby. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Fast food and gas are available at the Colonia North Service Area, but choices are limited to just one vendor each. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Travel times are provided via dynamic message boards along the Garden State Parkway. This array appears beside the Colonia North Service Area in Woodbridge Township. Photo taken 10/05/14.
County Road 602 (Inman Avenue) passes over the Garden State Parkway east en route from Potters in Edison Township to the city of Rahway on this stone arch overpass. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Garden State Parkway northbound travelers enter Union County and Clark township. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Meeting the toll road next is Union County 613 (Central Avenue / Brant Avenue) and Valley Road. The forthcoming exit consists of a diamond interchange and traffic circle. Similar interchanges are found on the Beijing, China, Germany and United Kingdom freeway network, but few exist in the United States. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Madison Hill Road (CR 604) utilizes the next stone arch overpass above the Garden State Parkway northbound. The bridge passes over the highway south of Middlesex Reservoir. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Nearing the Exit 135 ramp departure to CR 613 (Central Avenue north / Brant Avenue south) and Valley Road at Clark. Central Avenue leads northwest into the town of Westfield. Valley Road spurs east to Rahway River Park and Linden. Brant Avenue ends at Westfield Avenue nearby. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Exit 135 leaves Garden State Parkway northbound for Union County 613. CR 613 south follows Westfield Avenue from Brant Avenue into the city of Rahway. Northward the county route continues into Downtown Westfield at New Jersey 28. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Travel times are also provided for Garden State Parkway travelers bound for New York City. Similar times are listed on the New Jersey Turnpike for various Hudson County crossings. Photo taken 10/05/14.
The Vaux Hall Service Area lies five miles ahead with an additional fast food and fuel option for the northbound Garden State Parkway mainline. Photo taken 10/05/14.
The Rahway River and Garden State Parkway briefly parallel one another by Winfield township. A modified diamond interchange (Exit 136) joins the toll road with Centennial Avenue (CR 615) at Raritan Road (CR 607) ahead. Photo taken 07/27/07.
Drivers bound for Winfield, Linden and Roselle leave the Garden State Parkway northbound at Exit 136. The borough of Roselle lies north of Linden by way of Raritan Road. Linden is a short drive south along Centennial Avenue. Photo taken 10/05/14.
A look at the Centennial Avenue (CR 615) over crossing of the Garden State Parkway at Winfield Park. Photo taken 07/27/07.
New Jersey 28 (North Avenue / Westfield Avenue) crosses paths with the toll road at Exit 137 between Cranford township and the borough of Roselle Park. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Northbound drivers pass over Myrtle Street and a pair of railroads before entering the folded diamond interchange (Exit 137) with New Jersey 28 (North Avenue). New Jersey 28 travels west from New Jersey 27 in Elizabeth to U.S. 22 near Somerville. Photo taken 10/05/14.
New Jersey 27 follows Westfield Avenue through Roselle Park, just north of Roselle, to New Jersey 439 (Elmora Avenue) and 27 (Broad Street) in Elizabeth. Westward the state route takes North Avenue southwest through Cranford, Garwood and Downtown Westfield. Photo taken 10/05/14.
A short distance northward is a parclo interchange (Exit 138) with Union County 509 (Kenilworth Boulevard west / Galloping Hill Road east) at Kenilworth. Photo taken 10/05/14.
The first indication of the Garden State Parkway approach to the city of Newark is this community interchanges identification sign directing motorists to Downtown and Ironbound onto Interstate 78 (Exit 142) and University Heights onto Interstate 280 (Exit 145). Photo taken 07/27/07.
Approaching on Exit 138 ramp departure to Union County 509 on the Garden State Parkway north. CR 509 follows Kenilworth Boulevard west through the borough of Kenilworth to Westfield and Galloping Hill Road southeast to Salem Road in south Union township. Galloping Hill Road (CR 616) and Chestnut Street (CR 627) both lead south from CR 509 into Roselle Park. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Garden State Parkway and County Route 509 both enter Union township beyond the Exit 138 interchange. New Jersey 82 and U.S. 22 meet the parkway at the next two interchanges while CR 509 follows Salem Road to New Jersey 82 (Morris Avenue) and Liberty Avenue to U.S. 22 in Hillside township. Photo taken 10/05/14.
The first sign for Exit 142A and Interstate 78 east to the Holland Tunnel to Lower Manhattan appears at the Galloping Hill Road overpass. This panel replaced a previous sign referencing the New Jersey Performing Arts and Prudential Centers for I-78 east to Newark. Photo taken 10/05/14.
A pedestrian bridge spans Interstate 78 between Parkview drive and adjacent Galloping Hill Park and Golf Course beyond this advance sign for the Vaux Hall Service Plaza. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Aforementioned Chestnut Street (CR 619) continues north from CR 509 (Galloping Hill Road) to a parclo interchange (Exit 139A) with Garden State Parkway in Union. Exit 139A connects with Chestnut Street south only. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Drivers taking Exit 139A have a short drive north to Downtown Union via Chestnut Street (CR 619) north and Stuyvesant Avenue. The connection doubles as the route to New Jersey 82 (Morris Avenue) west to Springfield. Photo taken 10/04/14.
U.S. 22 enters the scene from west Union township as a divided highway to partition into a parallel alignment along side the Garden State Parkway at Exit 140. The US highway sees ramps with New Jersey 82 (Morris Avenue) in the process, which allows northbound Parkway drivers access to Morris Avenue east to Elizabeth. U.S. 22 otherwise veers eastward from central Union to Hillside and south Newark, providing a direct route to the New Jersey Turnpike Extension (Interstate 78) and the Holland Tunnel into Lower Manhattan, New York. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Interstate 78 and Garden State Parkway cross paths in north Union near the Newark city line. Originally Exit 142 consisted of a direct ramp onto I-78 east with no access to I-78 west (motorists were required to make a U-turn at I-78 Exit 54 / Winans Avenue).
A $150-million project added missing movements between the two roads during roadwork between April 2008 and September 21, 2011.1 Photo taken 10/05/14.
The Garden State Parkway transitions back into a toll road one mile north of U.S. 22 at the Union Toll Plaza. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Motorists are provided with a single fast food and fuel option at the Vaux Hall Service Plaza beyond the Vauxhall Road (CR 630) overpass. Photo taken 10/05/14.
The Garden State Parkway enters the Union main line Toll Plaza next. A separate set of booths to the right provide direct access to Exit 142A for I-78 east. Exit 142A departs immediately beyond the plaza to Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), via connections with U.S. 1 & 9 south, and the New Jersey Turnpike (Interstate 95) at its conversion into the New Jersey Turnpike Extension. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Interstate 78 travels east five miles to U.S. 1 & 9 and 14 miles to the Holland Tunnel into New York City. Westward, the freeway continues four miles to Springfield and the New Jersey 24 freeway split to Morristown. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Passing through the two-booth toll plaza to Exit 142A (I-78 east) at the far right of the Union Toll plaza. Photo taken 07/27/07.
13 toll booth lanes serve the Garden State Parkway northbound mainline at the Union Toll Plaza. The right two booths also provide access to Interstate 78 east via an adjacent slip ramp onto Exit 142A. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Back to back ramps depart from the Parkway to the immediate north of the I-78 overpass. A high speed flyover (Exit 142B) shuttles motorists toward Interstate 78 west for Springfield Township, Clinton and Easton, Pennsylvania. Exit 142C follows onto adjacent Union Avenue in Hillside Township. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Union Avenue threads through the junction of I-78 and the Parkway east from Oakland Avenue to run parallel to the GSP to central Irvington. Connections with Union Avenue lead motorists west to New Jersey 124 (Springfield Avenue) in Maplewood Township. Photo taken 10/05/14.
The new flyover was opened from the GSP north to I-78 west in September 2009. A second flyover followed by December 2010 from the GSP south to I-78 east.1 Photo taken 10/05/14.
An older flyover passes over the Parkway northbound from the Interstate 78 access road as the GSP enters Essex County. Photo taken 10/05/14.
The Garden State Parkway winds northward through Irvington Township to a folded diamond interchange (Exit 143) with Cleremont and Union Avenues. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Yale and Union Avenues cross over the Garden State Parkway northbound ahead of the off-ramp (Exit 143) to adjacent Cleremont Avenue. Cleremont Avenue becomes Ball Street north along side the Parkway to Springfield Avenue (CR 603) east toward the city of Newark. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Lyons Avenue (CR 602) links Cleremont Avenue and Exit 143 with New Jersey 124 (Springfield Avenue) west. NJ 124 begins a 14.74-mile route at the Maplewood Township line along Springfield Avenue. The state route heads west to Springfield Township before turning northwest to Summit and Morristown. Photo taken 10/05/14.
The Garden State Parkway travels through a cut and cover tunnel through the heart of Irvington Township. Photo taken 10/05/14.
The tunnel supports the Irvington Bus Terminal between Clinton and Springfield Avenues. Photo taken 10/05/14.
The lone sign for Exit 144 and County Road 510 (South Orange Avenue) precedes Exit 144 by 0.75 miles. CR 510 comprises a 29.58 mile route from CR 513 in the borough of Chester to New Jersey 21 (McCarter Highway) in Newark. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Exit 144 leaves the Parkway northbound beyond the 18th Avenue overpass. A slip ramp joins parallel Eastern Parkway ahead of Orange Avenue (CR 510) across the Newark city line. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Passing by Vailsburg Park, travelers along the Garden State Parkway next approach Exit 145 with Interstate 280 within the city of East Orange. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Interests to the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark are advised to use Interstate 280 east from Exit 145. The entertainment venue lies on Center Street west of New Jersey 21 and the Passaic River in Downtown. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Eight lanes of the Garden State Parkway pass between separate plots of Holy Sepulchre Cemetery north of the CR 510 (South Orange Avenue) over crossing. Photo taken 10/05/14.
A lane drop occurs north of the Maybaum Avenue overpass for Exit 145 to Interstate 280. A tolled access road joins a pair of directional-T interchanges linking the two limited access highways. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Interstate 280 constitutes a 17.85-mile urban freeway running east to Downtown Newark, Harrison and the New Jersey Turnpike at Kearny and west from East Orange to Orange, West Orange and I-80 in Parsippany-Troy Hills Township. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Exit 145 lowers from the Garden State Parkway to pass below parallel Oraton Parkway ahead of a toll plaza. I-280 travels below grade throughout East Orange and City of Orange Township. The bulk of the freeway was completed in 1973. Photo taken 10/05/14.
The Parkway mainline passes above and below ramps to and from the I-280 access road. Photo taken 10/05/14.

  1. "NJDOT announces completion of project fully linking I-78 and the Garden State Parkway." New Jersey Department of Transportation, news release. September 21, 2011.

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