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George J Bean Parkway comprises a limited access route linking SR 60 (Memorial Highway) and SR 616 (Spruce Street) with the passenger terminal of Tampa International Airport (TPA). The parkway also serves facilities along the south side of the airport including a post office. It was constructed when the new terminal was built in 1971.

SR 60 / TPA Airport Interchange
Looking north at the Tampa Airport Interchange joining SR 60 (Memorial Highway), SR 616 (Spruce Street) and George J. Bean Parkway. Photo taken 01/12/14.

$230 million in construction between August 15, 2005 and March 31, 2010 upgraded the substandard parclo interchange between SR 60 (Memorial Highway) and George J. Bean Parkway into a systems interchange. The work coincided with upgrades to both SR 616 (Spruce Street) to the east and SR 60 to north at SR 589 (Veterans Expressway). Collector distributor roadways added to the Memorial Highway freeway separated movements to the airport, Courtney Campbell Causeway and SR 589 north while eliminating weaving traffic patterns. Additional work added an interchange to SR 60 just west of SR 589 while separating movements to I-275 south from George J. Bean Parkway.1

George Bean (1924-2004) was the executive director of Tampa International Airport for 31 years until his retirement in 1996. A World War II veteran, Bean was instrumental in construction of the airport, which cost $83 million and opened on April 15, 1971. He oversaw numerous expansion projects including a new general aviation terminal in 1981, improvements to the parkway system with an added third lane in each direction and a grade separation built at the post office in 1982, and long term parking garage in 1991 among others.2

George J Bean Parkway north
George J. Bean Parkway branches north from SR 60 (Memorial Highway) westbound into Tampa International Airport (TPA). The Tampa Airport Interchange at SR 60 and SR 616 was reconstructed between 2005 and 2010. Photo taken 03/10/19.
The flyovers from SR 60 east and SR 616 west come together to the right of the George J. Bean Parkway northbound mainline ahead of respective ramps for Bessie Coleman Boulevard. Photo taken 01/12/14.
A left exit departs for Bessie Coleman Boulevard east to the economy parking lot, post office and cell phone waiting area. Photo taken 03/10/19.
The ramps from SR 60 east and SR 616 west combine with George J. Bean Parkway ahead of the underpass for Economy Parking Road. Photo taken 03/10/19.
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2 photos
Traffic from SR 616 (Spruce Street) west joins George J. Bean Parkway northbound at the first in series of signs showing the airlines served by the Red terminal. Photos taken 01/12/14.
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2 photos
The entrance ramp from Bessie Coleman Boulevard adds a third northbound lane for George J. Bean Parkway ahead of the left side ramp for the parking garages. Photos taken 03/10/19.
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2 photos
Blue terminal signs follow showing airlines served by the south terminal. Photos taken 01/12/14.
A portion of the runway system spans George J. Bean Parkway ahead of the passenger terminal area. Motorists destined for the short and long term parking garages part ways with George J. Bean Parkway to the left while the roadway circles around to the terminal entrances. Photo taken 03/10/19.
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2 photos
Northbound at the separation of traffic for the parking garages and terminal access road. Photos taken 03/10/19.
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2 photos
Flyovers carries traffic from George J. Bean Parkway south back to north as the parking garage ramp separates into the long and short term garages. Photos taken 01/12/14.
A slip ramp provides return access to the George J. Bean Parkway terminal road for vehicles exceeding 7 foot 10 inches. Photo taken 01/12/14.
George J. Bean Parkway south
A left side ramp joins George J. Bean Parkway from the TPA parking garages ahead of the runway tunnel south of the passenger terminal. Photo taken 03/10/19.
The runway across George J. Bean Parkway was expanded in 2015-16. Photo taken 03/10/19.
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2 photos
Leaving the passenger terminal, George J. Bean Parkway approaches the left side ramp for Bessie Coleman Boulevard and the U.S. Post Office. An on-ramp nearby provides return access to the terminal. Photos taken 03/10/19.
The succeeding ramps from George J. Bean Parkway south connect with SR 60 (Memorial Highway), starting with the westbound ramp to Clearwater and the adjacent Veterans Expressway (SR 589) north in 0.4 miles. Photo taken 03/10/19.
An auxiliary lane from Bessie Coleman Boulevard expands the parkway to four southbound lanes ahead of the four level interchange with SR 60 (Memorial Highway) and SR 616 (Spruce Street) east. Photo taken 03/10/19.
Two lanes depart for SR 60 (Memorial Parkway) west as the mainline defaults onto SR 60 east. Photo taken 03/10/19.
The Veterans Expressway (SR 589) extends north from SR 60 to Carrollwood, Lutz and Pasco County while the SR 60 freeway south ends at Interstate 275 in the Westshore area. Photo taken 03/10/19.
Remaining along George J. Bean Parkway south, high flyovers partition into two-lane ramps. The southbound ramp for I-275 travels separate from the Memorial Highway mainline to the Howard Frankland Bridge approach to St. Petersburg. Photo taken 01/12/14.
The SR 60 eastbound ramp loops onto Memorial Highway ahead of the parclo interchange with I-275. Photo taken 01/12/14.
The loop ramp for SR 60 east includes additional departure points for both Cypress Street and the eastbound beginning of SR 616 (Spruce Street). Photo taken 01/19/14.
The Cypress Street ramp connects with the eastbound off-ramp from SR 60 to Cypress Street at Bay West Commerce Park. Photo taken 01/19/14.
A slip ramp joins the Cypress Street ramp to Spruce Street for SR 616 east to International Plaza Mall and Boy Scout Boulevard. SR 616 travels 1.79 miles between SR 60 and U.S. 92 (Dale Mabry Highway). Photo taken 01/19/14.

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