Hawaii Route 76 North
Hawaii 76 bisects the West Loch Golf Course ahead of the signalized intersection with Laulaunui Street. Laulaunui Street connects Fort Weaver Road with Hawaii Medical Center West and Kaihuopalaai Street at Honouliuli. 01/18/11
Approaching a partial interchange with Farrington Highway (Exit 5) on Hawaii 76 (Fort Weaver Road). Access is only provided to Hawaii 7101 east from Hawaii 76 northbound. 01/18/11
Hawaii 7101 leads directly into the commercial district of Waipahu, following 3.00 miles of Farrington Highway east to Hawaii 99 (Kamehameha Highway). Hawaii 7110 continues Farrington Highway west 0.60 miles toward Kapolei, but access to that direction requires a U-turn on SR-7101. 01/18/11
Hawaii 76 ends and becomes the northbound beginning of Hawaii 750 underneath the Interstate H1 overpasses. An end shield assembly resides within the highway median. 01/17/11
Hawaii Route 76 South
Hawaii 76 follows a short expressway through western reaches of Waipahu. A parclo interchange joins Fort Weaver Road with Hawaii 7110 (Exit 6A) west and Hawaii 7101 (Exit 5) east. 01/18/11
The right lane gained from Interstate H1 east defaults onto Exit 6 for Hawaii 7110 (Farrington Highway) west. Farrington Highway links Waipahu with the growing Kapolei area south of Interstate H1, Exit 3. 01/18/11
Hawaii 7110 follows just 0.60 miles of Farrington Highway west from the Hawaii 76 (Fort Weaver Road) overpass. Unsigned County Route 9107 continues the two lane roadway through rural areas to Kualakai Parkway (Hawaii 8930). 01/18/11
Hawaii 7101 shield posted ahead of the Exit 5 loop ramp onto Farrington Highway east. 01/18/11
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2 photos
Farrington Highway provides the main commercial route through the community of Waipahu. Hawaii 7101 constitutes 3.00 miles of the divided highway from Hawaii 76 to Hawaii 99 (Kamehameha Highway). 01/18/11
Crossing over Farrington Highway on Hawaii 76 (Fort Weaver Road) southbound at milepost six. The four lane expressway opened in 1980, replacing a two lane alignment to the west (Old Fort Weaver Road). 01/18/11
Laulaunui Street crosses Hawaii 76 between the West Lock Golf Course & Hawaii Medical Center West area to residential neighborhoods of Honouliuli along the West Loch. 01/18/11

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