Hawaii Route 80 North
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2 photos
Hawaii 80 (Kamehameha Highway) begins at the Hawaii 99 turn onto Wilikina Drive at Interstate H2 (Exit 8) and crosses the South Fork Kaukonahua Stream into Wahiawa. The four lane span, built in 1984, carries Hawaii 80 into the Wahiawa street grid. 01/18/11
Avocado Street crosses Hawaii 80 at the first Wahiawa traffic light. The local street links Kamehameha Highway with Ohai Street and Walker Avenue, one block outside of the state route. Walker Avenue leads to Wahiawa Freshwater State Recreation Area. 01/18/11
Olive Avenue follows in one block at the next northbound signal. 01/18/11
California Avenue leads west to Wahiawa Reservoir where the North and South Forks of the Kaukonahua Stream merge. East of Hawaii 80, California Avenue continues to Wahiawa Homesteads. 01/18/11
Kilani Avenue represents the final east-west street Hawaii 80 crosses in Wahiawa. Kilani Avenue replicates the course of California Avenue, becoming Glen Avenue east at Wahiawa Botanical Garden. 01/18/11
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2 photos
Hawaii 80 (Kamehameha Highway) quickly reduces to two lanes and lowers to cross the North Fork Kaukonahua Stream. 01/17/11
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2 photos
A steel through truss bridge spans the North Fork Kaukonahua Stream on Hawaii 80 north through western reaches of Kawailoa Forest Reserve. The bridge was built in 1932. 01/17/11
Nearing the west end of Hawaii 7012 (Whitmore Avenue) and Kukaniloko Birthstones State Monument on Hawaii 80 (Kamehameha Highway) northbound. 01/17/11
Whitmore Avenue (Hawaii 7012) stems east from Hawaii 80 to Whitmore Village and the Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station Pacific Wahiawa as Center Street. 01/17/11
Reassurance marker posted for Hawaii 80 northbound by Whitmore Village. 01/17/11
County Route 801 splits from Hawaii 80 (Kamehameha Highway) near Whitmore Village for Waialua (via County Route 803). 01/17/11
Kaukonahua Road carries unsigned County Route 801 to County Route 803 (Wilikina Drive). County Route 803 follows the Kaukonahua Stream northwest to end at Hawaii 930 (Farrington Highway). 01/17/11
Hawaii 99 veers northeast from Wilikina Drive (County Route 803) to overtake Hawaii 80 via Kamananui Road. 01/17/11
Hawaii 80 end shield assembly posted ahead of Nui Avenue on Hawaii 99. Hawaii 99 continues Kamehameha Highway northward to the Dole Plantation and Kamooloa (Hawaii 83). 01/17/11
Hawaii Route 80 South
Hawaii 80 travels south from County Route 801 (Kaukonahua Road) to Whitmore Village and Hawaii 7012 (Whitmore Avenue) at Kukaniloko Birthstones State Monument. 01/17/11
Hawaii 7012 entails just the first 1.87 miles of Whitmore Avenue east through Whitmore Village. Whitmore Avenue otherwise continues to Center Street at the Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station Pacific Wahiawa. 01/17/11
Continuing south, Hawaii 80 (Kamehameha Highway) approaches the North Fork Kaukonahua Stream and community of Wahiawa. 01/17/11
2 photos
2 photos
Hawaii 80 briefly enters Kawailoa Forest Reserve at the 1932-built through truss bridge across the North Fork Kaukonahua Stream. 01/17/11
Kilani Avenue represents the first of four signalized intersections along Hawaii 80 (Kamehameha Highway) southbound through the Wahiawa street grid. 01/17/11

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