Hawaii Route 93 North
Hawaii 93 (Farrington Highway) rises to reach Laaloa Street, the first of two entrances to the Honokai Hale neighborhood on the south side of the state route. 01/17/11
Waiomea Street provides the second entrance to Honokai Hale from Hawaii 93 (Farrington Highway) north. 01/17/11
Straddling the Pacific Ocean along Hawaii 93 (Farrington Highway) on the approach to Nanakuli. 07/29/10
Entering the Ma'ili community along Hawaii 93 (Farrington Highway) north near Manununu Street. 07/29/10
Hawaii 93 becomes vastly rural north of Makaha. This scene looks near Ohikilolo. 07/29/10
Several pull out areas line Hawaii 93 (Farrington Highway) along the Pacific Ocean through Ka'ena Point State Park. 07/29/10
Once within in Ka'ena Point State Park, Farrington Highway narrows before ending at a four-wheel drive road leading northwest toward Ka'ena Point. 07/29/10
Hawaii Route 93 South
3 photos
3 photos
3 photos
Southbound scenes along Farrington Highway from within Ka'ena Point State Park. The road hugs the Pacific Beach coast line to the park boundary. 07/29/10
Once beyond Satellite Tracking Station Road, Hawaii 93 widens into a conventional two lane highway. 07/29/10
Scenery along Hawaii 93 (Farrington Highway) south near Makua Valley Road. 07/29/10
Midway between Wai'anae and Ma'ili along Hawaii 93 (Farrington Highway) south at Ma'ili'ili Road. Ma'ili'ili Road parallels Ma'ili'ili Stream east to Lualualei. 07/29/10
East of Honokai Hale, Hawaii 93 (Farrington Highway) approaches the west end of Interstate H1 and Kalaeloa Boulevard (unsigned Hawaii 95). 01/17/11
Hawaii 95 begins and travels Kalaeloa Boulevard southwest from Interstate H1 to Malakole Street west at James Campbell Industrial Park. Kalaeloa Boulevard continues south from the state route toward Barbers Point. 01/17/11
Exit 1A leaves Hawaii 93 east at the beginning of Interstate H1 for Kalaeloa Boulevard (Hawaii 95) south. Old Farrington Highway ties into the interchange from the northbound side. 07/29/10
Hawaii 93 ends and Interstate H1 begins as Exit 1A departs. I- H1 travels to Waipahu, Pearl City and Honolulu. Farrington Highway continues as a local route parallel to the freeway from Makakilo City to Waipahu. 01/17/11

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    07/29/10 by Larry Epstein. 01/17/11 by AARoads.

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