Hawaii Route 98 East
Eastbound SR 98 (Vineyard Boulevard) at Pali Highway (SR 61). SR 61 follows Pali Highway northeast from SR 98 to Nu'uanu Valley and Kalihi. Much of the route consists of expressway grade road. 01/17/11
Hawaii 98 (Vineyard Boulevard) eastbound splits with a ramp to Lusitana Street east before its merge onto Interstate H1 (Lunalilo Freeway) east. 07/29/10
An end shield follows at the wye interchange with Interstate H1 (Lunalilo Freeway) for the eastbound conclusion of Hawaii 98. 07/29/10
Hawaii Route 98 West
Hawaii 98 (Vineyard Boulevard) begins at a wye interchange with Interstate H1 (Lunalilo Freeway) and quickly leads to an intersection with Punchbowl Street. Punchbowl Street leads north to a nearby wye interchange of its own with I-H1 to the north and connects Vineyard Boulevard with the State Capitol to the south. 01/19/11
Queen Emma Street crosses Hawaii 98 (Vineyard Boulevard) at the following traffic light. Queen Emma Street passes over Interstate H1 and ends at the confluence of School Street, Lusitana Street and Iolani Avenue next to Punchbowl Crater. 01/19/11
Although not marked from Hawaii 98, the intersection with Pali Highway represents the southern terminus of Hawaii 61. SR 61 follows Pali Highway northeast to Nu'uanu Valley and the Pali Tunnels, through the Ko'olau Range, on a 10.60-mile route to Kailua. 01/19/11
A pair of shields for Hawaii 98 follow the Vineyard Boulevard intersection with Pali Highway. 01/19/11
Nuuanu Avenue stems southwest from Wyllie Street and an interchange with Hawaii 61 (Pali Highway) to meet Hawaii 98 (Vineyard Boulevard) at Foster Botanical Garden. 01/19/11
Maunakea Street heads southwest from Vineyard Boulevard into the central business district of Honolulu, ending at Hawaii 92 (Nimitz Highway) by Honolulu Harbor. 01/19/11
Drivers along Hawaii 98 westbound span Nuuanu Stream ahead of a signalized intersection with Aala Street. Aala Street travels two blocks southwest to Beretania Street at Walker Park and north to School Street by Interstate H1. 01/19/11
Liliha street follows and crosses Vineyard Boulevard between King Street and the Pu'unui community. 01/19/11
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2 photos
Two reassurance markers for Hawaii 98 west are posted after the intersection with Liliha Street. A fenced median lines Vineyard Boulevard from Aala Street to Palama Street and Interstate H1. 01/19/11
Pua Lane comprises a residential street between King Street and residences between Hawaii 98 and Interstate H1. 01/19/11
2011-01-19 Palama Street passes under Interstate H1 to intersect Hawaii 98 (Vineyard Boulevard) near its end. Palama Street connects with King Street to the left and School and Alaneo Streets beyond I-H1. 01/19/11
2011-01-19 Hawaii 98 prepares to merge onto Interstate H1 westbound from Halona Street. 01/19/11
Westbound at the Halona Street on-ramp of Hawaii 98 to Interstate H1. I-H1 continues to Kalihi and a split with Interstate H-201 at Fort Shafter. 01/19/11
An end sign appears at the on-ramp merge with Interstate H1 as the Lunalilo Freeway prepares to span the Kapalama Drainage Canal. 01/19/11

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