Hawaii 750 replaced the northern eight miles of Hawaii 76 when it was renumbered.

Hawaii Route 750 North
Motorists bound for Interstate H1 west to Kapolei, Makakilo City and Hawaii 93 north to Waianae depart Hawaii 750 (Kunia Road) north. 01/17/11
The first of two intersections with Kupuna Loop east lies north of Interstate H1 on Hawaii 750 (Kunia Road) north. 01/17/11
Kupuna Loop returns to Hawaii 750 (Kunia Road) from the Village Park neighborhood east of the state route. 01/17/11
Anonui Street meanders eastward from Hawaii 750 through northern reaches of Village Park, ending by Royal Kunia Country Club. 01/17/11
Hawaii Route 750 South
Hawaii 750 (Kunia Road) begins and leads south from Hawaii 99 between Schofield Barracks and Wheeler Army Airfield. 01/18/11
Foote Avenue provides one of two entrances to Schofield Barracks from Hawaii 750 (Kunia Road) south. 01/18/11
Lyman Road west connects with Schofield Barracks opposite Wright Avenue east into Wheeler Army Airfield from Hawaii 750 (Kunia Road) south. 01/18/11
Drivers along Hawaii 750 lower from Wright Avenue to cross Waikele Stream and see the first southbound reassurance shield. 01/18/11
Just beyond the stream is the signalized intersection with the entrance to the Naval Fleet Operation Control Center Pacific site west of SR 750. 01/18/11
Reassurance shield posted as Hawaii 750 (Kunia Road) travels by the Kunia Camp community to the east. 01/18/11
Shields for Hawaii 750 are posted beyond the Hawaii Country Club in both directions of Kunia Road. Much of the rest of the frontage along the two lane road consists of pineapple plantation land. 01/18/11
Anonui Street stems east from Hawaii 750 (Kunia Road) into northern reaches of Village park. Kunia Road widens to four lanes from this intersection southward as residential areas the eastern side of the state route. 01/18/11
Hawaii 750 remains somewhat segregated from Village Park, as no private driveways or shopping center access exists along Kunia Road. Kupuna Loop meanwhile joins the state route with Village Park via its north and south end. 01/18/11
Hawaii 750 lowers into Waiphau, meeting Interstate H1 at a parclo interchange. 01/18/11
Departing in this scene is the westbound on-ramp to Interstate H1 for Hawaii 93 west to Waianae. Interstate H1 ends at Kapolei in five miles. 01/18/11
A left turn lane links Hawaii 750 (Kunia Road) southbound with Interstate H1 east to Pearl City and Honolulu. 01/17/11
Hawaii 750 ends and Hawaii 76 begins as Kunia Road transitions to Fort Weaver Road underneath Interstate H1. Hawaii 76 heads south to 'Ewa Beach. 01/17/11

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