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Interstate 4 West
Reassurance marker posted beyond the folded diamond interchange with County Line Road at Mt. Enon. A pair of frontage roads accompany I-4 from Lakeland west to Plant City. Photo taken 05/15/16.
Four interchanges serve Plant City from Interstate 4. Park Road serves Plant City Stadium, Hillsborough Community College, and eastern reaches of the city. Paul Buchman Highway (SR 39A) / Wheeler Street serves Downtown while SR 39 (Alexander Street) and SR 566 (Thonotosassa Road) serve western reaches of Plant City. Photo taken 11/04/17.
Park Road (SR 553) travels north from Collins Street (former SR 39) around central Plant City to U.S. 92 (Baker Street) and CR 580 (Sam Allen Road). A diamond interchange joins the highway with Interstate 4 at Exit 22. Photo taken 05/15/16.
Trucks destined for SR 39 (James L. Redman Parkway) south to Hopewell (SR 60) are directed to use Park Road (SR 553) south to bypass Downtown Plant City. Photo taken 11/04/17.
Entering the diamond interchange (Exit 22) with Park Road (SR 553) on I-4 west. Omitted from guide signs in both directions, State Road 553 lines Park Road 1.25 miles south from I-4 to U.S. 92 (Baker Street). Photo taken 05/15/16.
Reassurance marker posted west of the Park Road (SR 553) entrance ramp. Photo taken 05/15/16.
SR 39 provides the main route between Plant City and Zephyrhills in Pasco County. Following the December 2013-realignment along Alexander Street to the west, SR 39 rejoins Paul Buchman Highway at Knights. Photo taken 06/02/18.
A collector distributor roadway (Exit 21) leads to both SR 39A (Paul Buchman Highway / Wheeler Street) and SR 39 (Alexander Street). Alexander Street (formerly SR 39A) loops south from Franklin Street and Interstate 4 to U.S. 92 and James L. Redman Parkway around the west side of Polk City. Photo taken 11/04/17.
Interstate 4 passes over North Frontage Road, a CSX Railroad and Wheeler Street beyond the separation with the c/d roadway. A folded diamond interchange follows with Wheeler Street south to Downtown and SR 39A (Paul Buchman Highway) north to Zephyrhills. Photo taken 11/04/17.
3 photos
3 photos
3 photos
A loop ramp departs the c/d roadway for Wheeler Street south and SR 39A (Paul Buchman Highway) north. Travelers bound for Zephyrhills reach the Pasco County community and U.S. 301 in 13 miles. Photo taken 11/04/17. Second photo taken 06/02/18. Third photo taken 06/02/18.
SR 566 (Thonotosassa Road) spurs northwest from U.S. 92 (Baker Street) to a diamond interchange (Exit 19) with Interstate 4 next. SR 39 (Alexander Street) intersects U.S. 92 (Baker Street west / Thonotosassa Road east) one mile to the south. Photo taken 03/26/19.
A second loop ramp departs from the c/d roadway for SR 39 (Alexander Street) north to Zephyrhills and south along a western bypass route of Plant City. Beyond Plant City, SR 39 continues another seven miles to end at SR 60. There CR 39 extends the route south to Fort Lonesome and SR 64 in Manatee County. Photo taken 03/26/19.
A fourth westbound lane opens between the c/d roadway for SR 39 (Alexander Street) and the diamond interchange (Exit 19) with SR 566 (Thonotosassa Road). Photo taken 03/26/19.
Exit 19 leaves Interstate 4 west for SR 566 east and Thonotosassa Road west. SR 566 follows Thonotosassa Road 0.93 miles southward to U.S. 92 (Baker Street) by the Florida Strawberry Festival grounds. Photo taken 03/26/19.
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2 photos
SR 566 ends on the north side of the exchange with Interstate 4. Thonotosassa Road extends west as local route to Cork Road and the intersection of Stafford and Forbes Roads. Photo taken 09/20/17. Second photo taken 03/26/19.
Interstate 4 passes by the site of the former weigh stations between Exits 19 and 14. These were demolished by 2009. Photo taken 09/01/18.
Branch Forbes Road meets Interstate 4 at the forthcoming diamond interchange (Exit 17). The rural road travels north 1.5 miles to CR 580 (Sam Allen Road / Thonotosassa Road). Thonotosassa Road resumes in name from Branch Forbes Road west to Antioch and the community of Thonotosassa. Photo taken 05/30/19.
Branch Forbes Road continues south from Exit 17 four miles to Trapnell Road. Connections with SR 574 (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard) west lead motorists to the community of Dover. Photo taken 05/15/16.
A state-named shield, the only posted along all of I-4 west, precedes the Bethlehem Road overpass near Dover. Photo taken 06/15/13.
The last in the series of Interstate 75 and 275 mileage signs posted along I-4 west. Photo taken 09/01/18.
One mile east of the diamond interchange (Exit 14) with McIntosh Road on Interstate 4 west. McIntosh Road heads north two miles to Antioch and six miles to its end at U.S. 301 (Fort King Highway). Photo taken 09/01/18.
New weigh stations were constructed between 2007 and 2009 to replace those used previously near Plant City. The facilities lie just west of Exit 14. Photo taken 09/01/18.
Westbound Interstate 4 at Exit 14 to McIntosh Road. McIntosh Road leads a hald mile to intersect parallel U.S. 92 south and 2.25 miles to SR 574 (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard) within the vicinity of Seffner. Photo taken 09/01/18.
Interstate 4 passes over McIntosh Road one mile ahead of the aforementioned weigh station. Photo taken 05/15/16.
Bending more to the southwest, Interstate 4 crosses a canal as it bypasses Seffner. Photo taken 05/15/16.
A replacement of the "Tampa - 13" mileage sign made in May 2020 added Ybor City, a neighborhood within the city. Photo taken 05/22/20.
Westbound truckers reach the weigh station east of Kingsway Road. An eastbound station lies opposite, with both constructed as part of a $36.7-million project between June 2007 and November 2009.1 Photo taken 06/15/13.
Despite being replaced in 2017, a new assembly for Exit 10 was erected in May 2020. Forthcoming Exit 10 is a diamond interchange with Mango Road (CR 579). A sparsely signed route, CR 579 lines Mango Road northward 3.5 miles to Thonotosassa and 4.25 miles to U.S. 301 near Hillsborough River State Park. Photo taken 05/22/20.
Two miles out from the turbine interchange (Exit 9) with Interstate 75 near Mango. Photo taken 05/22/20.
County Road 579 (Mango Road) meets U.S. 92 (Hillsborough Avenue) just south of Exit 10 and ends at SR 574 in unincorporated Mango. Adjacent development increases as I-4 advances west into the Tampa Bay metro area. Photo taken 09/01/18.
Passing under the Mango Road overpass, I-4 west continues one mile to Interstate 75. I-75 bypasses the cities of Tampa and St. Petersburg but acts as a conduit for suburban commuting traffic in conjunction with I-4 for such places as New Tampa, Temple Terrace, Brandon, Riverview and Ruskin. Photo taken 09/01/18.
Interstate 4 travels between an area of wetlands ahead of the exchange with I-75. Photo taken 09/01/18.
Exit 9 carries both movements to Interstate 75 from Interstate 4 west in unison. I-75 north serves Temple Terrace and New Tampa before entering Pasco County at Wesley Chapen. Southbound travelers reach Riverview and Ruskin before entering Manatee County near Ellenton. Photo taken 05/15/16.
Ybor City was retained on the mileage sign replacement preceding I-75. Located south of I-4 and northeast of Downtown Tampa, Historic Ybor City was annexed by Tampa in 1887. Photo taken 05/22/20.
Two lanes separate below the Williams Road over crossing for Exit 9 to Interstate 75. Heading north from Tampa, I-75 stays inland to Ocala, Gainesville and Lake City on the northward drive to Atlanta, Georgia. Photo taken 05/15/16.
I-75 comprises the longest Interstate highway in Florida, totaling nearly 471 miles from Hialeah to the Georgia state line. Serving Southwest Florida, the freeway travels to Bradenton, Sarasota, Fort Myers and Naples. Photo taken 05/22/20.
Traffic on Exit 9 separates for Interstate 75. I-75 ventures 88 miles north to Ocala, 122 miles to Gainesville and 450 miles to Atlanta. I-75 south heads 125 miles to the Fort Myers area, 155 miles to Naples and 277 miles to Miami. Photo taken 09/07/16.
Leaving Interstate 75, Interstate 4 next approaches U.S. 92 (Hillsborough Avenue) and U.S. 301 at Exit 7 by the Florida State Fairgrounds and MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheatre. Photo taken 05/30/19.
Two lanes serve the Exit 7 c/d roadway for U.S. 301 north to Temple Terrace, U.S. 301 south to South Tampa, and U.S. 92 west to Harney and Busch Gardens. Photo taken 05/30/19.
The wye interchange with U.S. 92 (Hillsborough Avenue) west comes into view beyond this reassurance assembly for I-4 west. Photo taken 05/30/19.
Westbound at the Exit 7 c/d roadway split to U.S. 92 (Hillsborough Avenue) west and U.S. 301. U.S. 301 parallels Interstate 75 through Temple Terrace, South Tampa, Riverview, and Sun City Center in eastern Hillsborough County. The highway ends at Sarasota to the south and Biddles Corner, Delaware to the north. Photo taken 05/30/19.
U.S. 92 merges onto the c/d roadway at Exit 7 between the Tampa Bypass Canal and Orient Road. Nearly a full cloverleaf interchange joins Interstate 4 and U.S. 92 with U.S. 301. Tampa Executive Airport (VDF) lies just north of I-4 along U.S. 301. Zephyrhills, a destination better reached via Mango Road north to U.S. 301, is referenced from Exit 7 as well. Photo taken 08/17/18.
U.S. 92 parts ways with I-4 at a wye interchange to resume along Hillsborough Avenue west. Hillsborough Avenue comprises a four to six lane arterial through the city of Tampa. Busch Gardens is a short drive north of U.S. 92 via 40th Street at U.S. 41. Photo taken 03/22/20.
The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino appears along the north side of Interstate 4 as the freeway angles southwest toward a half diamond interchange with Orient Road. Photo taken 05/15/16.
Originating in Plant City and paralleling Interstate 4 west through Dover and Seffner, SR 574 (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard) meets the freeway directly at Exit 5. The state road extends across East Tampa to U.S. 92 (Dale Mabry Highway) at Drew Park and Raymond James Stadium. Photo taken 05/15/16.
Westbound at the diamond interchange (Exit 5) with SR 574 (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard). SR 574 leads east by Orient Park to Mango and west to the Grant Park and College Hill neighborhoods of Tampa. Photo taken 05/30/19.
U.S. 41, the predecessor to Interstate 75 through west Florida, crosses paths with Interstate 4 at Exit 3 near Grant Park. Following 40th Street south from Hillsborough Avenue (U.S. 92), U.S. 41 turns eastward onto Melbourne Boulevard to join 50th Street (SR 583) at Interstate 4 and Columbus Drive. Photo taken 05/30/19.
Approaching the split diamond interchange (Exit 3) with U.S. 41 (50th Street) and Columbus Drive. Expansion of Interstate 4 included the southward realignment of Columbus Drive onto a S-curve, accommodating the wider freeway right of way and new ramps. Columbus Drive otherwise parallels I-4 westward to north Ybor City and Tampa Heights. Photo taken 05/30/19.
Trucks bound for Port Tampa Bay are directed southward at upcoming Exit 2 with the Selmon Connector. Previously trucks could use SR 585 south along 21st Street. Photo taken 05/15/16.
Drivers bound for U.S. 41 (50th Street), SR 583 (50th Street north of Melbourne Boulevard), and Columbus Boulevard depart Interstate 4 west at Exit 3. U.S. 41 follows 40th Street north to merge with U.S. 92 (Hillsborough Avenue) at the Northeast neighborhood. U.S. 41 south continues to Palm River and U.S. 41 Business east of Port Tampa Bay. Photo taken 05/30/19.
The impending end of Interstate 4 includes a flyover ramp for the I-275 distributor roadway (Exit 45A) for Downtown Tampa. Drivers are alerted to the connection to Florida Aquarium and Amalie Arena (home of the NHL Tampa Bay Lightning) three miles in advance. Photo taken 05/30/19.
Opened on January 6, 2014, the Selmon Connector is an elevated toll road linking Interstate 4 at Exit 2 with the parallel Leroy Selmon Expressway (SR 618) to the south. Photo taken 05/30/19.
The Selmon Connector provides direct access to SR 618 west to Downtown Tampa and U.S. 41 Business (20th Street) south to Port Tampa Bay. Photo taken 05/30/19.
The final two interchanges along I-4 west join the freeway with 22nd and 21st Streets (former SR 585) at Exit 1 and Interstate 275 at the terminus. Photo taken 09/10/19.
Interstate 4 continues with four overall westbound lanes beyond the left exit to the Selmon Connector. The left side ramps for the Connector may be repurposed for the planned toll Express lanes, with new flyovers built along the right side from the general travel lanes. Photo taken 05/30/19.
Exit 2 leaves Interstate 4 west for the Selmon Connector south to SR 618 west and Port Tampa Bay. The Selmon Expressway (formerly the Crosstown) turns southward from the Tampa central business district to conclude at U.S. 92 (Gandy Boulevard) in South Tampa. Photo taken 05/30/19.
The one-way couplet of 22nd Street (north) and 21st Street (south) was a part of State Road 585 until the Selmon Connector was completed in 2014. State maintenance ceased along the route in an effort to reduce truck traffic through Ybor City. Photo taken 05/30/19.
Travelers bound for the cruise ship terminal at Channelside are directed southward along 21st Street (old SR 585) to U.S. 41 Business north & SR 60 (Adamo Drive) west toward Downtown Tampa. Ybor City represents a historical district that was once dubbed "Cigar Capital of the World." Ybor's commercial strip follows 7th Avenue (CR 574) roughly between Nebraska Avenue and 31st Street. Photo taken 05/30/19.
A split diamond interchange joins Interstate 4 with 22nd and 21st Streets at Ybor City. SR 585 extended north along 22nd Street to U.S. 41 & 92 (Hillsborough Avenue) at Seminole Heights. Photo taken 05/30/19.
The one mile overhead for I-275 at the Downtown Interchange was installed in Spring 2007. I-275 represents the primary corridor between Tampa and St. Petersburg. Following the original route of I-75, I-275 loops west from I-75 at the Pasco County line through north Tampa, meeting I-4 at Tampa Heights. Westward from I-4, Interstate 275 skirts northern reaches of Downtown en route to the Howard Frankland Bridge over Old Tampa Bay. Photo taken 09/10/19.
The distributor roadway leading west from Exit 45A extends to Ashley Drive (Downtown West exit). Photo taken 05/30/19.
An end Interstate 4 overhead was added in 2007 along the viaduct above 21st and 22nd Streets. Photo taken 09/10/19.
The Downtown East exit joins the Exit 45A distributor roadway with Jefferson Street south to Amalie Arena (home of the NHL Tampa Bay Lightning). Photo taken 03/23/14.
Passing over 15th Street and Avenida Republica De Cuba, overheads separate traffic to Interstate 275 and Downtown Tampa. The westbound mainline defaults onto I-275 south for Tampa International Airport (TPA) and St. Petersburg. Traffic bound for I-275 northbound utilizes a single lane ramp for Seminole Heights, Sulphur Springs, Forest Hills and Wesley Chapel in Pasco County. Photo taken 09/10/19.
2 photos
2 photos
Painted shields aid motorists leading into the Downtown Interchange with Interstate 275. The three-wye interchange between the two freeways was reconstructed between October 22, 2002 and December 22, 2006 as part of an $81-million project affecting 2.7 miles of roadway.2 Photos taken 03/23/14.
The northbound off-ramp departs from the Downtown Interchange. I-275 north merges with I-75 in 15 miles; I-75 continues from there 76 miles to Ocala and 110 miles to Gainesville. Photo taken 09/10/19.
Prepare to stop when flashing signs were installed in August 2019 at the Downtown Interchange to alert motorists of the routine traffic congestion. Photo taken 09/10/19.
Two lanes join Interstate 275 south beyond the partition of Exit 45A for Jefferson Street and Ashley Drive into Downtown Tampa. Photo taken 09/10/19.
Emerging onto Interstate 275 south, the Tampa skyline comes into view. Photo taken 01/15/08.

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