Covering Interstate 5 southbound in the Eugene and Springfield metropolitan area.

Interstate 5 south
Southbound at the Exit 195 cloverleaf interchange with the Oregon 569 (Belt Line Highway) at Eugene. The Belt Line Highway provides a freeway bypass through the north reaches of the Eugene metropolitan area between Barger Drive and Interstate 5. Belt Line Road continues the highway east as a surface roadway into north Springfield. Exit 195A comprises a loop ramp onto Belt Line Road east ahead of its intersection with Gateway Street. Gateway Street travels south to the Gateway Mall before ending at Harlow Road. Photo taken 04/01/05.
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2 photos
Interstate 5 continues south to meet Interstate 105 west and Oregon 126 at Exits 194B/A. A directional cloverleaf interchange joins the two freeways. I-105 follows Oregon 126 west to Delta Highway (a north-south freeway in Eugene) and south across the Willamette River to Downtown Eugene. Oregon 126 replaced the route of U.S. 126 from U.S. 101 on the Oregon Coast east into the Cascade Range. Oregon 126 follows a freeway bypass of Springfield west to I-5 and I-105. The state highway leaves Downtown Eugene via Garfield Street and 11th Avenue en route to Florence. Shifting east to Springfield, the freeway continues to 52nd Street before transitioning into an at-grade highway at Oregon 126 Business (Main Street). Oregon 126 follows the McKenzie Highway east to U.S. 20 and Redmond (U.S. 97). Photos taken 04/01/05.
Reassurance marker posted along Interstate 5 southbound after the interchange with Interstates 105 & Oregon 126. The four-lane freeway approaches the Willamette River crossing at Alton Baker Park. The span ahead parallels an abandoned portion bypassed to the east by a new four-lane crossing separated by jersey barriers. Photo taken 04/01/05.
A closer look at the shifting of traffic onto a newer Willamette River Bridge from the original four lane alignment. Photo taken 04/01/05.
The one mile guide sign for Exit 191 with Glenwood Boulevard posted on Interstate 5 southbound at the Willamette River bridges. Glenwood Boulevard travels northeast from Laurel Hill Drive to Oregon 126 Business (Franklin Boulevard) in eastern reaches of Eugene. The community of Glenwood resides between the city limits of Eugene and Springfield along Franklin Boulevard. Photo taken 04/01/05.
Interstate 5 & Oregon 99 south
Traffic interests to east Eugene can use Glenwood Boulevard north to Oregon 126 Business (Franklin Boulevard) west toward the central business district. Photo taken 04/01/05.
Interstate 5 curves east at the Exit 191 folded-diamond interchange with Glenwood Boulevard. Areas of east Eugene mix between residential and industrial areas. Oregon 126 Business (Franklin Boulevard) passes underneath Interstate 5 at the Willamette River ahead of its own crossing of the waterway into downtown Springfield. Photo taken 04/01/05.
Exit 191 leaves Interstate 5 southbound at the Glenwood Boulevard over crossing. Oregon 99 merges onto the freeway briefly between Franklin Boulevard and Goshen. A mileage sign attached to the overpass lists the distances to Goshen and Creswell, two communities on the fringes of the Eugene metropolitan area, and Roseburg. Photo taken 04/01/05.
Interstate 5 & Oregon 99 leave the city of Eugene and turn southward to Goshen parallel to both Old U.S. 99 (Franklin Boulevard) and the Southern Pacific Railroad corridor. Franklin Boulevard splits from Oregon 126 Business at Glenwood. Next in line for southbound motorists is the Exit 189 split-diamond interchange for 30th Avenue west. Photo taken 04/01/05.
Exit 189 joins Interstate 5 & Oregon 99 with McVay Highway just north of its intersection with 30th Avenue. McVay Highway splits from Franklin Boulevard to parallel the freeway southbound. 30th Avenue constitutes an expressway west from Interstate 5 & Oregon 99 to Lane Community College and southeast Eugene. Photo taken 04/01/05.
One and a half miles north of the Exit 188A/B directional cloverleaf interchange with Oregon 58 (Willamette Highway) eastbound at the McVay Highway over crossing. Oregon 58 begins ahead and connects the Interstate 5 corridor with the U.S. 97 corridor east of Crescent Lake. Photo taken 04/01/05.
Now south at the 30th Avenue overpass, Interstate 5 & Oregon 99 draw to within one mile of the Exit 188A split with Oregon 58 (Willamette Highway). The Willamette Highway leads east to Oakridge, a town nestled within the Willamette National Forest and Willamette Pass (elevation 5,128 feet) in the Cascade Range. Photo taken 04/01/05.
Oregon 99 splits from Interstate 5 southbound again via the Exit 188A off-ramp onto the original U.S. 99 alignment through Goshen. Oregon 99 parallels the freeway west along the Goshen-Divide Highway to Creswell and Cottage Grove before again subsuming into Interstate 5. The Central Oregon reference on the guide sign pictured here refers to the Oregon 58 connection to the U.S. 97 corridor between Bend and Klamath Falls. Photo taken 04/01/05.
Interstate 5 passes over the Southern Pacific Railroad line and Franklin Boulevard (Old U.S. 99) ahead of the Exit 188A split with Oregon 99 south and Oregon 58 (Willamette Highway) east. Named the Willamette Highway because of the river it parallels, Oregon 58 leads east four miles to Pleasant Hill, 13 miles to Lowell, and 34 miles to Oakridge. Photo taken 04/01/05.
Exit 188A leaves Interstate 5 southbound for Oregon 58 east and 99 south. Interstate 5 continues its southward journey to Creswell, Cottage Grove, Roseburg, Grants Pass, and Medford. Oregon 58 ventures east to U.S. 97 near Crescent Lake east of Willamette Pass. Oregon 58, in conjunction with U.S. 97, carries travelers 165 miles southeast to Klamath Falls in southern Oregon. Photo taken 04/01/05.
Exit 188A partitions into ramps for Oregon 58 (Willamette Highway) east and Oregon 99 south. Oregon 99 turns onto Old Willamette Highway west to its end at Franklin Boulevard (Old U.S. 99). Photo taken 04/01/05.

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