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Traveling 14.2 miles along old U.S. 99W, Business Loop I-5 connects Williams with Maxwell in Colusa County. The city of Williams is a regional agricultural center with a population of 5,123 people as of the 2010 census.

Jerry Mullady observed that Business Loop I-5 through Williams and Maxwell formerly continued northward as a seamless route with Business Loop I-5 through Willows and Orland. The California State Signing Log however indicated a subtle gap between the separate loops, so they were never officially continuous. Furthermore Joe Rouse wrote that the Caltrans signing log indicated a break in the business route north of Maxwell.

Business Loop I-5 North
Business Loop I-5 branches north from a diamond interchange (Exit 575) with I-5 along Husted Road to follow old U.S. 99W (Road 99W) northwest toward Downtown Williams. Husted Road runs along the east side of the city northward to SR 20 Business (E Street). 03/31/05
A historic U.S. 99W trailblazer stands along Business Loop I-5 *7th Street) north of SR 20 Business (E Street) in Downtown Williams. 03/31/05
This remnant reassurance marker for Business Loop I-5 was posted along Old Highway 99W leading north from Maxwell. February 1999
Business Loop I-5 South
Former guide sign posted along Interstate 5 south ahead of the half diamond interchange (Exit 588) with Business Loop I-5 and Old Highway 99W. This was an example of the once-commonplace freeway/business split signage unique to California. February 1999
A small sign referenced the Maxwell Business Loop for I-5 at the base of the Exit 588 off-ramp from Interstate 5 south. This sign was eventually replaced to reference just Maxwell. February 1999
Entering Downtown Williams along 7th Street, Business Loop I-5 approaches E Street (SR 20 Business) beyond a Historic U.S. 99W trailblazer. 03/31/05
SR 20 bypasses Williams to the north, while the former route traveled through the city center along E Street. A button copy guide sign still references the SR 20 destinations of Colusa and Clear Lake along 7th Street south. 03/31/05
Aged shields for Business Loop I-5 and SR 20 Business at the intersection of 7th and E Streets in Downtown Williams. 03/31/05, February 1999
Business Loop I-5 switches sides with Interstate 5 on the south side of Williams. An end shield, missing by 2012, was posted at the intersection with Husted Street. Road 99W (old U.S. 99W) remains adjacent to I-5 south to Arbuckle. 03/31/05
Husted Road returns the Williams business loop with Interstate 5 at a diamond interchange (Exit 575) next to Road 99W. 03/31/05

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    February 1999 by Jim Maffrand. 03/31/05 by AARoads.

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