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Business Loop I-5 through Woodland follows an L-shaped route for 6.1 miles along Main Street and an overlap with SR 16. The route joins I-5 and the freeway along SR 113 with Downtown to the west of Exit 537 on I-5 and Exit 37 on SR 113. The north end is located at I-5 / Exit 541 in a rural area near the community of Yolo.

Business Loop I-5 North
Main Street west passes under Interstate 5 at a half diamond interchange, where Business Loop I-5 north begins. 12/29/04
A folded diamond interchange joins Main Street with SR 113 to the immediate west of I-5. SR 113 north provides access to Interstate 5 north toward Redding in lieu of a direct ramp from Main Street. 12/29/04
The first reassurance marker for Business Loop I-5 appears along Main Street at Pioneer Avenue, just west of the I-5 overpasses. 12/29/04
The ensuing traffic light beyond Pioneer Avenue is with the north side ramps for SR 113. SR 113 briefly overlaps with I-5 nearby before continuing north to Yuba City. 12/29/04
SR 113 constitutes a full freeway south from Woodland to Interstate 80 at Davis. 12/29/04
Industrial Way ties into Main Street at the south side ramps for SR 113. 12/29/04
Main Street continues west as a four lane arterial, separating industrial plants and an adjacent railroad line with big box retail to the south. 12/29/04
A historical look at the Business Loop I-5 turn from Main Street west onto SR 16 (Road 98) north. SR 16 joins Woodland with Esparto to the west, while Yolo County E7 lines Road 98 south toward Davis. February 1999
Business Loop I-5 North California State Route 16 East
Reassurance markers for Business Loop I-5 and Yolo County E-7 stand north of the turn from Main Street along Road 98. SR 16 should be displayed instead of the county road. February 1999
Business Loop I-5 & SR 16 lead north from Main Street in Woodland toward a parclo interchange (Exit 541) with Interstate 5. 12/29/04
The western segment of SR 16 ends at I-5; the east segment separates from U.S. 50 in southeast Sacramento. Business Loop I-5 otherwise returns to I-5 north via a loop ramp. 12/29/04
Freeway entrance assemblies for the northbound Interstate 5 ramp to Williams and Redding. Road 18 extends east to agricultural areas. 12/29/04
Business Loop I-5 South California State Route 16 West
Heading south from Interstate 5 along Road 98, Business Loop I-5 is omitted on the first confirming marker for SR 16 west. 12/29/04
Southbound Business Loop I-5 and SR 16 split at Main Street. SR 16 ventures west 8.3 miles to Interstate 505 near Madison. Business Loop I-5 turns east to Downtown Woodland, as Road 98 becomes Yolo County E-7 south toward Davis. February 1999
Business Loop I-5 South
One mile east of Downtown Woodland, Main Street (Business Loop I-5) east meets SR 113 at a folded diamond interchange. SR 113 splits with I-5 south for an 11.6 mile long freeway south to Interstate 80 west in Davis. 12/29/04
A loop ramp takes motorists from Business Loop I-5 (Main Street) onto SR 113 north to its wye interchange with Interstate 5 north. 12/29/04
Business Loop I-5 ends at the half diamond interchange with Interstate 5 south to Sacramento. Main Street parallels the freeway through east Woodland, eventually changing into Road 22 (old SR 16-24) southeast toward West Sacramento. 12/29/04

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    February 1999 by Jim Maffrand. 12/29/04 by AARoads.

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