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Business Loop I-5 coincides with California State Route 3 along Fort Jones Road, Main Street and Montague Road through the city of Yreka. The route starts at a diamond interchange (Exit 773) with Moonlit Oaks Avenue, linking with adjacent SR 3 north toward the city center. Business Loop I-5 ends at Exit 776, just east of SR 263.

Business Loop I-5 North
Former shield assembly posted along Moonlit Oaks Avenue west at the diamond interchange where Business Loop I-5 branches west from Interstate 5. A new guide sign for I-5 and stand alone shield for SR 3 were added here by 2007. 03/31/05
Business Loop I-5 combines with SR 3 and Historic U.S. 99 (Fort Jones Road) north from Moonlit Oaks Avenue to the immediate west of Interstate 5. 03/31/05
Business Loop I-5 California State Route 3 North
Historic U.S. 99 trailblazer posted after Moonlit Oaks Avenue. Fort Jones Road transitions into a three-lane boulevard by industrial park areas through south Yreka. 03/31/05
Butcher Hill rises along the east side of Yreka beyond this confirming marker for Business Loop I-5. 03/31/05
Business Loop I-5 California State Route 3 South
Business Loop I-5 returns to Interstate 5 at forthcoming Moonlit Lake Lane. SR 3 (Fort Jones Road) continues south from Yreka to Fort Jones, Etna and Weaverville.
A replacement of this button copy sign made by 2007 added Redding and Portland in place of Freeway. 03/31/05
The subsequent sign assembly along SR 3 (Main Street / Fort Jones Road) south for I-5 was removed by 2007. 03/31/05
Business Loop I-5 South
Moonlit Oaks Avenue links SR 3 (Fort Jones Road) with Interstate 5 and Fairlane Road. Business Loop I-5 concludes at the southbound on-ramp to Redding. 03/31/05
Former button copy sign for the northbound on-ramp from Moonlit Oaks Avenue east to Portland. 03/31/05
Fairlane Road constitutes an east side frontage road for Interstate 5 north to Oberlin Road in Yreka and south to Shamrock Road. A Business Loop I-5 marker implies that Fairlane Road is also part of the route. A second shield stands further north, directing motorists onto Oberlin Road west. 03/31/05

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