Interstate 10 traverses the southernmost portion of Alabama between Moss Point, Mississippi and Pensacola, Florida. The route aids in cross-country travel, commerce, and with hurricane evacuation. Serving the city of Mobile, Interstate 10 also acts as the main route to the growing eastern suburbs in Baldwin County along the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay. ALDOT has an ambitious plan to six-lane all of Interstate 10 on its 66-mile trek across southwestern Alabama, but currently only the freeway between Exits 17 and 26B carry more than four overall lanes.

16.2 miles of Interstate 10 between the Mississippi state line and U.S. 90 at Theodore (Exit 15) opened to traffic in 1965.1

Interstate 10 at Spanish Fort

Eastern view from the U.S. 90 & 98 overpass at Exits 35A/B in Spanish Fort and Daphne. Development continues at a rapid pace along both sides of Interstate 10, replacing tree stands with hotels, retail, apartments and medical complexes. Photo taken August 29, 2008.

Interstate 10 Mobile Bayway

Sunset over Mobile Bay. Interstate 10 travels an eight mile viaduct from Daphne / Spanish Fort to downtown Mobile. Photo taken August 29, 2008.

Interstate 10 Alabama Highway Guides

George C. Wallace Tunnel - Mobile
The scene of Interstate 10 westbound as it curves out of the Wallace Tunnel at the Water Street stack interchange. This view is taken from a perch adjacent to the Mobile Government Plaza parking lot on Church Street. There have been talks of dismantling the Water Street interchange in 2008/09. Photo taken 08/23/03.
The same scene of Interstate 10 at Water Street as seen during the day. Unfortunately views of the eastern portal are not so easily accessed. Photo taken 06/13/04.
Peering at the first Interstate 10 sign bridge for Water Street from Fort Condé itself. If Interstate 210 were to have been completed, this scene would represent the northbound beginning of the six mile plus loop. Photo taken 02/06/09.
Looking at the Exit 26B overheads at the Wallace Tunnel eastbound exit from adjacent Church Street. Photo taken 06/13/04.
2 photos
2 photos
Shifting the focus to the west and the George C. Wallace Tunnel entrance and Fort Condé above. Photo taken 06/13/04. Second photo taken 02/06/09.

Battleship Parkway at the Mobile Bayway

Passing under the Mobile Bayway along U.S. 90 & 98 (Battleship Parkway) and looking east from within the Exit 30 diamond interchange. Photo taken July 17, 2007.

Sunset over the Mobile Bayway

Sunsets over Mobile Bay tend to be more vibrant during winter than summer. Vivid colors often radiate above the Bayway, offering gorgeous views of the bay. This view looks southward from Battleship Parkway east of Exit 30. The twin span Bayway opened to traffic in 1978. Photo taken November 21, 2008.

Interstate 10 - Mobile Bayway
2 photos
2 photos
Storm surge from Hurricane Katrina in 2005 knocked out a portion of the Exit 30 on-ramp to Interstate 10 (Mobile Bayway) east from U.S. 90 & 98 (Battleship Parkway). These views look at construction to replace the five concrete bridge spans that were destroyed and the reopened ramp. Photo taken 06/06/06. Second photo taken 07/16/07.
3 photos
3 photos
3 photos
Views of the Mobile Bayway looking east from U.S. 90 & 98. The entire Bayway is illuminated with overhead lighting. Variable message and speed limit signs are used throughout the eight-mile viaducts as well. These signs were installed after sea fog caused a major traffic disaster with a 200+ car pileup in 1995. Waters below vary from a few inches to a few feet. When strong northerly winds blow, often times the muddy bottom is exposed.
During heavy rain events such as tropical storms and hurricanes, the causeway portion of U.S. 90 & 98 oftentimes closes due to storm surge. At these times, Interstate 10 acts as the only roadway between Mobile and the Eastern Shore of Baldwin County. The bayway itself carries just four lanes and an overall expansion to eight lanes remains planned in conjunction with a new high-level bridge over Mobile River itself. Funding issues and resistance from city officials and industry business leaders in Mobile have pushed back any construction for the foreseeable future. Photo taken 07/16/07. Second photo taken 06/06/06. Third photo taken 11/21/08.
Interstate 10 East Frontage Roads (Mobile)
A two lane frontage road exists between the split diamond interchange at Duval and Broad Streets in south Mobile. This scene looks eastbound at the roadway as it departs Duval Street. There is no development on this roadway as access is controlled. Photo taken 05/25/12.
The east end of the frontage road at Broad Street and the Exit 24 on-ramp to Interstate 10 east. To the right is the parallel CSX Railroad line and over crossing of Broad Street. Photo taken 11/03/03.
Interstate 10 West Frontage Roads (Mobile)
The frontage road system of Interstate 10 in Mobile travels between Broad and Duval Streets split diamond interchange of Exit 25B. Pictured here is the two lane eastbound frontage road as it departs Broad Street. There is no barrier between the frontage road system and the Interstate 10 mainline. However a chain link fence is posted along the north side of the frontage road. Photo taken 11/05/03.
Unlike the Interstate 65/Beltline Highway frontage road system, the shorter Interstate 10 frontage road system sees no development. The eastbound roadway does feature a slip ramp to the residential roadway Nellie Street. Otherwise Duval Street and the westbound on-ramp for Interstate 10 is ahead. Photo taken 11/05/03.

Interstate 10 Alabama trailblazer

An original 1958 specification Interstate 10 trailblazer that was replaced by August 2009. Photo taken 09/29/08.

Interstate 10 McDonald Road Interchange (Exit 10) construction
Construction began Spring 2003 on a new six-ramp partial cloverleaf interchange of Interstate 10 near milepost 10. This junction improves access to the St. Elmo, Irvington, and Bayou La Batre communities of southwest Mobile County. Pictured here was the beginning of the new four lane alignment that stems from original McDonald Road to the north. Photo taken 11/05/03.
Looking eastward at the future McDonald Road overpass from the original roadway. The new road sees four lanes and grassy medians between Interstate 10 and Half Mile Road southeast of Irvington. Photo taken 11/05/03.
Looking eastward at the Exit 10A ramp to Mobile County 39 (McDonald Road) southbound. A distributor roadway system was under construction for the eventual Exit 10B ramp to Mobile County 39 northbound. Upon completion of this project, the existing two lane overpass from which this photograph was taken, was dismantled. Photo taken 11/05/03.
Four lanes of Interstate 10 continue through the construction site as seen from the Mobile County 39 overpass to the west. The new four lane highway ties into the Padgett Switch Road south intersection with Half Mile Road south of U.S. 90 to improve access to the coastal shrimping town of Bayou La Batre. Photo taken 11/05/03.
Peering westward at four lane Interstate 10 as it continues through rural environs of south Mobile County. The new interchange brought an end to an uninterrupted nine mile stretch between Exits 4 and 13. The Exit 10 project opened to traffic on January 12, 2005. Photo taken 11/05/03.
Interstate 10 scenes
Interstate 10 shield posted toward the exit of the westbound welcome center in Baldwin County. Photo taken 03/18/12.


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