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Map Updated June 20, 2014.
Interstate 10 east travels below the north end of the Baldwin Beach Express. A new interchange opened between the two four-lane routes on August 15, 2014. Photo taken May 21, 2014.
Interstate 10 East
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2 photos
Drivers from U.S. 98 (Bankhead Tunnel) join Interstate 10 eastbound from Exit 27. Interstate 10 follows the Mobile Bayway across southern reaches of Pinto Bay to the Tensaw River crossing into Baldwin County. The route is also named Jubilee Parkway for the generally annual fish jubilee, a natural phenomenon where large congregations of fish, crab, shrimp and other water life crowd in the shallow waters of Mobile Bay. Photo taken 11/25/14. Second photo taken 05/25/12.
Spanning the Tensaw River, Interstate 10 (Mobile Bayway) approaches the diamond interchange (Exit 30) with U.S. 90 & 98 (Battleship Parkway). The two highways swap places, with Battleship Parkway skirting Chacaloochee Bay to the north and Interstate 10 traveling across Mobile Bay to the south.
The U.S. 98 shield is a replacement for one that was blown off the sign by Hurricane Ivan in 2004. Photo taken 11/25/14.
Exit 30 departs Interstate 10 eastbound for U.S. 90 & 98 (Battleship Parkway). Battleship Parkway travels just a few feet above sea level and is sometimes compromised during tropical storms and during other astronomical tide periods. Photo taken 11/25/14.
Shield assembly posted at the end of the eastbound Exit 30 off-ramp from Interstate 10. U.S. 31 used to travel in tandem with U.S. 90 & 98 across Mobile Bay, but was shortened in 1991 to its current terminus at Spanish Fort. Photo taken 08/24/03.
Continuing east over Mobile bay on Interstate 10. Variable speed limits accompany dynamic message boards throughout the eight-mile elevated roadway. This electronic system was added after a 200 vehicle pile-up during the morning of March 20, 1995 that injured 90 and resulted in one fatality.1 The system was damaged by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and replaced by early 2010. Photo taken 11/25/14.
Approaching the eastern shore of Mobile Bay, I-10 nears Exits 35A/B with U.S. 90 & 98 at their split in Daphne. Exit 35A departs first for U.S. 98 east (south) into Daphne and Fairhope and U.S. 90 & 98 west into Spanish Fort. Movements to U.S. 90 east toward Malbis must use Exit 35B. Photo taken 11/25/14.
Nearing the off-ramp (Exit 35A) to U.S. 98 and U.S. 90 (Old Spanish Trail) west. U.S. 90 & 98 merge briefly over Interstate 10 only to split just north of Exit 35A. U.S. 90 follows Old Spanish Trail north to U.S. 31 (Spanish Fort Boulevard) where the route turns west. U.S. 98 begins Battleship Parkway along a short controlled-access alignment that angles northwest to a wye interchange with U.S. 90.
Similar to other slotted signs in lower Alabama, the U.S. 90 shield was blown off of this panel during Hurricane Ivan. This sign is also inaccurate as it is only one quarter of a mile to Exit 35A and not three quarters of a mile (that is the distance to Exit 35B). Photo taken 11/25/14.
Traffic to U.S. 98 eastbound for Daphne, Fairhope, and Weeks Bay departs Interstate 10 eastbound via an elevated ramp. Increased development along Baldwin County's Eastern Shore stresses Exit 35A with a growing number of commuters during the evening peak hours. The greenout pictured here covers a U.S. 90 shield; this was added when Exit 35B opened. Photo taken 01/01/12.
Ascending along Exit 35A to U.S. 90 & 98. Motorists are not permitted to continue east onto U.S. 90 and must either use U.S. 90 west to U.S. 31, U.S. 98 west, or U.S. 98 east. U.S. 98 constitutes the main route between Interstate 10 and Daphne, Fairhope, and Montrose. The four-lane divided highway is heavily developed with numerous traffic lights offering a slow go for drivers. Additional development at Exit 35 adds to the congestion. Spanish Fort Town Center was constructed from 2006 onward adjacent to the northeast quadrant of the interchange. Photo taken 06/07/06.
Exit 35B follows beyond the U.S. 90 & 98 over crossing onto parallel U.S. 90 leading east to Malbis and Loxley. Photo taken 11/27/11.
Eastbound Interstate 10 at the ramp departure (Exit 35B) to U.S. 90. Access is available to both directions of the US route.
This scene changed dramatically with the construction of Spanish Fort Town Center in 2006. Bass Pro Shops rises along the north side of the freeway as part of the sprawling retail area. Photo taken 01/01/12.
Interstate 10 climbs onto a bluff east of Mobile Bay and west of D'Olive Creek. Additional development continues along both sides of the Interstate 10 frontage to Exit 38. Speed limits nonetheless rise to 70 mph from Exit 35B eastward. Photo taken 11/25/14.
Growth along SR 181 (Malbis Plantation Parkway) transitioned the highway from a four-lane rural parkway into a congested commercial arterial during the early 2000s. Development includes the Eastern Shore Centre, Eastern Shore Park shopping center, and many new residential subdivisions southward within annexations of both Daphne and Fairhope. New signs were installed in 2005 to include a mileage sign for SR 181 after the U.S. 90 on-ramp from Exit 35. Photo taken 11/25/14.
Approaching the diamond interchange (Exit 38) with SR 181 (Malbis Plantation Parkway) on Interstate 10 east. The state route locally links Interstate 10 with parallel U.S. 31 and U.S. 90 between Spanish Fort and Malbis. Southward, SR 181 represents an increasingly busy commuter corridor serving sprawling areas of east Daphne and Fairhope. Jimmy Faulkner Drive (Baldwin County 27) extends SR 181 north of its terminus at U.S. 31 to Spanish Fort High School and Bromley Road, further adding development to Spanish Fort and traffic to Exit 38. Photo taken 07/17/07.
One half mile ahead of Exit 38 on I-10 east. Baldwin County swapped jurisdictional mileage with ALDOT in 2004 to overtake SR 112 from the Bay Minette area to the Florida state line in exchange for Baldwin County 27 (Belforest Road) leading south from Malbis to U.S. 98 at Turkey Branch. SR 181 signs were installed by early 2006 along Belforest Road, with SR 112 redesignated as County Road 112. Completed expansion of SR 181 to four lanes between I-10 and CR 64 is part of an overall plan to improve the accessibility to south Baldwin County from Interstate 10. Photo taken 11/25/14.
Exit 38 leaves Interstate 10 east for SR 181 (Malbis Plantation Parkway). A traffic signal was installed at the end of the westbound ramp for SR 181 in 2004 in anticipation of the traffic destined to the Eastern Shore Centre northeast of the interchange. Eastbound Exit 38 received a traffic light by 2006, and overall SR 181 sees six traffic lights between U.S. 31 and 90 where there were none in 2000. Photo taken 11/25/14.
Replaced shields and guide sign posted along the off-ramp (Exit 38) to SR 181. This previously rural ramp carries significantly more traffic to both the adjacent retail and new subdivisions developed to the north and south. Photo taken 05/07/04.
2 photos
2 photos
Interstate 10 gains a forested median on the stretch leading east from Daphne toward Loxley. Photo taken 01/01/12. Second photo taken 11/25/14.
Interstate 10 eastbound approaches Exit 44 for SR 59 and the town of Loxley. AL 59 constitutes a four to five lane highway northward to Bay Minette and southward to Gulf Shores. The road is designated Gulf Shores Parkway outside of municipalities and Hickory Street through adjacent Loxley. Photo taken 11/25/14.
One half mile west of the folded diamond interchange (Exit 44) with SR 59 on Interstate 10 east. The interchange design remains from the removed Louisville and Nashville Railroad line that paralleled AL 59 southward to Loxley and Robertsdale. The junction otherwise is home to a number of traveler services. Photo taken 02/12/06.
Drivers bound for the popular resort cities of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach depart Interstate 10 east for SR 59 at Exit 44. SR 59 joins the freeway with the city of Foley as well, doubling as the main hurricane evacuation route northward. Continuing north from Interstate 10, SR 59 combines with U.S. 31 near Stapleton to Bay Minette, the Baldwin County seat. SR 287 continues Gulf Shores Parkway from there directly to Interstate 65. Photo taken 11/25/14.
Only the westbound ramp from I-10 to SR 59 is signalized presently. SR 59 remains somewhat rural leading north and south of the interchange, with some industrial development and nurseries along its frontage. Photo taken 01/23/09.
Interstate 10 leaves annexed portions of Loxley for unincorporated Baldwin County. 22 miles of Alabama remain. Photo taken 11/21/14.
Until August 15, 2014, Wilcox Road was the only interchange within the next 27 miles. This mileage sign was not updated to reflect the new Baldwin Beach Express exit.
Downtown Pensacola otherwise follows in 39 miles via Interstate 110 south. Photo taken 11/21/14.
Drivers reach the diamond interchange (Exit 49) with the Baldwin Beach Express south in one mile. The rural exit also serves Baldwin County 68, a preexisting route east from Loxley to Styx River. Photo taken 11/21/14.
Baldwin Beach Express is a four-lane divided highway leading south 13 miles to the Foley Beach Express. The new highway provides an alternate route to the slower moving SR 59 to the west, in conjunction with the Foley Beach Express to Orange Beach and Gulf Shores. Photo taken 11/25/14.
Exit 49 leaves I-10 east for both County Road 68 and the Baldwin Beach Express south. Baldwin Beach Express supplanted County Road 83 south from CR 64 to the east of Loxley and Robertsdale. Photo taken 11/21/14.
The Baldwin Beach Express was constructed between 2009 and 2014 to extend the 2000-opened Foley Beach Express northward to I-10. The Foley Beach Express includes a toll bridge across the Intracoastal Waterway along a 13.5-mile route between AL 59 north of Foley and AL 180 in Orange Beach. Photo taken 11/21/14.
County Road 68 originally followed a dog-leg north across I-10 from east-west alignments parallel to the freeway. The route remains signed west to AL 59 and east to its bridge across the Styx River. Photo taken 11/25/14.
2 photos
2 photos
Interstate 10 remains with a forested median to Wilcox Road (Exit 53), four miles to the east. Persimmon Creek flows between the two roadways. Photos taken 11/25/14.
Nearing the diamond interchange (Exit 53) with Baldwin County 64 (Wilcox Road) near the rural communities of Elsanor and Rosinton. Photo taken 11/25/14.
Baldwin County 64 follows Wilcox Road from its northerly turn through Exit 53. The county road continues into pine forests, ending at Baldwin County 112 near Gateswood. Wilcox Road south ends at Patterson Road in one half mile near the rural Forest View Estates residential area. Photo taken 11/25/14.
Exit 53 departs Interstate 10 east for Baldwin County 64 (Wilcox Road). Baldwin County 64 travels west to Rosinton and Union Avenue in Loxley. Photo taken 11/25/14.
U.S. 90 Alternate (Nine Mile Road) is the next exit along I-10 east in 17 miles. Pensacola is now a half hour away. Photo taken 11/25/14.
Interstate 10 travels 12 miles uninterrupted to the Perdido River crossing into Escambia County, Florida. The four-lane freeway passes under Baldwin County 87 and Paper Company Road through an otherwise unending sea of pine forest. Photo taken 01/01/12.


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