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Interstate 10 East
The bridges over Deep Creek are already wide enough for possible expansion of Interstate 10 to six overall lanes. The remainder of the freeway east through Jacksonville received Road Ranger service for motorists. Photo taken 12/19/13.
The first Duval interchange (Exit 342) joins U.S. 301 amid wetlands near the town of Baldwin. U.S. 301 skims the western reaches of Duval County between Bryceville and Maxville. Photo taken 12/19/13.
A folded diamond interchange joins Interstate 10 and U.S. 301 at Exit 343. A CSX Railroad line parallels the US route nearby.
U.S. 301 comprises a four-lane divided highway from Interstate 10 southwest 25 miles to Starke. Northward the US highway travels northeast to U.S. 1 & 23 at Callahan, joining the tandem northwest to Folkston, Georgia. Photo taken 12/19/13.
An extended merge lane was striped along I-10 east from U.S. 301 for the bulk of truck traffic using the US route to connect from the I-75 corridor south of Gainesville. Photo taken 12/19/13.
Yellow Water Road (CR 217) passes over Interstate 10 at the eastbound mileage sign posted between U.S. 301 and Exit 351 (Chaffee Road). Downtown Jacksonville still lies 18 miles to the east. This mileage sign predates the completion of Exit 350 with SR 23 south. Photo taken 12/19/13.
A second mileage sign was added along I-10 east for the October 1, 2009 opened Cecil Commerce Parkway (State Road 23). Interstate 295 (West Beltway) follows in eight miles. Photo taken 12/19/13.
A wide trumpet interchange (Exit 350) presently joins Interstate 10 with SR 23 (Cecil Commerce Parkway) south in one mile. Built at a cost of $62-million over a three year period, the controlled-access parkway sweeps southeast from I-10 to SR 228 (Normandy Boulevard) and 103rd Street (SR 134).1 Future work at Exit 350, planned for completion in 2018, will add ramps from I-10 and SR 23 to adjacent U.S. 90 (Beaver Street).2 Photo taken 12/19/13.
Cecil Field Naval Air Station, located south of SR 134 (103rd Street) and west of SR 23, closed as an active military installation in 1999. The former base is now a part of the Cecil Commerce Center (CCC), which includes the Jacksonville Airport Authority maintained Cecil Airport (VQQ). Photo taken 12/19/13.
One half mile out from the off-ramp (Exit 350) for SR 23 south. SR 23 doubles as the Branan Field-Chaffee Expressway, a 15-mile toll road leading south from Interstate 10 to SR 21 at Middleburg. Construction on the first phase to upgrade the existing SR 23 from I-10 southward to Argyle Forest Boulevard, kicked off on September 16, 2013. The $76.9-million project runs through fall 2018. Costing $84.9 million, the second phase from Argyle Forest Boulevard south to SR 21 (Blanding Boulevard) commenced in May 2014 and runs in tandem with prior construction.3 Photo taken 12/19/13.
Exit 350 leaves Interstate 10 east for SR 23 south. SR 23 represents the northernmost third of the First Coast Expressway (First Coast Outer Beltway), a proposed 46.6-mile toll road leading south to Middleburg and Green Cove Springs and east to Interstate 95 in St. Johns County. Photo taken 12/19/13.
Chaffee Road (unsigned CR 115C) crosses paths with Interstate 10 near the community of Whitehouse in West Jacksonville. I-10 was expanded to six lanes from SR 23 east to I-295 as part of a $60.6-million widening project between early 2010 to early 2012.4 Photo taken 12/19/13.
Interstate 10 spans McGirts Creek on the half mile approach to Exit 351. Duval County Road 115C travels 3.22 miles between U.S. 90 (Beaver Street) and SR 134 (103rd Street). Photo taken 12/19/13.
Interstate 10 eastbound at the Chaffee Road (CR 115A) parclo B2 interchange. I-10 widening during 2010-12 included the replacement of the Chaffee Road overpass, which was raised from 15 to 17 feet and opened on October 18, 2010.4 Photo taken 12/19/13.
A number of large industrial centers occupy the space between Interstate 10 and the adjacent U.S. 90 (Beaver Street) from Whitehouse east to Marietta. Photo taken 06/16/16.
Interstate 10 reaches the Marietta community of West Jacksonville in four miles and the West Beltway of I-295 in 4.5 miles.
Sign changes made after 2013 greened out Marietta for Hammond Boulevard. Photo taken 12/13/17.
Interchange identification signs line Interstate 10 east throughout the remaining distance to Downtown Jacksonville. Exit 355 for Hammond Boulevard departs in 2.25 miles followed immediately by ramps for the Jacksonville Beltway. SR 103 (Lane Avenue) rounds out the exits at the Springfield neighborhood in 3.75 miles. Photo taken 06/16/16.
Exit 355 previously consisted of an antiquated folded diamond interchange with parallel Devoe and Lakeland Streets at Marietta. A $17.9-million project started on October 14, 2013 relocated the interchange westward 0.8 miles to Hammond Boulevard.5 Photo taken 12/13/17.
Advancing to within a half mile of the parclo interchange (Exit 355) with Hammond Boulevard and Ramona Boulevard east at Marrieta in Jacksonville. Photo taken 12/13/17.
Exit 355 leaves Interstate 10 east at the Marietta community. The interchange improvement project, including expansion of Hammond Boulevard to four lanes, was completed on June 8, 2016.5 Photo taken 06/16/16.
Hammond Boulevard and Cahoon / Fouraker Roads head south to SR 228 (Normandy Boulevard). Devoe Street extends the boulevard north to U.S. 90 (Beaver Street) and the Marietta Forrest subdivision. Photo taken 06/16/16.
Passing under Hammond Boulevard, I-10 continues east one mile to the cloverstack interchange (Exit 356) with the Jacksonville Beltway (I-295). New arrow per lane signs for Exit 356 were added to I-10 in 2016. Photo taken 12/13/17.
Exit 356 departs in one half mile for I-295 (West Beltway). Interstate 295 allows drivers to bypass Downtown Jacksonville for Nassau, Clay, and St. Johns Counties of the metropolitan area. Photo taken 12/13/17.
Forthcoming Exit 356 leads motorists onto I-295 (West Beltway) north to Jacksonville International Airport (JAX) and south to Orange Park. Photo taken 12/13/17.
2011 sign changes made for Exit 356 replaced St. Augustine with Daytona Beach for Interstate 295 south to I-95 south. Photo taken 12/13/17.
All traffic to Interstate 295 leaves I-10 east in unison at Exit 356. Ramps to I-295 north from I-10 east and I-295 south from I-10 west utilize left ramps with the West Beltway. Photo taken 12/13/17.
Exit 356 partitions into ramps for Interstate 295. The West Beltway of I-295 south turns east across the St. Johns River (Buckman Bridge) at Orange Park to end at I-95 (Exit 337). Interstate 295 north encircles the city between Marietta and Oceanway. Photo taken 12/19/13.
2010-12 widening of I-10 replaced the contraflow crossover for hurricane evacuation east of I-295 with a narrow grassy strip lined with metal guard rails. New sign bridges were installed for Exit 357 (State Road 103) as well. Photo taken 03/03/13.
Interstate 10 expands to eight lanes with auxiliary lanes between Interstate 295 and SR 103 (Exit 357). Exit 357 consists of a diamond interchange with Lane Avenue, a north-south arterial between Pickettville and Cedar Hills. Photo taken 12/30/13.
SR 103 (Lane Avenue) transitions into unsigned County Road 103 north of I-10 through industrial areas of southwest Springfield. SR 103 follows 3.82 miles of Lane Avenue southward to SR 208 (Wilson Boulevard) near Cedar Hill Estates. Photo taken 12/30/13.
Traffic leaves Interstate 10 for Lane Avenue (SR 103) at Exit 357. CR 103 extends Lane Avenue north 3.17 miles to Old Kings Road at Pickettville. Photo taken 12/30/13.
The surface of Interstate 10 transitions from asphalt to concrete at the Lane Avenue under crossing. Posted above SR 103 is the 1.25-mile guide sign for Exit 358 (SR 111). Photo taken 12/30/13.
Eastbound reassurance marker for I-10 posted at the Ellis Road underpass. Photo taken 12/30/13.
Interchange identification sign posted above Ellis Road for Exit 358 (SR 111), Exit 360 (SR 129) and Interstate 95. Photo taken 12/30/13.
SR 111 (Cassat Avenue) meets Interstate 10 at a diamond interchange (Exit 358). The state road encircles the city along a 11.88-mile course between SR 21 (Blanding Boulevard) at Lake Shore and U.S. 17 at North Shore. Edgewood Avenue overtakes Cassat Avenue ahead of U.S. 90 (Beaver Street) to the north. Photo taken 12/30/13.
The next eastbound exit joins McDuff Avenue (SR 129 south) with Interstate 10 at Exit 360. McDuff Avenue provides access from I-10 east to U.S. 17 (Roosevelt Boulevard) south at Murray Hill. Photo taken 12/30/13.
Eastbound reassurance shield posted ahead of the Edgewood Avenue underpass. Traffic from SR 111 (Cassat Avenue) adds a fourth eastbound lane briefly to Interstate 10. Photo taken 12/30/13.
1.25 miles west of the Exit 360 off-ramp to McDuff Avenue. Roosevelt Expressway (formerly U.S. 17 Alternate, now a part of the U.S. 17 mainline), winds 0.9 miles northeast from McDuff Avenue (SR 129) at Roosevelt Boulevard to bring U.S. 17 north onto Interstate 10 east of Exit 360. Photo taken 12/30/13.
The Big I construction project (2005-2011) extended the ramp split for Interstate 95 westward beyond Stockton Street. Motorists bound for Stockton Street and Riverside must stay to the right for the northbound ramps to I-95. Photo taken 12/30/13.
A second guide sign for Exit 360 references the SR 129 south connection to U.S. 17 (Roosevelt Boulevard) south for motorists entering I-10 east from Luna Street. McDuff Avenue also links I-10 with SR 228 (Post Street) west. SR 228 east travels silently with U.S. 17 north and I-10 east to I-95 north. Photo taken 12/30/13.
East of the on-ramp from Lenox Avenue and Luna and Rayford Streets, I-10 east is now a half mile ahead of McDuff Avenue (Exit 360). The partition for I-95 lies one mile further. Photo taken 12/30/13.
The couplet of Rayford & Waller Streets comprise frontage streets between Nelson Street and McDuff Avenue as eastbound motorists pass by the last shield for Interstate 10. Photo taken 12/30/13.
Exit 360 leaves Interstate 10 eastbound for Rayford Street east to SR 129 (McDuff Avenue). SR 129 runs 0.728 miles south along McDuff Avenue to Roosevelt Boulevard at the Avondale neighborhood. Northward through Springfield, McDuff Avenue turns westerly at the former Jacksonville Kennel Club as 5th Street.
Interstate 10 through traffic continues one mile to the ramp split for Interstate 95. Photo taken 12/30/13.
One-mile guide sign for Exit 362 (Stockton Street) posted on Interstate 10 eastbound above SR 129 (McDuff Avenue). The parclo interchange at Stockton Street represents the final mainline exit of Interstate 10 eastbound. Photo taken 12/30/13.
A wye interchange adds traffic from U.S. 17 north & SR 228 east onto I-10 east ahead of the partition to Interstate 95. Photo taken 12/30/13.
Interstate 10 Florida State Road 228 East U.S. 17 North
An end sign appears one half mile ahead of the exchange with Interstate 95 at Riverside in Jacksonville. Photo taken 03/03/13.
U.S. 17 northbound traffic forms an auxiliary lane to Exit 362. Stockton Street links the freeway with the Riverside section of Jacksonville. Riverside, formerly served by U.S. 17 (College / Post Streets) resides between the freeway and St. Johns River to the south. Photo taken 12/30/13.
Interstate 10 ascends to pass over a CSX Railroad / AMTRAK corridor just ahead of the Stockton Street off-ramp (Exit 362). Three lanes default onto Interstate 95 north, with U.S. 17/SR 228 north following this ramp to a c/d roadway west of the Brooklyn neighborhood. U.S. 17/SR 228 were relocated onto freeways to bypass Riverside in 2006. Photo taken 12/30/13.
Two lanes split from the left to Interstate 95 south for the Jacksonville Beaches (via SR 202 / Butler Boulevard east) as Exit 362 departs from the right.
Interstate 95 straddles the east coast of Florida between Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Daytona Beach, Melbourne, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Photo taken 12/30/13.
Exit 362 leaves as Interstate 10 partitions into unnumbered ramps for Interstate 95. Each ramp is profiled in separate sections below. Photo taken 03/03/13.
Continuing along the northbound connector, Interstate 10 motorists see two additional ramps. Exit 352A references Interstate 95 and consists of a parclo interchange with Forest Street at Myrtle Avenue. A second opportunity to access the Fuller Warren Bridge southbound exists for merging traffic from Riverside and Stockton Street. Photo taken 03/03/13.
Interstate 95 northbound continues from downtown Jacksonville (Exits 352B through 353C) to Brunswick and Savannah, Georgia, Florence, South Carolina, Fayetteville and Rocky Mount, North Carolina and Petersburg, Virginia. Photo taken 12/30/13.
Interests to the adjacent Prime F. Osborn III Convention Center should use Exit 352B and the sports complex (including EverBank Field - home of the Jacksonville Jaguars) via Exit 353B (U.S. 17 north & 23 south / Union Street). Photo taken 12/30/13.
U.S. 17 and State Road 228 were made discontinuous when they were dropped from the old routing of Riverside Avenue to Bay & Forsyth Streets through the central business district. Forest Street provides a connection to the old route beyond the north end of SR 13 (Acosta Bridge), but the route is no longer signed at that interchange.6 Photo taken 12/30/13.
Skyscrapers in Downtown Jacksonville appear as the I-10 ramp merges with the Exit 352B/C collector distributor roadway of I-95 north. Photo taken 03/03/13.
The three-lane ramp to Interstate 95 southbound includes an option for northbound I-95 as well. Photo taken 03/03/13.
Two lanes part ways for Interstate 95 north ahead of the Myrtle Avenue Bridge. South I-95 continues to the South Jacksonville, San Marcos and South Side neighborhoods of the city. Photo taken 03/03/13.
Ramps between the two freeways ascend over a retention pond as drivers along I-10 east prepare to merge with the Fuller Warren Bridge south across the St. Johns River. Photo taken 03/03/13.

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