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Interstate 10 West
Interstate 10 crosses the Mississippi state line one mile east of the diamond interchange at Exit 75. A weigh station lies just west of the Alabama border and 0.75 mile ahead of Franklin Creek Road. Franklin Creek Road joins I-10 with U.S. 90 nearby. Photo taken 04/20/12.
A Mississippi welcome sign stands between the weigh station and off-ramp (Exit 75) to Franklin Creek Road. Photo taken 04/20/12.
Westbound I-10 at the ramp departure (Exit 75) for Franklin Creek Road. Franklin Creek Road provides a four lane link south to U.S. 90. Northward the north the rural road continues a short distance to Independence Road, which in turn connects with Forts Lake Road. Old Pascagoula Road, the original alignment of U.S. 90, ties into Forts Lake Road via Valley Forge Road from Mobile County, Alabama. Photo taken 04/05/12.
The first reassurance marker posted along Interstate 10 west in the Magnolia State. Photo taken 04/05/12.
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The Mississippi Welcome Center offers motorists free refreshments, a state map, tourist information or a place to take a break. Interstate 10 reaches the rest area one mile west of Exit 75. Photos taken 04/05/12.
Posted next to the rest area is the first Mississippi mileage sign along Interstate 10 west featuring the distances to downtown Moss Point, Pascagoula, and New Orleans, Louisiana. Photo taken 04/20/12.
A lengthy viaduct spans the Escatawpa River and associated wetlands from Grand Bay National Wildlife Refuge west to the Pollock Ferry Road overpass. Photo taken 04/05/12.
Mississippi 63 ties into Interstate 10 from central Moss Point at Exit 69. The diamond interchange is signed as the east interchange for both Moss Point and Pascagoula. MS 63 joins the two cities with Lucedale and Leaksville to the north as part of a four-lane expressway with Mississippi 57 to U.S. 45 at State Line. Photo taken 04/20/12.
Mississippi 63 travels four miles south from Exit 69 to end at U.S. 90 (Denny Avenue) and Mississippi 611 (Industrial Road). U.S. 90 west from Pascagoula to Bay St. Louis is regarded as a scenic route through picturesque beach communities. Photo taken 04/05/12.
An auxiliary sign for Exit 69 touts the connections to Bayou Casotte Industrial Park and the Ingalls Shipbuilding plant from Mississippi 63 south at the Mississippi Export Railroad underpass. Bayou Casotte lies south along Mississippi 611 from a new interchange between U.S. 90 and MS 63. Photo taken 04/05/12.
Exit 69 leaves Interstate 10 west for Mississippi 63, just 0.9 miles east of Exit 68 with Mississippi 613. Mississippi 63 is moderately commercialized within the vicinity of Interstate 10; Mississippi 613 is more of a residential through road. Both routes continue southward to U.S. 90, but Mississippi 613 tends to become obscure south of the Interstate 10 interchange. Photo taken 04/20/12.
Taking the Exit 69 off-ramp to Mississippi 63 from Interstate 10 west. Trent Lott International Airport (PQL) resides just north of the freeway along MS 63. Photo taken 03/29/09.
Interstate 10 westbound at the Exit 68 diamond interchange with Mississippi 613 (Main Street). Mississippi 613 crosses Robertson Lake of the Escatawpa River via a high level bridge just south of the freeway into Pascagoula. The state highway ties into U.S. 90 (Denny Avenue) just north of downtown. Mississippi 613 northbound parallels Mississippi 63 to Lucedale. Photo taken 04/05/12.
The end of the Exit 68 off-ramp at junction Mississippi 613 (Main Street). Mississippi 613 stretches 46 miles north from Pascagoula to Hurley, Agricola and MS 198 at Lucedale. Photo taken 05/29/04.
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Interstate 10 quickly rises to cross the East Pascagoula River along a pair of two-lane high-level bridges. The freeway continues west from the river crossing along a four-mile viaduct over Crooked and Creole Bayous. Photo taken 03/29/09. Second photo taken 04/20/12.
During the August 29, 2005 landfall of Hurricane Katrina, barge slammed into the eastbound span causing portions of the bridge deck to come out of alignment. A two-month closure of the span resulted as crews fixed the damage. During that time the westbound span was converted into two-way traffic. Photo taken 04/20/12.
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Interstate 10 west ascends over the West Pascagoula River ahead of the Gautier city line and the second rest area within Mississippi. Photos taken 04/05/12.
The first of two interchanges that serves Gautier, a city of 18,572 per the 2010 census, joins Interstate 10 with Gautier-Vancleave Road at Exit 61. Gautier-Vancleave Road links the freeway with U.S. 90 to the south and Mississippi 57 near Vancleave to the north. Photo taken 04/20/12.
Westbound at the diamond interchange (Exit 61) with Gautier-Vancleave Road. Gautier-Vancleave Road provides access to the nearby community of Martin Bluff in north Gautier. Martin Bluff Road intersects the north-south road one mile to the south. Vancleave lies along MS 57, eight miles north of Interstate 10. Photo taken 04/20/12.
Interstate 10 continues through Mississippi Sandhill Crane National Wildlife Refuge another 2.5 miles west from Exit 61. Photo taken 04/05/12.
Interstate 10 meets the north end of Interstate 110 at D'Iberville in 13 miles. New Orleans follows in 97 miles. Photo taken 04/05/12.
Passing by the one-mile guide sign for Exit 57 (Mississippi 57) on Interstate 10 west. Mississippi 57 travels 2.9 miles south from Exit 57 to its southern terminus at Fontainebleau and U.S. 90 (Bienville Boulevard). The state route separates the city limits between Ocean Springs to the west and Gautier to the east ahead of Bienville Boulevard. Photo taken 04/20/12.
Mississippi Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park is located along U.S. 90 in Ocean Springs. The park consists of two black granite walls with the engraved names of the 668 Mississippi soldiers that died during the conflict. Photographic images depicting soldiers during the war adorn the walls. The park was dedicated May 31, 1997. Photo taken 06/10/06.
Older signs for Mississippi 57 (Exit 57) replaced by 2006 featured the communities of Fontainebleau and Vancleave instead of Gautier and Ocean Springs. Photo taken 06/21/01.
Entering the diamond interchange (Exit 57) with MS 57 on I-10 west. Overall, MS 57 totals 90.78 miles from U.S. 90 at Fontainebleau to MS 42 at State Line.
Ocean Springs Road stems southwest from the state highway nearby to Government Street in Ocean Springs. Vancleave is a 7.5-mile drive to the north. Photo taken 04/20/12.
Reassurance marker for I-10 west posted after the crossing of Old Fort Bayou. The freeway remains rural and cuts through another swath of Mississippi Sandhill Crane National Wildlife Refuge on the 11-mile drive to Interstate 110. Photo taken 04/05/12.
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Interstate 10 stays north of Ocean Springs, which fronts Fort Bayou to the south, to St. Martin. New Orleans is now 93 miles away. Photo taken 04/20/12. Second photo taken 04/05/12.
One-mile guide sign for the diamond interchange (Exit 50) with Mississippi 609. Mississippi 609 follows Washington Avenue 2.8 miles south from Interstate 10 to U.S. 90 (Bienville Boulevard) by Downtown Ocean Springs. Photo taken 04/20/12.
Interstate 10 meets Mississippi 609 (Washington Avenue) at the community of St. Martin. St. Martin lies south of Interstate 10 along Lemoyne Boulevard between Ocean Springs and D'Iberville. Latimer represents a rural community along Old Biloxi Road north of Tucker Road near the Harrison County line. Photo taken 06/10/06.
Mississippi 609 provides a back route into the city of Biloxi via U.S. 90 across Biloxi Bay. The state route carries four lanes on its southward drive into Ocean Springs. Photo taken 12/10/07.
Widening of Interstate 10 over Mississippi 609 was underway in 2010 to extend the six lane portion of freeway just east of Exit 50. The work resulted in a new sign bridge for MS 609.
The stretch west from Exit 50 to Exit 46 was expanded between 2004 and 2005. Photo taken 04/20/12.
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Taking the Exit 50 off-ramp of I-10 west. Mississippi 609 is only signed in the southbound direction. The route is unsigned leading north along Tucker Road toward Latimer and DeSoto National Forest. Photos taken 12/10/07.
Two miles east of Interstate 110 south (Exit 46A) and Mississippi 15 & 67 north (Exit 46B) on Interstate 10 west. Interstate 110 comprises a four-lane freeway spur between Interstate 10 and U.S. 90 (Beach Boulevard). The Interstate was cosigned with MS 15 throughout its 4.10 mile routing between downtown Biloxi and D'Iberville until 2009. Photo taken 06/10/06.
Mississippi 67 was realigned from the Woolmarket area eastward onto a new four-lane expressway between D'Iberville and Saucier between May 14, 2008 (U.S. 49 to Traditions Parkway) and January 16, 2009 (Traditions Parkway to I-10/110). The project included an upgrade of Mississippi 15 to four lanes from Sangani Boulevard to a new trumpet interchange with MS 67. Photo taken 04/20/12.
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Now one mile west of the cloverleaf interchange (Exit 46) for Interstate 110 south and Mississippi 15 & 67 north. Keesler AFB, home of the Air Force Reserves Hurricane Hunters, is located west of I-110 via Division Street. Photo taken 06/10/06. Second photo taken 04/20/12.
Four lanes of Interstate 10 west cross the Harrison County line on the approach to Exit 46. A collector distributor departs ahead for Interstate 110 and Mississippi 15-67. Photo taken 04/20/12.
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Interstate 10 westbound at the split with the Exit 46 c/d roadway. Interstate 110 travels south from D'Iberville to a draw bridge across the Back Bay of Biloxi. Photo taken 03/29/09. Second photo taken 04/20/12.
Exit 46B leaves the c/d roadway from underneath the Lamey Bridge Road overpass. Mississippi 15 and 67 begin and travel northward through a busy intersection with Sangani Boulevard at the Promenade retail complex. An interchange is under construction there during 2012-13, which upon completion will speed motorists to their split east of Cedar Lake. Mississippi 67 branches northwest otherwise as an expressway to U.S. 49. Photo taken 04/05/12.
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Replaced sets of overheads posted for Exit 46B and Mississippi 15 north. There is no control city for Mississippi 15 north as it soon enters the De Soto National Forest. The highway concludes at Mississippi 26 in Stone County, 32 miles to the north along a lightly traveled route. A second segment of Mississippi 15 exists from Beaumont (U.S. 98) northward. Photo taken 06/10/06. Second photo taken 06/21/01.
Exit 46A loops onto Interstate 110 south for D'Iberville and downtown Biloxi. The freeway concludes at a trumpet interchange partially over the beach on Mississippi Sound. Photo taken 04/05/12.
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Previously placed overheads for Exit 46A from Interstate 10 west. Mississippi 15 originally took surface streets (D'Iberville Boulevard, Central Avenue, and Caillavet Street) through D'Iberville and crossed the Back Bay of Biloxi via a drawbridge. When Interstate 110 was completed, Mississippi 15 was wholly relocated onto the freeway.
The original Back Bay of Biloxi Bridge for Mississippi 15 was converted into a fishing pier but was partially destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. It has since been removed. Photo taken 06/10/06. Second photo taken 06/21/01.
Six lanes of Interstate 10 continue west from Interstate 110 to Exit 28 (Beat Line Road). Widening of the four-lane freeway occurred through north Biloxi and Gulfport in 1999-2000. Photo taken 04/20/12.
Cedar Lake Road meets Interstate 10 at the Exit 44 diamond interchange near North Biloxi and Cedar Lake. The exit serves the Mississippi Coast Coliseum, a sports and entertainment venue. The coliseum lies along U.S. 90 (Beach Boulevard) at Beauvoir Road in west Biloxi. Drivers destined for the facility should travel west along Popps Ferry Road to Pass Road east and Beauvoir Road south. Popps Ferry Road represents one of two crossings of the Back Bay of Biloxi. Photo taken 04/20/12.
Motorists bound for Cedar Lake Road depart Interstate 10 west at Exit 44. Cedar Lake Road stems north from Popps Ferry Road and North Biloxi to cross Interstate 10 south of the Tchoutacabouffa River. Cedar Lake Road continues north of the river to Old Highway 67 at Cedar Lake. Photo taken 04/05/12.
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Interstate 10 spans the Tchoutacabouffa River south of the Cedar Lake community in Biloxi. The 31 mile river combines with the Biloxi River at Big Lake. Photos taken 04/05/12.
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The last Biloxi interchange joins Interstate 10 with Shriners Boulevard at Exit 41. Shriners Boulevard follows the former alignment of Mississippi 67 south to Oaklawn Road, just south of I-10. Photo taken 06/10/06. Second photo taken 04/20/12.
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Sign replacements were made at Exit 41 in 2010 to reflect the removal of Mississippi 67 north from Exit 41. MS 67 originally continued east to D'Iberville and south with Mississippi 15 to downtown Biloxi.
Woolmarket Road leads west from Shriners Boulevard to Woolmarket and east to Cedar Lake. Oaklawn Road heads west from nearby to the Eagle Point community. Photo taken 11/19/08. Second photo taken 04/05/12.
Interstate 10 dips southward and expands with a wide grassy median to the south of Woolmarket. Photo taken 04/20/12.
Gulfport appears on westbound mileage signage at 11 miles out. New Orleans is 78 miles to the west. Photo taken 04/05/12.
Interstate 10 meets the 2004-designated Mississippi 605 (Lorraine-Cowan Road) at Exit 38. Mississippi 605 follows Lorraine-Cowan Road northward from U.S. 90 (Beach Boulevard) through the Handsboro community of east Gulfport to the Bernard Bayou Industrial District south of Interstate 10. Photo taken 04/20/12.
Spanning the Biloxi River, Interstate 10 leaves Biloxi and enters the city limits of Gulfport. Photo taken 04/05/12.


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