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Interstate 10 West
MS 605 was extended north on a new four-lane roadway from the diamond interchange at Exit 38 on December 20, 2006. The state highway concludes at an interchange with the MS 67 expressway at Traditions Parkway in northern Harrison County. Photo taken 04/05/12.
Three lanes of Interstate 10 westbound continue to within two miles of U.S. 49 (Exits 34B/A). U.S. 49 is the main route between Hattiesburg, Jackson, and Interstate 59 to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The route carries at least four lanes with speed limits varying between 55 to 65 miles per hour between the two regions. Photo taken 04/20/12.
A cloverleaf interchange joins Interstate 10 with U.S. 49 (Exits 34B/A) near the Orange Grove community of Gulfport. U.S. 49 constitutes a six to eight-lane arterial from downtown Gulfport to Nugent. The U.S. highway terminates five miles to the south at U.S. 90 and the Port of Gulfport. Photo taken 04/20/12.
U.S. 49 connects I-10 travelers with Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport (GPT) via Airport Road east nearby. The US highway south to Pass Road west also serves interests to the U.S. Naval Construction Battalion Center, home of the Seabees arm of the Navy (military construction operations). Photo taken 04/05/12.
Exit 34B leaves Interstate 10 west for U.S. 49 north ahead of the busy Crossroads Shopping Center at Landon. U.S. 49 continues through the suburban communities of Orange Grove, Nugent, and Lyman en route to Wiggins and Hattiesburg. The US route reaches an interchange with U.S. 98 outside of Hattiesburg in 58 miles. Photo taken 04/20/12.
Motorists destined for downtown Gulfport depart Interstate 10 west via Exit 34A onto U.S. 49 south. U.S. 49 follows 25th Avenue through downtown Gulfport to its conclusion at Beach Boulevard. Overall the route stretches 516 miles between the Mississippi Gulf Coast and Piggott, Arkansas. Photo taken 04/20/12.
A freeway proposal known as Mississippi 601 will replace U.S. 49 in part as the main route between the Mississippi Gulf Coast and Hattiesburg. Designed to use portions of U.S. 49 in rural areas and new bypasses for Wiggins, Lyman and north Gulfport, planned Mississippi 601 will tie into Interstate 10 at a new four-level stack interchange with the Port of Gulfport connector. Tentatively given the designation of Interstate 310, the new freeway will travel south through Gulfport if constructed. Photo taken 04/20/12.
Canal Road sees a diamond interchange with Interstate 10 at Exit 31 just beyond the Gulfport city limits. Canal Road provides access to west Gulfport and Long Beach via 28th Street east and west. Canal Road north ventures through the community of New Hope en route to Mississippi 53 outside of Lyman. Photo taken 04/05/12.
The future interchange with the Port of Gulfport connector will be constructed just east of Exit 31 near this sign for the University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Park campus. The college lies along U.S. 90 (Beach Boulevard) in east Long Beach. Photo taken 04/05/12.
Interstate 10 westbound at the Exit 31 off-ramp to Canal Road. Canal Road intersects Landon Road 1.25 miles to the north and 28th Street at Colby Avenue 2.75 miles south. Colby Avenue enters the U.S. Naval Construction Battalion Center at Gate 5 south of Canal Road. Photo taken 04/05/12.
West from Canal Road, Interstate 10 traverses a marshy area fed by Turkey Creek and Flat Branch. Photo taken 04/20/12.
Next in line for westbound travelers is Exit 28 for Beatline Road south to both Long Beach and Pass Christian and County Farm Road north to Mississippi 53 west of Lyman. Photo taken 04/20/12.
Interstate 10 west at the Exit 28 off-ramp to Beat Line Road. Beat Line Road continues County Farm Road south from I-10 to West Railroad Street in Long Beach. Railroad Street in conjunction with White Harbor Road provides access to U.S. 90 (Beach Boulevard) near the Pass Christian and Long Beach city line. Beatline Road serves the Harrison County Fairgrounds and Long Beach Industrial Park. Photo taken 04/20/12.
Interstate 10 reduces to four lanes from Exit 28 westward to the Louisiana state line. Photo taken 04/20/12.
The freeway leaves the Long Beach area ahead of the Menge Avenue diamond interchange at Exit 24. Photo taken 04/20/12.
Menge Avenue heads northwest from east Pass Christian and Cuevas to meet Interstate 10 at Exit 24. Menge Avenue becomes Firetower Road north of the freeway en route to Vidalia Road and Dedeaux. Photo taken 04/20/12.
Exit 24 departs Interstate 10 westbound for Menge Avenue south and Firetower Road north. Menge Avenue travels 3.3 miles south to Cuevas and six miles to U.S. 90 (Beach Boulevard) in Pass Christian. Photo taken 04/20/12.
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Just 60 miles east of New Orleans now, Interstate 10 heads four miles west to the final Harrison County interchange near DeLisle. Photos taken 04/20/12.
Kiln-Delisle Road crosses paths with Interstate 10 at the Exit 20 diamond interchange in one mile. Kiln-Delisle Road travels 8.5 miles west from the freeway to Kiln. Photo taken 04/20/12.
Kiln-Delisle Road continues three miles east to Vidalia and Wittman Roads in the community of De Lisle. Wittman Road continues south as Hampton Road across the Wolf River and Bayou Portage into western Pass Christian. Photo taken 04/20/12.
Interstate 10 constitutes a four-lane concrete freeway across the Harrison / Hancock County line. Photo taken 04/20/12.
The city of Diamondhead, incorporated in 2012, is the next destination along Interstate 10 west in four miles. Photo taken 04/20/12.
Entering Hancock County along I-10 west. Hancock County was founded in 1812 and is home to 43,929 as of the 2010 census. The county was named for John Hancock, an American Revolution Patriot and signer of the Declaration of Independence. Photo taken 06/09/10.
The first of three Hancock County interchanges serves Diamondhead at Exit 16. Intersecting the freeway ahead is Yacht Club and Gex Drives. Yacht Club Drive heads south to Diamondhead Drive South and Airport Drive west to Diamondhead Airport. Photo taken 04/20/12.
Westbound at the Exit 16 diamond interchange for Diamondhead. Gex Drive travels north from Interstate 10 to Diamondhead Drive East and North and Noma Drive West. Diamondhead, like many other master planned communities, sees only two ways in: Gex Drive to the south and Kapalma Drive to the north. Photo taken 04/20/12.
Interstate 10 leaves Diamondhead for the Jourdan River bridge, 1.5 miles east for Exit 13 to Mississippi 43 & 603. Mississippi 43 was originally routed along what is now Mississippi 607. The establishment of the John C. Stennis Space Center severed that route, resulting in a relocation of MS 43 eastward to an overlap with Mississippi 603 in 1972. Photo taken 04/20/12.
A new bridge over the Jourdan River bridge was constructed along Interstate 10 during 2002-04. The new span coincided with an expansion of I-10 to six lanes between Exits 17 and 13. Photo taken 06/09/10.
Mississippi 43 & 603 begin at U.S. 90 in Waveland and follow a four-lane divided highway northwest to the Exit 13 diamond interchange and Stennis Airport Road.
Points of interest served by Exit 13 include Buccaneer State Park in Waveland, McLeod Water Park and Campgrounds at Kiln and Stennis International Airport (HSA). Photo taken 04/20/12.
Mississippi 43 & 603 continue 5.8 miles north of Exit 13 to their split at Kodie's Junction. Mississippi 43 branches westward to Picayune and Interstate 59 while Mississippi 603 ends at junction Mississippi 53 at Necaise. Photo taken 04/20/12.
Interstate 10 in Hancock County is dedicated to the memory of historian Stephen E. Ambrose. The author wrote many books pertaining to American History with a focus on the military. Ambrose also founded the National D-Day Museum in New Orleans. He died October 13, 2002 in Bay St. Louis at the age of 66. The Stephen E. Ambrose Memorial Highway was designated by the Mississippi state legislature on Apr. 22, 2003. Photo taken 04/20/12.
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An 11-mile exit less stretch brings Interstate 10 west through the John C. Stennis Space Center buffer zone. The stretch is the longest without an exit between Loxley, Alabama and Port Allen, Louisiana. Photos taken 04/20/12.
The Mississippi Welcome Center serving Interstate 10 eastbound serves a rest area for westbound motorists at Exit 2. Photo taken 04/20/12.
Mississippi 607 constitutes a discontinuous route both south and north of the John C. Stennis Space Center. Mississippi 607 is the third number to be applied to the stretch of highway between U.S. 90 northeast of Pearlington and the settlement of Saint Rose (north of the Stennis Space Center). Before the bridge for U.S. 90 at Pearlington was constructed, the U.S. route followed Mississippi 607 northwestward to Saint Rose. After that bridge was complete, U.S. 90 was rerouted to the south while Mississippi 43 extended southward along the former U.S. 90. Photo taken 04/20/12.
The Stennis Space Center is also home to the Naval Meteorology Headquarters and Oceanography Command. Mississippi 607 provides access to the north and south entrances of the facility, but only military and other government personal may utilize the state highway through it. Photo taken 04/20/12.
The Mississippi Welcome Center lies immediately south of I-10 adjacent to the NASA Infinity Science Center. Photo taken 04/20/12.
Westbound Interstate 10 at the diamond interchange (Exit 2) with MS 607. MS 607 south merges onto U.S. 90 east ahead of Waveland. MS 604 stems southwest from MS 607 nearby to U.S. 90 at Pearlington near the Louisiana state line. Photo taken 04/20/12.
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A westbound side weigh station precedes the Louisiana state line along Interstate 10. The eastbound facility was abandoned as a new weigh station opened at the parking area between Exits 2 and 13. Photos taken 04/20/12.
The next interchange lies seven miles ahead at Interstates 12 & 59 (Exit 267) in Slidell. New Orleans is just 37 miles to the southwest. Photo taken 06/09/10.
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A shoulder less four-lane bridge spans the Pearl River between Mississippi and St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana. It was completed in 1970. Photos taken 04/20/12.


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