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Interstate 10 West
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2 photos
The ramp from I-95 north to I-10 west soars above all other ramps at the multi-level stack interchange to join the right side of the beginning freeway. A folded diamond interchange (Exit 362) departs just after the touchdown for Stockton Street. Photos taken 06/16/16.
Two lanes from the I-95 north to I-10 west flyover lower to the off-ramp (Exit 362) onto adjacent Irene Street. Irene Street connects with Stockton Street to the west and parallel Edison Avenue. Photo taken 06/16/16.
Interstate 10 Florida State Road 228 West U.S. 17 South
Travelers entering Interstate 10 west from I-95 south form the left lanes of the freeway beginning. The Stockton Street ramp leaves as Exit 351C, alluding to the I-95 numbering of the adjacent c/d roadway. Photo taken 03/03/13.
U.S. 17 & SR 228 take Interstate 10 west from Interstate 95 south for a short concurrence to Exit 361 (Roosevelt Expressway). The pair were relocated from their surface street routing through Riverside and Brooklyn to overlaps with I-10 and I-95 in 2006. Photo taken 03/03/13.
Overheads for Exit 362 direct motorists onto Irene Street west to Stockton Street. Stockton Street leads south from an industrial area at U.S. 90 (Beaver Street) to the Riverside community on the St. Johns River. Photo taken 03/03/13.
U.S. 17 overtakes its original alignment (College / Post Streets) along Roosevelt Boulevard southwest through the Avondale neighborhood. The US route and SR 228 quickly part ways with I-10 west at a wye interchange (Exit 361) in one half mile. Photo taken 06/16/16.
A new sign bridge was added for Exit 361 at the Stockton Street under crossing. Greenouts added in 2010 replace the Naval Air Station with FSCJ for the Kent Campus of Florida State College. Photo taken 06/16/16.
Interstate 10 remains elevated, passing over a CSX Railroad / AMTRAK corridor ahead of the split with U.S. 17 south & SR 228 west (Exit 361). A diamond interchange (Exit 360) immediately follows for McDuff Avenue (SR 129 south) south to Avondale and north to the former Jacksonville Kennel Club. Photo taken 06/16/16.
A 2010-installed sign bridge supports a arrow per lane (APL) overhead outlining both off-ramps for Exits 361 and 360 while touting the I-10 west connection with I-295 at Exit 356. SR 129 reappears for McDuff Avenue here.
U.S. 17 follows Roosevelt Street southward from Murray Hill to N.A.S. Jacksonville. Connections with McDuff Avenue (SR 129) north from U.S. 17 lead to SR 228 (Post Street) west. SR 228 leads west from Avondale to Maxville in southwest Duval County. Photo taken 06/16/16.
Interstate 10 West
This overhead was also installed in 2010 for Exit 360 to McDuff Avenue (SR 129 south). McDuff Avenue leads north to 5th Street and West Jacksonville. Photo taken 06/16/16.
Next in line for westbound drivers is the half diamond interchange (Exit 359) at Luna Street. Luna Street joins Interstate 10 with parallel Lenox Avenue / Highway Avenue west to Edgewood Avenue. Photo taken 06/16/16.
Westbound reassurance marker posted for Interstate 10 after the McDuff Avenue on-ramp from Waller Street, Photo taken 06/16/16.
Exit 359 to Luna Street departs I-10 west in one quarter mile. Cassat Avenue (SR 111) follows in one mile at Exit 358. Photo taken 06/16/16.
Interstate 10 westbound at Exit 359. Sign changes made in 2010 acknowledged Luna Street. Luna Street leads south from Lenox Avenue to College Street at Windsor Hill. Edgewood Avenue stems northwest from the St. Johns River through Avondale and Murray Hill to become a part of SR 111 north of Cassat Avenue. Photo taken 06/16/16.
Interstate 10 kinks southwestward on the one half mile approach to Exit 358 with SR 111 (Cassat Avenue). Photo taken 06/16/16.
Interchange sequence sign posted one half mile from the diamond interchange at Exit 358 and 2.5 miles west of Interstate 295 (Jacksonville Beltway). Photo taken 06/16/16.
Sign changes made at Exit 358 added Edgewood Avenue as the road name for SR 111 north to Interstate 95 (Exit 357). The state road encircles the city 11.88 miles between SR 21 (Blanding Boulevard) at Lake Shore and U.S. 17 at North Shore. Photo taken 06/16/16.
SR 111 shield assembly posted at Cassat Avenue from Interstate 10 west. Cassat Avenue generally constitutes a commercial arterial. Photo taken 06/14/08.
Westbound drivers continue 1.25 miles to the diamond interchange (Exit 357) with Lane Avenue (SR 103 south) and two miles to Interstate 295 (Exit 356). Photo taken 06/16/16.
Westbound I-10 navigates through an S-curve from Beautyrest Avenue to Ellis Road. Photo taken 06/16/16.
One half mile east of Exit 357 with SR 103 (Lane Avenue) south. Lane Avenue comprises an arterial route between Picketville and Cedar Hills. Photo taken 06/16/16.
Traffic to Lane Avenue leaves Interstate 10 west at Exit 357. SR 103 becomes County Road 103 north of I-10 through industrial areas east of Interstate 295. Southward, the state road follows 3.17 miles of Lane Avenue to SR 208 (Wilson Boulevard) near Cedar Hill Estates. Photo taken 06/16/16.
Interstate 10 passes over Lane Avenue on the 0.75-mile approach to the directional cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 295 (Exit 356). New APL-overheads were installed along I-10 west to the West Beltway after 2011. Photo taken 06/16/16.
Reassurance marker posted as I-10 expands to eight lanes between Lane Avenue and Exit 356. The freeway travels between an industrial area of southwest Springfield to the north and the Ramona Flea Market to the south along this stretch. Photo taken 06/16/16.
The auxiliary lane gained from SR 103 forms one of two lanes for Exit 356 to I-295. Interstate 295 utilizes the I-95 control cities of Savannah and Daytona Beach (previously Saint Augustine). Photo taken 06/16/16.
The West Beltway of Interstate 295 leads north to Jacksonville International Airport (JAX) at Exit 33 (SR 243) and south to the Clay County city of Orange Park (Exits 12 and 10). Photo taken 06/16/16.
Exit 356 parts ways with Interstate 10 westbound for the Jacksonville Beltway. I-295 southbound turns east across the St. Johns River via the Buckman Bridge from Orange Park to Mandarin and South Side Jacksonville. I-295 north encircles the city between Marietta and Oceanway before turning south again by Blount Island. Photo taken 06/16/16.
West Interstate 10 shield posted beyond the Exit 356 gore point near Normandy. Photo taken 06/16/16.
Interstate 10 enters the Marietta community west of the Jacksonville Beltway. a $17.93 million project underway from October 14, 2013 to June 8, 2016 replaced the original ramps with Devoe and Lakeland Streets with a new parclo interchange (Exit 355) 0.8 miles to the west.2 Photo taken 06/16/16.
The parclo interchange (Exit 355) with Hammond Boulevard lies 0.75 miles west of I-295. The north-south arterial links I-10 with U.S. 90 (Beaver Street) and SR 228 (Normandy Boulevard). Photo taken 06/16/16.
Expansion of Interstate 10 widened the freeway to six overall lanes from I-295 west to SR 23 (Cecil Commerce Parkway) during a $60.6-million project between early 2010 and early 2012.1 This work added a fourth westbound lane to the previous off-ramp at Exit 355 with Greeland Avenue north at the Marietta street grid. Photo taken 06/16/16.
An interchange sequence sign lists the last three Jacksonville suburban exits beyond the Cahoon Road underpass. Cahoon Road parallels Hammond Boulevard to the east between SR 228 and U.S. 90. Photo taken 06/16/16.
Two lanes part ways with I-10 west for Hammond Boulevard at Exit 355. The exchange here replaced the substandard Marietta interchange with sharp ramps to the adjacent frontage roads at Greeland Avenue to the east. Photo taken 06/16/16.
Aforementioned construction at Hammond Boulevard included expansion of the road to four lanes. The arterial becomes Devoe Street one quarter mile to the north. Devoe Street links with U.S. 90 and the Marietta Forrest subdivision. Photo taken 06/16/16.
The first conventional mileage sign posted along Interstate 10 west lies 11 miles ahead of U.S. 301 at Baldwin. Macclenny in Baker County follows in another nine miles as Lake City appears at 56 miles out. Photo taken 06/16/16.
Confirming marker posted after the entrance ramp from Hammond Boulevard. Photo taken 06/16/16.
Interstate 10 separates industrialized U.S. 90 (Beaver Street) to the north, and residential areas off Crystal Springs Road to the south. This interchange sequence sign lists the last three Duval County off-ramps. Photo taken 06/16/16.
One mile ahead of the parclo B2 interchange (Exit 351) with Chaffee Road (CR 115C) on I-10 west. Exit 350 follows with SR 23 (Cecil Commerce Center Parkway) south. Although SR 23 opened south from I-10 on October 1, 2009, the 2012-completed widening included sign changes for Exit 350. Photo taken 06/16/16.
Exit 351 serves Whitehouse from Chaffee Road north and the former Cecil Field from Chaffee Road south. Cecil Field Naval Air Station closed as an active military installation in 1999. The former base is now a part of the Cecil Commerce Center (CCC), which includes the Jacksonville Airport Authority maintained Cecil Airport (VQQ). Photo taken 06/16/16.
Exit 351 departs Interstate 10 west for Chaffee Road near Whitehouse.
Widening of Interstate 10 during 2010-12 included the replacement of the Chaffee Road overpass, which was raised from 15 to 17 feet and opened on October 18, 2010.1 Photo taken 06/16/16.
Unsigned CR 115C travels the Chaffee Road for 3.22 miles between U.S. 90 (Beaver Street) and SR 134 (103rd Street). Photo taken 06/16/16.
Continuing west across McGirts Creek, Interstate 10 approaches a trumpet interchange with SR 23 south (Exit 350). This interchange opened on October 1, 2009 as part of a Branan Field-Chaffee Expressway project to extend SR 23 north from 103rd Street (SR 134). Photo taken 06/16/16.
Traveling across wetlands associated with McGirts Creek along Interstate 10 west between Exits 351 and 350. Rest areas used to line both sides of the freeway (the westbound stop was situated where Exit 350 is now). These were closed on September 5, 2006 as part of the $81-million project to construct the Branan Field-Chaffee Expressway between 103rd Street (SR 134) and I-10.3 Photo taken 03/03/13.
SR 23 (Branan Field-Chaffee Expressway) extends 15.1 miles south from Interstate 10 (Exit 350) to SR 21 (Blanding Boulevard) near Middleburg. Planned as part of the 46.6-mile First Coast Expressway (First Coast Outer Beltway) limited-access toll road southeast to St. Johns County, the state road currently travels at-grade, varying between a two lane road and four-lane expressway. Photo taken 06/16/16.
This mileage sign predates the State Road 23 interchange and lists the distance to the west Duval County town of Baldwin and the control city of Lake City. Photo taken 06/16/16.
SR 23 (Cecil Commerce Center Parkway) angles southeast through areas slated for development to overtake Chaffee Road at SR 134 (103rd Street). $77-million in construction started in mid-September 2013 to upgrade the existing SR 23 from I-10 southward to Argyle Forest Boulevard. $83 million in work from Argyle Forest Boulevard south to SR 21 (Blanding Boulevard) followed in 2014.4 Work on the two phases runs through fall 2018. Photo taken 06/16/16.
Exit 350 presently carries two lanes from I-10 west onto SR 23 south. A $45.8 million project from July 2015 to fall 2018 expands the wide interchange to extend SR 23 north to adjacent U.S. 90 (Beaver Street).5 Photo taken 06/16/16.
A sweeping directional ramp for State Road 23 passes above this reassurance marker of Interstate 10 west. Photo taken 06/16/16.
Six miles of wetlands line Interstate 10 to Baldwin and U.S. 301. Lake City is 47 miles to the west. Photo taken 06/16/16.
The final Duval County exit joins Interstate 10 with U.S. 301 near the town of Baldwin. U.S. 301 comprises a four-lane divided highway from Interstate 10 southwest 25 miles to Starke. Photo taken 06/16/16.
$65 million in road work from February 2016 to summer 2020 reconfigures the I-10 exchange (Exit 343) with U.S. 301.7 Two ramps are being built along the east side of the folded diamond interchange. Additionally U.S. 301 is being realigned to the north to accommodate the new Baldwin Bypass (SR 201). The US highway travels northeast from Baldwin to Callahan, where it joins U.S. 1 & 23 northwest to Folkston, Georgia. Photo taken 06/16/16.
U.S. 301 shield assembly posted at the end of the off-ramp at Exit 343. A large railroad yard and a pair of truck stops are located nearby. U.S. 301 remains a popular truck route to the Interstate 75 corridor near Gainesville and Ocala from the East Coast. Photo taken 03/14/10.
The final confirming marker for I-10 west in Duval County. The freeway becomes vastly rural to Tallahassee. 2012 traffic counts drop accordingly from 43,700 east of Baldwin to 21,500 ahead of Macclenny. Photo taken 06/16/16.
Macclenny, a city of 6,374 (per the 2010 census), is next along I-10 west in nine miles. Lake City, the crossroads with I-75, is now 43 miles away. Photo taken 03/03/13.
Crossing the southwestern sliver of Nassau County, all 0.71 miles of it, along Interstate 10 west. Photo taken 06/16/16.
Westbound travelers enter Baker County as I-10 spans a former Seaboard Coast Line railroad. The freeway totals 25.46 miles through the rural county. Photo taken 06/16/16.

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