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Interstate 10 West
Traveling westward toward Milton and Pensacola on Interstate 10 near Harold in eastern Santa Rosa County. Photo taken 05/31/04.
One-mile guide sign posted for SR 87 (Exit 31) on Interstate 10 west. SR 87 provides one of two routes connecting interior Santa Rosa County with Santa Rosa Island and Gulf Islands National Seashore. The state road travels 19 miles south to Navarre and U.S. 98 near the Navarre Beach Causeway (County Road 399). Photo taken 03/26/13.
Entering the diamond interchange (Exit 31) with SR 87 on Interstate 10 west at Welcome. Photo taken 03/03/13.
SR 87 continues north from Exit 31 a short distance to merge with U.S. 90 west to the county seat of Milton. West of Downtown Milton, SR 87 returns to a northerly course en route to the Alabama state line, concluding a 47.13-mile route from Santa Rosa Sound. Photo taken 03/26/13.
SR 87 in conjunction with Alabama 41 provides a hurricane evacuation route to Brewton. Thus portions of the highway have been upgraded to four lanes including segments from U.S. 98 to the Eglin A.F.B. boundary, County Road 184 to U.S. 90, and Milton north to Point Baker. Photo taken 03/26/13.
Continuing west from SR 87, drivers see this reassurance shield (posted in 2003) by the community of Welcome. Photo taken 12/06/03.
The final westbound rest area of Interstate 10 in Florida follows. These facilities were rebuilt in the early 2000s. Photo taken 08/03/11.
Interstate 10 sinks southwestward toward Ward Basin and the Blackwater River. Photo taken 05/31/10.
Leaving the rest area, motorists see a distance sign to Santa Rosa County Road 191 (Exit 26) and downtown Pensacola (21 miles). County Road 89 is the next exit (Exit 28). Photo taken 08/03/11.
A folded diamond interchange joins Interstate 10 with County Road 89 (Ward Basin Road) at Ward Basin in one mile. Ward Basin Road spurs southward to Pine Bluff and an end at the Yellow River. Photo taken 12/09/12.
Exit 28 loops from Interstate 10 west to Santa Rosa County Road 89. Ward Basin Road continues north from Exit 28 to U.S. 90 & SR 87 at East Milton. Photo taken 08/03/11.
Spanning the Blackwater River along Interstate 10 west near the village of Bagdad. The pair of two-lane spans were rebuilt in the late 1990s to replace shoulder less bridges as part of a system wide bridge replacement project. Blackwater River flows south from Lower Alabama to Blackwater Bay and East Bay. Photo taken 05/31/10.
Westbound motorists lower from the Blackwater River bridges on the one-mile approach to Exit 26 with Santa Rosa County Road 191 (Garcon Point Road). County Road 191 ventures north through Bagdad to U.S. 90 & SR 87 in downtown Milton. Separate sections of the county road fan outward from Milton. The northeastern segment follows Munson Highway to Whiting Naval Air Station, Munson and the Alabama state line. The northwestern portion arcs to County Road 197 north of Wallace. Photo taken 07/24/11.
Interstate 10 passes under County Road 191C (Robinson Point Road) and emerges at a diamond interchange with CR 191 (Garcon Point Road). Garcon Point Road south provides an alternate to the Garcon Point Bridge (SR 281), 7.3 miles to the south. The county road used to continue south to Hernandez Point on Escambia Bay, but was replaced in 1999 by SR 281 when the Garcon Point Bridge opened. Photo taken 05/26/13.
County Road 191 shields were added to the Exit 26 ramp end after an email to FDOT from AARoads. Photo taken 01/22/11.
Mileage sign posted three miles ahead of the diamond interchange (Exit 22) with State Road 281. This sign was never redesigned to reflect the designation of SR 281 southward to the Garcon Point Bridge. Photo taken 04/30/10.
One mile east of the off-ramp (Exit 22) to SR 281 (Avalon Boulevard) on Interstate 10 west. SR 281 spans East Bay between Garcon Point and U.S. 98, south of Redfish Point. The two lane facility carries a $3.75 toll (as of July 2011) for passenger vehicles, collected at a toll plaza for both directions. The high toll is a source of dismay for would-be motorists between the city of Gulf Breeze and Interstate 10. Due to low usage in the first three years, the original $2.00 toll saw an increase in 2002 to help cover the bonds used for construction of the span. Subsequent increases were met with reduced usage. On July 1, 2011, the Santa Rosa Bay Bridge Authority failed to make their $5 million bond payment, putting the authority in default.1 Photo taken 05/26/13.
Interstate 10 westbound at the Exit 22 ramp departure. This interchange originally constituted the southern terminus of SR 281. The state road connects the freeway with Avalon Beach, Galt City, and U.S. 90, midway between Milton and Pace, to the north.
Exit 22 was simply signed for Avalon Boulevard (without a SR 281 shield) before the completion of the Garcon Point Bridge. Photo taken 05/26/13.
Shields for State Road 281 posted along the Exit 22 off-ramp. A two-stage project four-laned SR 291 northward to U.S. 90 starting in July 2011. Photo taken 07/24/11.
Interstate 10 travels through the Avalon Beach area toward Liveoak Point and Escambia Bay. Mileage to downtown Pensacola references Interstate 110 south. Mobile, Alabama becomes the next control point of the westbound freeway. Photo taken 08/03/11.
A pair of three lane bridges carry Interstate 10 motorists across Escambia Bay. These spans replaced bridges built during original freeway construction in 1969 that were damaged during Hurricane Ivan in September, 2004. Photo taken 08/03/11.
Drivers cross Escambia Bay with six overall lanes and full shoulders. The freeway enters Escambia Bay near the navigation crest, midway between Liveoak and Lora Points. Photo taken 03/17/12.
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2 photos
The new Interstate 10 spans over Escambia Bay opened on December 19, 2006 (eastbound) and December 12, 2007 (westbound) respectively. Photos taken 08/03/11.

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