Traveling 10.3 miles between Exits 135 and 142, Business Loop I-10 joined U.S. 70 as it splits from I-10 & U.S. 180 east along Picacho Avenue to Fairacres and the city of Las Cruces. U.S. 70 turns north onto Main Street where Historic U.S. 80 & 180 turned south to the couplet of Water and Church Streets around the Downtown mall. Business Loop I-10 followed Main Street south to Valley Drive (NM188 / former U.S. 85), returning to Interstate 10 at a wye interchange.

Former Business Loop I-10 East
NM 478 (Main Street) southbound approaches Valley Drive (NM 188 north), where Business Loop I-10 turned east for the return to Interstate 10 & U.S. 180 nearby. 01/14/06
Valley Drive provides access to both directions of I-10, yet a trailblazer posted on NM 478 (Main Street) south directs motorists onto Valley Drive (NM 188) north for I-10 west. NM 188 meets M 28 (Avenida de Mesilla) one mile to the north the interchange (Exit 140) with I-10 & U.S. 180. 01/14/06
I-10 & U.S. 180 pass over NM 478 (Main Street) beyond the intersection with Valley Drive. Valley Drive continues east to University Avenue before merging onto I-10. Continuing south, NM 478 represents a former alignment of U.S. 80 & 85. 01/14/06
Valley Drive leads east from NM 478 (Main Street) 0.3 miles to the ramp split for Interstate 10 & U.S. 180. 01/14/06
Valley Drive eastbound at University Avenue (former NM 101), just west of the ramps to Interstate 10. NM 101 was truncated from Interstate 25 (Exit 1) westward to NM 478 (Main Street) in 2003.1 01/14/06
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2 photos
Valley Drive separates into ramps for I-10 & U.S. 180 west to Deming, Tuscon and Phoenix and east to I-25, El Paso, Fort Stockton and San Antonio, Texas. 01/14/06
Former Business Loop I-10 West
Valley Drive (old U.S. 85) branches north from Interstate 10 west at a wye interchange (Exit 142) to Main Street (NM 478). This shield assembly preceded the Business Loop I-10 turn onto Main Street. It was removed when the traffic island was reconfigured. 01/14/06
Business Loop I-10 formerly followed Main Street north toward the Las Cruces central business district. The shield pictured here was removed by 2011. NM 188 commences a 2.95 mile course here as well, following Valley Drive (old U.S. 85) north to U.S. 70 (Picacho Avenue). 01/14/06
Business Loop I-10 reassurance marker formerly posted along Main Street (NM 478) northbound after Valley Drive. Business Loop I-10 followed NM 478 north to U.S. 70 (Picacho Avenue). 01/14/06

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