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Interstate 11 U.S. 93 North
This older welcome sign stands along Interstate 11 and U.S. 93 north at the western end of the Mike O' Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge. The Silver State was established October 31, 1864, during the Civil War.
Nevada lies completely in the Pacific Time Zone (PT) as it straddles the entirety of the eastern state border. Photo taken 03/07/19.
First shield assembly for northbound Interstate 11 and U.S. 93. I-11 accompanies the U.S. highway along the Hoover Dam and Boulder City bypasses to Railroad Pass south of Henderson. Photo taken 07/15/18.
Interstate 11 and U.S. 93 circumvent Boulder City to the south on the 22-mile drive to Henderson. Several vintage hotel/casinos line Downtown Las Vegas 32 miles ahead. Photo taken 07/15/18.
Northbound motorists pass over SR 172 on the one mile drive to U.S. 93 Business (Exit 2). The upcoming interchange is the first of three to serve Boulder City. Photo taken 07/15/18.
Exit 2 joins I-11 and U.S. 93 with U.S. 93 Business west and SR 172 east. U.S. 93 Business overlays the previous course of U.S. 93 through Boulder City while SR 172 overtook 1.35 miles of the former alignment of U.S. 93 after the opening of the Mike O' Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial bridge in 2010. Photo taken 07/15/18.
SR 172 east (Exit 2) is the only state route with direct access to Hoover Dam and the Mike O' Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge plaza and walkway. Photo taken 07/15/18.
Traffic departs for the exchange with U.S. 93 Business and SR 172 (Exit 2) along Interstate 11 and U.S. 93 north. An over crossing carries drivers to westbound U.S. 93 Business while a separate ramp departs for SR 172 east. Photo taken 07/15/18.
Confirming markers posted beyond the Exit 2 exchange with U.S. 93 Business. This section of Interstate 11 (U.S. 93) maintains a 65 mph speed limit as it begins its 12 mile course to the south of Boulder City. Photo taken 03/07/19.
U.S. 95 (Exit 14) connects the Boulder City Bypass with western reaches of Boulder City in 9 miles. I-11 will otherwise meet both I-215 west and I-515 north to Las Vegas at Henderson 19 miles ahead. Photo taken 03/07/19.
Northbound drivers pass by the Robert L. Mendenhall scenic overlook at mile post 4 as the freeway reaches an elevation of 2,400 feet. The southbound only scenic overlook offers views of Lake Mead. Photo taken 03/07/19.
This decorative under crossing, along with three overpasses, were built along the 12-mile exit less stretch to allow for free movement of area wildlife.
The passing lane gained at Exit 2 ends beyond the crossing as I-11 flattens out for its remainder around Boulder City. Photo taken 03/07/19.
Seven miles into the Silver State as Interstate 11 & U.S. 93 angle southwest over desert terrain outside the Boulder City urban area. Photo taken 03/07/19.
Travel time advisory signs have already been installed along this stretch of I-11 in anticipation of increased traffic along the bypass. The freeway passes over Buchanan Boulevard ahead. Photo taken 03/07/19.
The Boulder City Bypass bends northwest as it passes to the south of Boulder City Municipal Airport (BVU) on the two mile drive to U.S. 95 (Exit 14). Photo taken 03/07/19.
U.S. 95 north joins Interstate 11 & U.S. 93 from the California border and Searchlight in one mile. Photo taken 03/07/19.
Both Exits 14 and 15 (Railroad Pass Casino Road) connect with U.S. 93 Business to Boulder City. U.S. 93 Business follows the former course of U.S. 93 prior to the opening of the bypass in August 2018. Photo taken 03/07/19.
A single lane ramp departs for U.S. 95 south to Searchlight and Needles, California. SR 173 continues north from Exit 14 for 1.1 miles to U.S. 93 Business. Photo taken 03/07/19.
Interstate 11 U.S. 93 U.S. 95 North
2 photos
2 photos
I-11 / U.S. 93-95 north gains an additional lane ahead of the departure to Railroad Pass Casino Road (Exit 15A). The upcoming interchange joins the Boulder City Bypass with the Railroad Pass Hotel & Casino and eastbound U.S. 93 Business. Photos taken 03/07/19.
Railroad Pass Casino Road (Exit 15A) was built in conjunction with this portion of Interstate 11 (Boulder City Bypass) to provide direct access to the Railroad Pass Hotel & Casino. The hotel / casino is the oldest operating casino in the United States, originally opening to the public August 1, 1931.1 Photo taken 03/07/19.
Northbound U.S. 93 Business traffic joins the freeway ahead as a flyover ramp shuttles traffic from I-11 south onto U.S. 93 Business east (Exit 15B) to Boulder City. Photo taken 07/15/18.
A steel truss Union Pacific rail line spans Interstate 11 & U.S. 93-95 north ahead of a pedestrian over crossing as the freeway advances toward the greater Las Vegas valley. Photo taken 07/15/18.
I-11 and U.S. 93-95 north crest over Railroad Pass (elevation 2,387 feet) on the one mile drive to Wagonwheel and Nevada State Drive (Exit 56A). Interstate 515 overtakes I-11 at the ensuing interchange to I-15 near Downtown Las Vegas. Photo taken 07/15/18.
Interstate 11 north meets Boulder Highway (SR 582) at a wye interchange in 0.75 miles. Boulder Highway represents the former routing of U.S. 93 & 95 through Henderson. Photo taken 07/15/18.
This shield assembly stands ahead of the ramp to Wagonwheel Drive (Exit 56A). It replaced the initial assembly for Interstate 515 north by August 2017 when the first phase of I-11 opened to traffic. Photo taken 07/15/18.
A diamond interchange (Exit 56A) joins I-11 and U.S. 93-95 with Wagonwheel Drive and Nevada State Drive. Wagonwheel Drive stems east to the Old Vegas East neighborhood while Nevada State Drive extends south to the Nevada State College campus. Photo taken 07/15/18.

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