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Interstate 15 & U.S. 93 north
Traveling northeast from Clark County 215 (Bruce Woodbury Beltway), I-15 & U.S. 93 next approach Speedway Boulevard. U.S. 93 remains with the freeway another 11.5 miles before departing for Ely.
Construction wrapped up March 2018 on a project that widened I-15 & U.S. 93 to six lanes between Craig Road (Exit 48) and Speedway Boulevard. The $33.8 million project was aimed at providing relief during NASCAR racing events along this stretch of freeway.1 Photo taken 03/04/19.
Two lanes depart ahead at the diamond interchange (Exit 54) with Speedway Boulevard. Hollywood Boulevard spokes south from Speedway Boulevard through industrial areas, connecting with SR 604 (Las Vegas Boulevard) at the north end of Nellis A.F.B. Photo taken 03/04/19.
Exit 54 joins I-15 with Las Vegas Motor Speedway, home to annual NASCAR events, typically held during the spring and fall. Speedway Boulevard otherwise extends southeast to Las Vegas Boulevard (SR 604) near the backstretch of the 1.5 mile oval track. Photo taken 03/04/19.
Interstate 15 & U.S. 93 north pulls away from the Las Vegas metro area on the four mile drive to Apex. U.S. 93 leaves the freeway for Ely at Exit 64. Photo taken 07/15/17.
The terrain remains relatively flat between Speedway Boulevard (Exit 54) and SR 604 (Exit 58), with elevations ranging between 2,100 and 2,250 feet above sea level. Photo taken 07/15/17.
One mile out from SR 604 (Las Vegas Boulevard) south to Nellis Air Force Base (AFB) along I-15 & U.S. 93 north. Apex is an unincorporated area to the north of Exit 58. Photo taken 07/15/17.
A diamond interchange joins I-15 with SR 604 at Exit 58. SR 604 overlays Las Vegas Boulevard southwest for a return to North Las Vegas. Nellis AFB lies along the Las Vegas Boulevard corridor near North Las Vegas and encompasses 14,000 acres of land.2
Otherwise Las Vegas Boulevard continues north, remaining close to the freeway to U.S. 93 (Great Basin Highway). Photo taken 07/15/17.
This set of confirming markers stand along I-15 & U.S. 93 north as motorists enter an S-curve beyond the ingress point for Exit 58. Photo taken 07/15/17.
U.S. 93 (Great Basin Highway) branches from I-15 next at the Garnet interchange (Exit 64). Two exits serve the Glendale area 33 miles ahead. Photo taken 07/15/17.
Interstate 15 and U.S. 93 north ascend to Apex Summit, elevation 2,492 feet above sea level. Photo taken 03/04/19.
Both Pabco Road and a Union-Pacific railroad spur line pass over the freeway two miles beyond Exit 58 (Las Vegas Boulevard). Photo taken 03/29/08.
I-15 bends north ahead of the Dry Lake mountain range as this advance guide sign indicates the upcoming departure of U.S. 93. Photo taken 03/04/19.
I-15 & U.S. 93 north travel under a second Union Pacific rail line 1.5 miles out from Exit 64. This rail line typically carries freight traffic and generally stays near the I-15 corridor between Barstow and Salt Lake City. Photo taken 03/04/19.
One mile advance guide sign for the departure of U.S. 93 north to Pioche and Ely at the Garnet interchange (Exit 64). Alamo and Caliente are also found along the U.S. 93 corridor between I-15 and Pioche. Photo taken 03/04/19.
A $58 million project kicked off February 2018 to upgrade Exit 64 into a diverging diamond interchange (DDI). The project improved a five mile stretch of U.S. 93 between the Garnet interchange and Apex Power Parkway, and included the addition of a frontage road. Provisions were also made for an eventual widening I-15 in the area.3 Photo taken 03/04/19.
Two lanes leave for Exit 64 (U.S. 93) along I-15 north. U.S. 93 (Great Basin Highway) constitutes a heavily traveled facility from the Garnet interchange northward to Alamo, Caliente, and beyond. The highway occasionally serves as an alternate to I-15 in addition to serving Great Basin National Park. Photo taken 03/04/19.
Lanes split ahead for the frontage road to the regional landfill and U.S. 93 north through the DDI. Photo taken 03/04/19.
Interstate 15 North
Interstate 15 descends from Exit 64 (U.S. 93 north) into Dry Lake Valley as it continues on its northeasterly course. Las Vegas Boulevard (old U.S. 91) is seen departing away from the freeway corridor in the distance. Photo taken 07/15/17.
I-15 north advances 26 miles to Glendale. Mesquite otherwise lies along the Arizona border 45 minutes ahead. Photo taken 07/15/17.
2 photos
2 photos
Typical scenes along the freeway as it continues through the Dry Lake Valley. Photos taken 07/15/17.
I-15 north enters the Moapa River Indian Reservation ahead of Exit 75. The reservation encompasses nearly 72,000 acres and is home to the Moapa Band of Paiute Indians.4 Photo taken 07/15/17.
Valley of Fire Highway connects Interstate 15 with the Valley of Fire State Park and the Lake Mead National Recreation Area in one mile at Exit 75. Photo taken 07/15/17.
Both Lake Mead National Recreation Area and Valley of Fire State Park are fee based parks offering numerous amenities to its visitors year round. Valley of Fire Highway leads directly Valley of Fire State Park while SR 167 runs the length of Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Photo taken 07/15/17.
Drivers leave for Exit 75 to Valley of Fire Highway. Valley of Fire Highway was formerly a part of SR 169 between I-15 and SR 167 until 2001 when the state route was truncated to its current alignment. Photo taken 07/15/17.
Confirming marker posted beyond the entrance ramp from Exit 75 Photo taken 07/15/17.
Glendale is the next population center found along I-15 north 16 miles ahead. Photo taken 07/15/17.
Exit 80 serves the Moapa River Indian Reservation railroad siding community of Ute. Photo taken 07/15/17.
Ute is located along a gravel road west from Interstate 15 at the crossing of the Union Pacific rail line from Las Vegas. Photo taken 07/15/17.
Motorists leave the Moapa River Indian Reservation 0.75 miles ahead of Exit 84. Photo taken 07/15/17.
The upcoming interchange consists of right in-right out (RIRO) ramps. Photo taken 07/15/17.
An unimproved road leads northwest from Exit 84 to Byron, a railroad siding community that existed until 1949. Photo taken 07/15/17.
Beyond Exit 84, I-15 advances north to Hidden Valley Road (Exit 88). Photo taken 07/15/17.
Hidden Valley Road stems north from Exit 88 to SR 168 west of Moapa. Photo taken 07/15/17.
Reassurance shield posted beyond Exit 88 (Hidden Valley Road). Photo taken 07/15/17.
Interstate 15 north meets SR 168 west in one mile (Exit 90). The state route travels on a northwest course to U.S. 93 near Coyote Springs. Photo taken 07/15/17.
Exit 90 is the first of two successive interchanges serving Glendale and Moapa along I-15 north. Photo taken 07/15/17.
SR 168 west provides additional access to the Moapa River Indian Reservation. Fuel and lodging services otherwise line nearby Glendale Boulevard. Photo taken 07/15/17.
A loop ramp provides movement from I-15 north to State Route 168 west at Exit 90. Moapa lies to the west of Glendale and north of SR 168. Photo taken 07/15/17.
Beyond SR 168 (Exit 90) northbound I-15 traffic quickly approaches the second exit to Glendale. Photo taken 08/12/11.
Lewis Ranch Road (Exit 91) connects Interstate 15 to Glendale Boulevard, which in turn leads southwest to SR 168.
This motorist service advisory placard was removed sometime after 2011. Photo taken 08/12/11.
Interstate 15 briefly travels on an easterly course between Exits 91 and 93. Photo taken 07/15/17.
A set of high voltage transmission lines span I-15 one mile out from SR 169 south (Exit 93). Photo taken 07/15/17.
SR 169 extends southeast to Logandale and Overton, located within the Moapa Valley region. Photo taken 07/15/17.
Motorists reach the diamond interchange (Exit 93) with SR 169 south. Beyond Logandale and Overton SR 169 continues south along the eastern edge of Valley of Fire State Park. Photo taken 07/15/17.
Beyond Exit 93 (SR 169) Interstate 15 presses northeast on the 28 mile drive to Mesquite on the Arizona border. Otherwise 368 miles separate SR 169 from Salt Lake City. Photo taken 07/15/17.
A pull off area for commercial truckers lies one mile ahead along I-15 north. Photo taken 07/15/17.
Truckers routinely use this parking area found four miles south of Exit 100. Photo taken 07/15/17.
I-15 north encounters a diamond interchange (Exit 100) in one half mile to the former railroad siding communities of Carp and Elgin, located in adjacent Lincoln County. Photo taken 07/15/17.
Both Carp and Elgin are well removed from the I-15 corridor. The railroad siding of Carp is situated to the north of Moapa Peak, while Elgin lies 21 miles south of U.S. 93 at Caliente near the south end of SR 317. Travel to both requires use of inimproved roads and trails. Photo taken 07/15/17.
Confirming marker standing along I-15 north beyond Exit 100. Photo taken 07/15/17.
Interstate 15 beelines through the Mormon Mesa en route to Mesquite and the Arizona border. Photo taken 07/15/17.
Commercial truckers have use of a second truck parking area on the approach to SR 170 (Exit 112). Photo taken 07/15/17.
Motorists descend along a five percent grade one mile out from Exit 112 (SR 170) to Riverside. Photo taken 07/15/17.
I-15 levels out on the 0.5-mile drive to SR 170. The state route arcs south and east to parallel I-15 between Riverside and Mesquite, seeing an end at the business loop for the border city. Photo taken 07/15/17.
SR 170 extends south to serve Riverside along the Virgin River. Bunkerville otherwise lies along the corridor halfway between Riverside and Mesquite. Photo taken 07/15/17.
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2 photos
I-15 north advances nine miles to Mesquite, while St. George debuts 49 miles out from Exit 112. At just under the 350-mile mark, Salt Lake City is still several hours out along I-15 north. Photos taken 07/15/17.
Traffic on I-15 north will meet Lower Flat Top Drive (Exit 118) in two miles. Exit 118 is the first of three interchanges to serve the Mesquite area. Photo taken 07/15/17.
Lower Flat Top Drive extends north from I-15 into western reaches of Mesquite, with the road between West Pioneer Drive and I-15 opening to traffic July 21, 2016.5 Photo taken 07/15/17.
A single lane ramp leaves for Exit 118 as drivers advance under the archway span of Lower Flat Top Drive. Truck traffic is encouraged to use Exit 118 to reach local destinations. Photo taken 07/15/17.
I-15 continues into Mesquite beyond Lower Flat Top Drive. The sole business loop for I-15 occurs next. Photo taken 07/15/17.
One mile out from Falcon Ridge Parkway and Mesquite Boulevard (Exit 120) along northbound Interstate 15. Photo taken 07/15/17.
2 photos
2 photos
Mesquite Boulevard formally carries the I-15 business loop into the center of Mesquite, though the route is sparsely signed beyond the upcoming interchange. Mesquite Boulevard previously doubled as SR 144, but the state designation was removed by the end of 2005. Falcon Ridge Parkway travels northward serving subdivisions in the north part of the city. Photos taken 07/15/17.
Motorists depart for Mesquite Boulevard and Falcon Ridge Parkway at a dumbbell interchange (Exit 120). Photo taken 07/15/17.
A roundabout guides motorists at the south end of the ramp to Falcon Ridge Parkway north and south, as well as to Mesquite Boulevard (I-15 Business) east. Photo taken 07/15/17.
I-15 north enters a double S-curve beyond Exit 120 (Mesquite Boulevard). Photo taken 07/15/17.
Pioneer and Sandhill Boulevards (Exit 122) represent the last interchange within the Silver State along I-15 north. Photo taken 07/15/17.
2 photos
2 photos
Sandhill Boulevard returns the business loop from Downtown Mesquite while Pioneer Boulevard doubles back west to parallel Interstate 15. Photos taken 07/15/17.
Northbound drivers will not see any traveler services until St. George, Utah. Photo taken 07/15/17.
I-15 north reaches Exit 122 (Pioneer and Sandhill Boulevards). Several commercial businesses line Sandhill Boulevard south while casino resorts and residential areas are found along Pioneer Boulevard. Photo taken 07/15/17.
Northbound traffic leaves Mesquite for Arizona and Utah next. Photo taken 07/15/17.
Interstate 15 will nip the northwest corner of Arizona ahead of entering Utah south of St. George. Littlefield is the lone community along the Arizona stretch of freeway. Photo taken 07/15/17.

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