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Interstate 15 North
Traffic immediately departs for Primm Boulevard (Exit 1) upon entering Nevada. Situated along the border with California, Primm is an unincorporated area with golf, hotel-casinos, shopping, and thrill attractions.
An elevated tram system links the Buffalo Bills's, Primm Valley, and Whiskey Pete's casino resorts, providing visitors unimpeded access between the three resorts. 07/20/14
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The Buffalo Bill's Resort-Casino is situated in the northeast quadrant of the diamond interchange (Exit 1) between I-15 and Primm Boulevard. Opened May 1994, Buffalo Bill's is a western themed resort and casino home to a concert arena and thrill rides including the Desperado steel roller coaster. 07/20/14
A truss bridge spans I-15 north as traffic merges from Primm Boulevard (Exit 1). No longer in use, the truss bridge was part of a family train ride between the Buffalo Bill's and Whiskey Pete's resorts. 07/20/14
Interstate 15 north gains a third travel lane from Exit 1 to Las Vegas. 07/20/14
Travel time advisory signs are posted along I-15 and other freeways throughout the Las Vegas region. I-215 forms part of the Las Vegas beltway while I-515 extends southeast to Henderson. 07/20/14
An 11-mile exit less stretch await motorists along I-15 north while downtown Las Vegas lies 41 miles ahead. Exit 25 otherwise joins the freeway with Sloan in 24 miles. 07/20/14
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The Good Spring mountain range rises to the north and west as Interstate 15 travels northeasterly through the Ivanpah Valley en route to Jean (Exit 12).
Long traffic queues are frequent along this stretch of I-15 as motorists travel between Las Vegas and California. 07/20/14, 03/29/15
The Gold Strike Hotel and Gambling Hall is in full view 0.75 miles out from SR 161 (Exit 12) to Jean and Goodsprings. 07/20/14
Drivers pass another travel time advisory sign on the final approach to Exit 12. In addition to the lone casino-hotel, the Correctional Center of Sandy Valley lies to the east of the diamond interchange. 03/29/15
SR 161 joins I-15 and Jean with Goodsprings 7.3 miles to the west. The state road extends a short distance east to end at Las Vegas Boulevard (old U.S. 91-466). 03/29/15
The Gold Strike Hotel and Gambling Hall is the sole casino resort in Jean, occupying land between I-15 and Las Vegas Boulevard. Opened in 1987, the hotel features an old west theme and houses over 800 rooms. Renovations will add new restaurants and update the name to Terrible's Road House in the future.1 07/20/14
This confirming marker stands along I-15 north beyond the merge point from SR 161 (Exit 12). 07/20/14
Two miles separate Sloan (Exit 25) from SR 146 and Southern Highlands Parkway (Exit 27) along I-15 north. 07/20/14
Surrounding terrain along this segment of I-15 ranges between 3,200 and 3,600 feet above sea level. 07/20/14
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Both a Union-Pacific rail line and Las Vegas Boulevard travel alongside I-15 between Jean and Sloan. Las Vegas Boulevard represents the former alignment of U.S. 91 and 466 prior to their decommissioning in the 1960s. 07/20/14
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I-15 drops 400 feet in elevation on the final miles to Sloan. 03/29/15, 07/20/14
A Nevada DOT inspection (check) station lines northbound I-15 on the approach to Exit 25. All commercial vehicles must enter when the station is in use. 07/20/14
One mile out from Las Vegas Boulevard (Exit 25) on Interstate 15 north. Las Vegas Boulevard runs adjacent to the freeway at this point. 07/20/14
A ramp leaves for the inspection station on the half mile drive to Exit 25. Due to close proximity between the check station and Sloan Road, commercial vehicles returning to I-15 north must use Las Vegas Boulevard north. 03/29/15
I-15 north passes over Sloan Road as motorists leave via a right in-right out (RIRO) ramp to Las Vegas Boulevard (Exit 25). 07/20/14
Interstate 15 curves north on the one mile approach to SR 146 (St. Rose Parkway) and Southern Highlands Parkway. SR 146 follows St. Rose Parkway northeast toward Henderson. 03/29/15
An older sign remains in place for the upcoming SR 146 exchange (Exit 27). Previously SR 146 connected I-15 directly with Henderson and Lake Mead but was severed with the completion of I-215. The state route now ends at a diamond interchange with I-215 opposite Pecos Road. 07/20/14
The Las Vegas Strip comes into view as I-15 (Las Vegas Freeway) north meets SR 146 (St. Rose Parkway). Southern Highlands Parkway winds northerly into the Southern Highlands development, connecting with Decatur Boulevard at Cactus Avenue. 03/29/15
Sideways glance at the split for SR 146 (St. Rose Parkway) east and Southern Highlands Parkway west from I-15. 03/29/15
Once a trumpet interchange, Exit 27 was converted into a single point urban interchange (SPUI) by June 2008 2 to facilitate the extension of Southern Highlands Parkway. 07/20/14
This reassurance marker for I-15 (Las Vegas Freeway) is posted at the ingress point from SR 146 (Exit 27). 03/29/15
Salt Lake City, Utah debuts at 452 miles out as Interstate 15 presses north toward Las Vegas. North Las Vegas otherwise lies two miles beyond Downtown along Las Vegas Boulevard (SR 604). 07/20/14
Several casino resorts located off the Strip rise up in the distance on the one half mile drive to Cactus Avenue (Exit 30). SR 160 (Blue Diamond Road) will meet the freeway in 3.5 miles.
A new interchange in this vicinity will connect I-15 with an extended Starr Road by Summer 2019.3 The interchange project commenced in November 2017 at a cost of $33.7 million.4 03/29/15
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Opened August 29, 2014 at a cost of $52 million5, Cactus Avenue (Exit 30) joins I-15 with Southern Highlands and Enterprise to the west and surrounding neighborhoods to the east. 03/29/15
The Cactus Avenue overpass features an aesthetically pleasing design for travelers on the I-15 mainline. 03/29/15
Northbound motorists fast approach Silverado Ranch Boulevard (Exit 31) to the South Point hotel, casino and spa resort. Exit 31 represents the first of seven interchanges serving the Las Vegas Strip. 03/29/15
The South Point resort is situated at the southwest corner of Silverado Ranch and Las Vegas Boulevards and is one of the larger casino-hotel resorts outside of the Strip. 07/20/14
Traffic leaves for Silverado Ranch Boulevard (Exit 31) along I-15 north. Silverado Ranch Boulevard travels east from Jones Boulevard to Enterprise and Silverado Ranch. The urban arterial ends at Eastern Avenue near Henderson. 03/29/15
Express lanes begin along Interstate 15 north one mile beyond the Silverado Ranch Boulevard overpass and run to the Sahara Avenue interchange (Exit 40) near the north end of the Strip. 03/29/15
Motorists enter I-15 north from Silverado Ranch Boulevard (Exit 31) one half mile ahead of the entrance to the express lanes. Opened by summer 2010, the express lanes allow northbound through traffic to bypass local exits to the Las Vegas Strip. 07/20/14
Confirming marker standing along I-15 beyond the ingress point from Exit 31. 07/20/14
Advance guide sign for the forthcoming exit directs motorists headed for either McCarran International Airport (LAS), the McCarran Rent-A-Car center, or Henderson to utilize Interstate 215 (Bruce Woodbury Beltway) east. 07/20/14
Travelers bound for the express lanes depart at this point for the 7.5-mile drive to Sahara Avenue (Exit 40). I-15 north maintains a 65 mph speed limit through the Las Vegas Strip corridor. 07/20/14
Exit 35 departs 3.25 miles ahead for Russell Road and Tropicana Avenue (SR 593). I-15 is one half mile out from a ramp to both Blue Diamond Road (SR 160), I-215 east and Clark County 215 west. I-215 and CR 215 make up the Bruce Woodbury Beltway that wraps around three quarters of the Las Vegas metropolitan area. 07/20/14
SR 160 (Blue Diamond Road) leads southwest on a course through Enterprise toward Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. The 80.3 mile long state route turns north at the bedroom community of Pahrump to its end at U.S. 95 between Amargosa Valley and Indian Springs. 07/20/14
Advance guide sign for the upcoming departure to the SR 160 (Blue Diamond Road) and Interstate 215 / Clark County 215 exchanges. 07/20/14
Traffic departs in unison for Exit 33 to Blue Diamond Road (SR 160) and the Bruce Woodbury Beltway (I-215 and CR 215). Blue Diamond Road constitutes a busy commercial thoroughfare as it extends southwest through Enterprise. Travelers bound for McCarran International (LAS) are directed to use I-215 east. 07/20/14
A single lane splits for SR 160 (Blue Diamond Road) west as traffic continues ahead for I-215 east and CR 215 west. While SR 160 ends at I-15, Blue Diamond Road continues a short distance east to Las Vegas Boulevard opposite Windmill Lane. 07/20/14
The interchange was modified by Summer 2011 to include a flyover ramp from SR 160 east to I-15 north while a secondary ramp leads to the Bruce Woodbury Beltway. 03/29/15
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A slip ramp leads motorists from Blue Diamond Road (Exit 33) onto Interstate 15 north ahead as lanes partition for Interstate 215 east and CR 215 west. 03/29/15, 07/20/14
Interchange sequence sign posted along I-15 north for the next four access points to the Las Vegas Strip. 07/20/14
Warm Springs Road spans the Las Vegas Freeway on the approach to Exit 35. While Russell Road and Tropicana Avenue (SR 593) join I-15 with Las Vegas Boulevard, Frank Sinatra Drive runs parallel to the freeway along the back side of several casino resorts.
Otherwise traffic leaves for I-215 east to LAS and Henderson. 03/29/15
A second ramp splits from the main ramp to I-215 east for Las Vegas Boulevard and the McCarran Rent-A-Car Center located on Gilespie Street. Exit 10 along I-215 east otherwise leads drivers to Paradise Road (SR 171) and McCarran International Airport (LAS). 07/20/14

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