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Business Loop I-15 at Nephi overlaps with the northernmost 4.95 miles of Utah State Route 28. Following Main Street and old U.S. 91, the two connect I-15 with the city center between Exits 222 and 228. SR 28 north of Exit 222 was previously SR 41.

Business Loop I-15 Utah State Route 28 North
Several motorist services are located along SR 28 by the diamond interchange with I-15 at Exit 222. Business Loop I-15 begins and accompanies the state route leading north from here into Nephi. 07/14/08
Entering the exchange with Interstate 15 on SR 28 north. I-15 winds along the east side of Nephi adjacent to the Wasatch Range foot hills en route to Salt Lake City. 07/14/08
SR 28 and Business Loop I-15 pass under Interstate 15 in south Nephi. Until 2006, SR 28 through Nephi was designated as SR 41. 07/14/08
Northbound SR 28 and Business Loop I-15 meet the on-ramp to Interstate 15 south to Las Vegas. Mount Nebo rises to the northeast. 07/14/08
Leading away from I-15, a reassurance marker references SR 28 and not Business Loop I-15. 07/13/08
SR 28 follows Main Street (old U.S. 91) and former SR 41 north into Nephi along a five lane boulevard. 07/13/08
Main Street takes SR 28 and Business Loop I-15 north into Downtown Nephi, where the pair intersect SR 132 (100 North). 07/13/08
The lone Business Loop I-15 north reassurance shield in Nephi appears along Main Street after the intersection with SR 132 (100 North) and next to the Juab County Court House. 07/13/08
This confirming marker for SR 28 was posted at the northwest corner of Main Street and 200 North. It was removed by 2012. 07/13/08
Business Loop I-15 Utah State Route 28 South
Business Loop I-15/SR 28 commence from a diamond interchange (Exit 228) with Interstate 15 southwest of Mount Nebo (el. 11,863 feet). 08/25/14
Southbound SR 28/Business Loop I-15 (Main Street) meet SR 132 at 100 North. SR 132 east and Main Street south both lead from the city center to Interstate 15. 07/13/08
A set of reassurance shields for southbound SR 28 and Business Loop I-15 are posted after SR 132 (100 North) in Downtown Nephi. 07/13/08
Continuing south beyond the Nephi street grid, southbound Business Loop I-15 and SR 28 approach Interstate 15. 07/13/08
Business Loop I-15 returns motorists to I-15 south for St. George and Las Vegas. SR 28 south continues beyond the northbound on-ramp for I-15 nine miles to Levan. 07/13/08

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