Interstate 20 East
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Interstate 20 eastbound enters Haralson County, Georgia and Eastern Time Zone. 09/11/20
Reassurance marker posted north of Kelley Creek. 09/11/20
A tourist information center follows along Interstate 20 east on a hill above Williams Creek. 09/11/20
The second eastbound shield for I-20 posted in Georgia stands between the welcome center and the Old SR 100 overpass. 09/11/20
Roadways separate along Interstate 20 ahead of the diamond interchange (Exit 5) with SR 100. 09/11/20
SR 100 meets Interstate 85, 4.8 miles south of U.S. 78/SR 8 (Atlanta Street) in the city of Tallapoosa. 09/11/20
SR 100 heads 0.8 miles south from Exit 5 to SR 16, which meanders 13.83 miles southeast to Jake, Mount Zion, John Tanner Park and the county seat of Carrollton. SR 100 continues another 3.7 miles south to Kansas and 9.5 miles to Bowdon. 09/11/20
The roadways of Interstate 20 remain separated with a forested median as the freeway parallels Walker Creek east toward Waco. 07/15/05
Waco Road meets I-20 at Exit 9. Waco Road becomes Atlantic Avenue northward 1.09 miles to U.S. 78/SR 8 into the city of Waco. 09/11/20
Running 4.05 miles east from SR 16, Buncombe-Waco Road ties into Waco Road just south of the diamond interchange at Exit 9. 09/11/20
Buncombe-Waco Road overtakes Waco Road south into Carroll County, where it becomes Five Points Road southwest 3.19 miles to SR 16 (Mt. Zion Road) near Jake. 09/11/20
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Eastbound Interstate 20 next crosses the Carroll County line from a ridge west of Turkey Creek. 09/11/20
U.S. 27, a major travel corridor in Georgia west of Interstate 75, meets I-20 at a parclo interchange (Exit 11) within southern reaches of the Bremen city limits. 09/11/20
U.S. 27 runs south to Carrollton - home of the University of West Georgia, Franklin and LaGrange. Entirely with four lanes, U.S. 27 extends southward to Columbus, Bainbridge and Tallahassee, Florida. 09/11/20
Just north of Exit 11, U.S. 27/SR 1 partitions with U.S. 27BU/SR 1BU (Alabama Avenue) for a four lane bypass to the west of Bremen. North from the city, U.S. 27 continues to the Haralson County seat of Buchanan, Cedartown and Rome. 09/11/20
SR 113 leads north from I-20 to Draketown, Union, Rockmart and Cartersville. The 56.19 mile long highway concludes at Exit 288 along I-75. 09/11/20
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2 photos
Interstate 20 parallels the Haralson County line from south of Reeds Mountain east to SR 113 at Exit 19. Atlanta is 45 miles east of Bremen. 09/11/20
Pleasant Ridge Road spans I-20 ahead of Buck Creek. A westbound side weigh station facility lies along this stretch. 09/11/20
SR 113 and Interstate 20 come together on the south side of Temple at Exit 19. 09/11/20
I-20 east at the diamond interchange (Exit 19) with SR 113 (Carrollton Street). SR 113 leads 9.33 miles south from the city of Temple 9.33 miles to U.S. 27?SR 1 in Carrollton. 09/11/20
The concrete travel lanes along I-20 were replaced between the exchanges with U.S. 27/SR 1 and SR 61. Costing $98.20 million, road work ran from July 2016 to July 2021.1 09/11/20
The third Carroll County interchange along Interstate 20 joins the freeway with the city of Villa Rica in six miles. 09/11/20
Interstate 20 crosses the northern arm of Little Tallapoosa Lake east of Temple and Bar J Road. 07/15/05
A diamond interchange (Exit 24) connects Interstate 20 with SR 61 and the northbound beginning of SR 101 at Villa Rica. 09/11/20
Northward SR 61/101 combine a half mile to U.S. 78/SR 8 (Bankhead Highway), where SR 61 turns east toward the Villa Rica Historic District. SR 101 travels 43.54 miles north from Exit 24 to U.S. 27/SR 1 and SR 20 in the city of Rome. 09/11/20
SR 61 comprises a four lane highway southwest six miles to Sand Hill and 11.4 miles to SR 166 outside Carrollton. Overall SR 61 runs 106.96 miles from Carrollton to the Tennessee state line as the signed counterpart of U.S. 411. 09/11/20
Carroll Road, the former alignment of SR 61 northeast to U.S. 78 (Montgomery Street), spans I-20 ahead of this distance sign. 32 miles from Downtown Atlanta, suburban traffic demands increases the freeway from four to six overall lanes. 09/11/20
A diamond interchange at Exit 26 joins I-20 with Liberty Road (SR 8CO) on the east side of Villa Rica. SR 8CO comprises a 0.40 mile link north to a grade separated intersection with U.S. 78/SR 8 at Mirror Lake Boulevard. 09/11/20
Mirror Lake Boulevard extends Liberty Road northwest by Mirror Lake Golf Club to become Punkintown Road to SR 61 (Dallas Highway) on the northeast side of Villa Rica. 09/11/20
Interstate 20 enters Douglas County 11 miles west of Douglasville, the county seat. 09/11/20
South from SR 8CO and Exit 26, Liberty Road meanders 8.29 miles beyond nearby suburban development to Post Road near the community of Fairplay along SR 166. 09/11/20
Leaving Villa Rica, the roadways of Interstate 20 separate with a forested median to Keaton Creek and Andy Mountain. 09/11/20
Post Road leads 7.3 miles northward from Fairplay and Liberty Road to meet Interstate 20 at a diamond interchange (Exit 30) in one mile. 09/11/20
Post Road links Interstate 20 with U.S. 78/SR 8 at the unincorporated community of Winston near Cedar Mountain. 09/11/20
Exit 30 leaves Interstate 20 east for Post Road. U.S. 78/SR 8 continue paralleling I-20 east nearby to White City and Douglasville. 09/11/20
The roadways of I-20 diverge ahead of Mobley Creek. GDOT recorded 62,200 vehicles per day on this section in 2019. 09/11/20
The first of three exits for Douglasville is the diamond interchange with SR 5 (Bill Arp Road). Bill Arp Road leads SR 5 northwest 1.34 miles to U.S. 78/SR 8 and 9.91 miles southwest to Bill Arp and SR 166 at rural McWhorter. 09/11/20
SR 5 is a 157.30 mile long highway stretching across northwest Georgia between Alabama State Route 48 in Carroll County to Tennessee State Route 68 at McCaysville. SR 5 also represents the signed counterpart of I-575 between Marietta and Nelson. 09/11/20
SR 5 serves a heavily commercialized area of southwest Douglasville. Big box retail and traveler services line the arterial by the exchange with I-20. Douglas Boulevard ties in nearby as a frontage road eastward to Arbor Place Mall and Chapel Hill Road. 09/11/20
Interstate 20 runs between West Pines Golf Club and Arbor Place mall to Exit 36 with Chapel Hill Road. 09/11/20
Chapel Hill Road becomes Campbellton Street north of Exit 36 en route to the Douglasville city center in 1.40 miles. 07/15/05
The entrance ramp from SR 5 adds a fourth eastbound lane to the parclo interchange (Exit 36) with Chapel Hill Road. 09/11/20
Chapel Hill Road winds 6.61 miles southeast from Interstate 20 to Chapel Hill and SR 166 near the Chattahoochee River. 09/11/20
SR 92 (Fairburn Road) meets I-20 at a diamond interchange (Exit 37) east of a commercialized stretch in Douglasville. SR 92 arcs southeast from I-20, 5.2 miles to SR 70-154-166. 09/11/20
SR 92 (Fairburn Road) constitutes a 102.71 mile long loop from U.S. 19/41 in Griffin to SR 9-120-140 at Roswell. Within Douglasville, a three phase project relocates SR 92 on a four lane bypass to the east. Including a grade separation at U.S. 78/SR 5 (Bankhead Highway), work started in September 2014 and runs through February 2022.2 09/11/20
Interstate 20 advances east past an abandoned westbound rest area and Groovers Lake to Exit 41 with Lee Road at the unincorporated community of Lithia Springs. 09/11/20
Lee Road branches northeast 3.5 miles from SR 92 (Fairburn Road) to Interstate 20 by Sparks Reservoir and Sweetwater Creek State Park. 09/11/20
North from Exit 41, Lee Road connects with Sweetwater Road to U.S. 78/SR 5-8 at Lithia Springs. Monier Avenue, a frontage road along I-20, stems east from Lee Road to an industrial park. 09/11/20
An eastbound truck weigh station follows the Mt. Vernon Road overpass. 09/11/20
SR 6, the counterpart to U.S. 278 from the Alabama state line west of Cedartown to Austell, converges with Interstate 20 at a parclo interchange (Exit 44) with Thornton Road. 09/11/20
SR 6, along with U.S. 278 northwest from Austell, leads to Powder Springs and Dallas. 09/11/20
Following Camp Creek Parkway from Thorton Road, SR 6 comprises a four lane highway southeast 17.4 miles to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL). Camp Creek Parkway was lengthened west to Douglas County to better connect new distribution centers with ATL Airport. 09/11/20
Interstate 20 crosses Sweetwater Creek a half mile from Exit 44 to SR 6 (Thornton Road). SR 6 travels 72.00 miles overall between Alabama west of Cedartown and I-85 at ATL Airport. 09/11/20
SR 6 previously ended at I-20 and Six Flags Road, but was extended southeast to Fulton County with the completion of Camp Creek Parkway. Six Flags Road remains east of Thornton Road, serving Six Flags Industrial Park to Riverside Parkway. 09/11/20
Interstate 20 enters Cobb County ahead of the parclo interchange at Exit 46 with Six Flags Drive and Riverside Parkway. 09/11/20
A fourth eastbound lane accompanies Interstate 20 from SR 6 to the Factory Shoals Road overpass. 09/11/20
Six Flags Over Georgia is a 100 acre theme park situated along the Chattahoochee River to the south of I-20. Opened in 1967, the park is home to 11 roller coasters and other thrill seeking rides. Riverside Parkway provides access to the park from just south of Exit 46. 09/11/20
Riverside Parkway replaced Six Flags Road southwest from Interstate 20 and Six Flags Drive through an expansive industrial park. The parkway mirrors the course of the Chattahoochee River southwest to SR 92 (Fairburn Road). 09/11/20
Exit 46 parts ways with I-20 east to Riverside Parkway south and Six Flags Drive. Six Flags Drive parallels I-20 west toward Lithia Springs. 09/11/20
SR 70 (Fulton Industrial Boulevard) links I-20 with Fulton County Industrial Park and U.S. 78/278, 1.9 miles beyond SR 139 (MLK, Jr. Drive) and Fulton County Executive Airport at Brown Field (FTY). 09/11/20
A half diamond interchange (Exit 47) with Six Flags Parkway adds traffic to I-20 east ahead of the Chattahoochee River. 09/11/20
Crossing the Chattahoochee River, Interstate 20 eastbound enters Fulton County. 09/11/20

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