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Interstate 20 West
Interstate 20 expands to six lanes on the causeway across Logan Martin Lake. Access to the lake from I-20 is available via Exits 158 and 162. Photo taken 10/03/10.
U.S. 78 spans Logan Martin Lake through Riverside to the north, meeting Interstate 20 at Exit 162 in one mile. Photo taken 10/03/10.
Shifting sides with Interstate 20, U.S. 78 continues southwest to Cogswell Avenue through Pell City. Photo taken 10/03/10.
Exit 162 consists of a diamond interchange between Interstate 20 and U.S. 78. This is the first of three meetings between the two routes in St. Clair County. Photo taken 10/03/10.
Westbound Interstate 20 climbs onto hills through western reaches of the town of Riverside. Photo taken 06/12/08.
Pell City, five miles to the west, is served by the next two interchanges of I-20 west. Birmingham is now a half hour away. Photo taken 06/12/08.
One mile east of the parclo interchange (Exit 158) with U.S. 231 (Martin Street) on the industrial northeast side of Pell City. Photo taken 10/03/10.
U.S. 231 follows Martin Street along a commercialized arterial from the Pell City city center to meet Interstate 20 at the north side of the city limits. The US highway continues north 14 miles to Ashville. Photo taken 10/03/10.
Now simply Exit 158, all traffic to U.S. 231 departs in unison from Interstate 20 west at Pell City. U.S. 231 travels 912 miles overall between Panama City, Florida and St. John, Indiana. From Pell City, the US route travels southwest 21 miles to merge with U.S. 280 east at Harpersville. Photo taken 06/12/08.
Construction in 2008 replaced the U.S. 231 overpass above Interstate 20 and removed the Exit 158B loop ramp in favor of a wider ramp at Exit 158A. Photo taken 06/12/08.
Suburban sprawl encroaches along the south side of Interstate 20 from Pell City west to the Wolf Creek Road overpass. Eden, a community now within the Pell City limits, follows in three miles. Photo taken 06/12/08.
U.S. 78 exits downtown Pell City and winds northwest through Eden to a diamond interchange (Exit 156) with Interstate 20. Photo taken 10/03/10.
St. Clair County 29 (Mineral Springs Road) begins and heads north from U.S. 78 west at I-20 to SR 174 at Tanyard. SR-174 leads northwest from U.S. 231 near Pell City to U.S. 411 at Odenville. Photo taken 06/12/08.
Interstate 20 lowers from Gum Spring Mountain to reach the Exit 156 off-ramp for U.S. 78 east back into Pell City via Eden and CR-29 north to AL-174 and Odenville. Photo taken 10/03/10.
Interstate 20 U.S. 78 West
2 photos
2 photos
Construction of Interstate 20 by Pond Mountain overtook the original alignment of U.S. 78 west to Chulavista, relegating the US highway for an overlap to Exit 153. Photo taken 10/03/10. Second photo taken 06/12/08.
U.S. 78 west emerges from Interstate 20 at the Exit 153 diamond interchange and resumes along its original course to Cook Springs. Photo taken 06/12/08.
A jersey barrier median was constructed throughout St. Clair County along Interstate 20 in 2005 to prevent further head-on collisions from crossover wrecks. Progress20 road work between October 2009 and Summer 2013 expands the freeway to six overall lanes from Chulavista westward to milepost 147.70 at Moody. Photo taken 06/12/08.
Pine Ridge Road (former U.S. 78) lines the westbound side of Interstate 20 to Mountain Olive Drive at Chulavista. Mountain Olive Drive spurs north from U.S. 78 and Exit 153 to Chulavista Mountain. Photo taken 10/03/10.
U.S. 78 parts ways with Interstate 20 and loops southwest around Sand Ridge between Exit 153 and Prescott. Photo taken 06/12/08.
Interstate 20 West
Bald Rock Mountain and an assortment of radio towers come into view along Interstate 20 west. Photo taken 06/12/08.
Cook Springs Road meets Interstate 20 at Exit 152 in one mile. Photo taken 10/03/10.
One half mile east of the Exit 152 off-ramp to Cook Springs at the crossing of Cane Creek. Cook Springs lies a short distance to the south at U.S. 78. Photo taken 10/03/10.
Cook Springs Road continues north from Interstate 20 and Exit 152 to SR 174. Photo taken 06/12/08.
3 photos
3 photos
3 photos
Interstate 20 lines a scenic valley between Taylors Mountain and Sand Ridge. A Norfolk Southern Railroad parallels out of view to the south. Photos taken 06/12/08.
Interstate 20 descends along the south slope of Taylors Mountain to Karr Gap on the half-mile approach to Exit 147 at Brompton. Photo taken 06/12/08.
U.S. 78 enters the Karr Gap from Prescott and travels alongside Interstate 20 across Kelly Creek. Kelly Creek Road splits from U.S. 78 to Brompton and SR 174 near Backbone Mountain. Photo taken 06/12/08.
Entering the diamond interchange (Exit 147) with Kelly Creek Road on Interstate 20 west. Suburban development becomes more apparent as I-20 advances closer to Birmingham. Photo taken 06/12/08.
The city of Leeds is next along Interstate 20 in four miles. Downtown Birmingham is 20 miles to the west after the merge with I-59 south. Photo taken 06/12/08.
Interstate 20 traverses Oak Ridge on the one mile approach to Exits 144B/A with U.S. 411 (Ashville Road south / Moody Parkway north). Photo taken 06/12/08.
The landscape opens to a variety of retail and travel amenities as Interstate 20 nears the six-ramp parclo interchange (Exit 144) with U.S. 411. Photo taken 06/12/08.
Exit 144A leaves Interstate 20 west for U.S. 411 (Moody Parkway) north through Cahaba Valley to Moody, Branchville and Odenville. Photo taken 06/12/08.
A loop ramp joins U.S. 411 southbound. U.S. 411 follows Ashville Road southwest to Whitmire Street and its southern terminus at 9th Street and U.S. 78 (Parkway Drive) in Leeds. Photo taken 06/12/08.
Interstate 20 proceeds west from Cahaba Valley toward Pine Ridge on the north side of Leeds. Photo taken 06/12/08.
Irondale, a suburb of Birmingham, is next along Interstate 20 west in 11 miles. Photo taken 06/12/08.
Westbound travelers enter Jefferson County at Pine Ridge. Photo taken 06/12/08.
U.S. 78 follows Parkway Dive out from Leeds to a parclo interchange (Exit 140) with Interstate 20. Photo taken 06/12/08.
Retail growth during and after 2008, including a Bass Pro Shops and The Outlet Shops of Grand River, accompanies the exchange joining Interstate 20 and U.S. 78 in west Leeds. Rex Lake Road spurs southwest from U.S. 78 nearby to Barber Motorsports Park and eastern reaches of the Birmingham city limits. Photo taken 06/12/08.
West from Exit 140, U.S. 78 (Bankhead Highway) stays north of Interstate 20 to the Lovick area of Birmingham and the city of Irondale. Photo taken 06/12/08.
Reassurance marker posted for Interstate 20 west after the loop ramp from U.S. 78. Photo taken 06/12/08.
Interstate 459, the south belt line of Birmingham, crosses paths with Interstate 20 at a symmetrical stack interchange (Exit 136) in two miles. Photo taken 06/12/08.
Spanning the Cahaba River, motorists along Interstate 20 west pass underneath a set of button copy signs for Exit 136. Interstate 459 constitutes a 33.35-mile loop from Interstate 59 near Trussville to I-20/59 at Bessemer. Photo taken 06/12/08.
Interstate 459 leads southwest from Exit 136, 14 miles to meet Interstate 65 at the city of Hoover. The freeway opened in stages between 1978 and 1984. Photo taken 06/12/08.
A two-lane off-ramp departs Interstate 20 west for Interstate 459. Interstate 459 north to I-59 leads motorists 48 miles to Gadsden. Through traffic to Tuscaloosa or Meridian, Mississippi should follow I-459 south to bypass downtown Birmingham. Photo taken 06/12/08.
An Interstate 459 shield accompanies the gore point sign for Exit 136. This is a typical ALDOT arrangement between freeway to freeway junctions. Photo taken 06/12/08.
Flyovers between Interstates 20 and 459 carry two lanes while ground level ramps carry just a single lane. Photo taken 06/12/08.
The four-level stack interchange at Interstate 459 was completed in 1984. Photo taken 06/12/08.
A diamond interchange (Exit 135) with Old Leeds Road lies one half mile west of I-459. The next three exits all connect Interstate 20 with adjacent U.S. 78 at Irondale. Photo taken 06/12/08.
Exit 135 parts ways with Interstate 20 west to Old Leeds Road at Rose Hill. Heading southwest from U.S. 78, Old Leeds Road aligns along Flat Ridge to East Irondale and Mountain View. Photo taken 06/12/08.
Interstate 20 westbound shield posted west of Weems Gap ahead of Shades Mountain. This stretch of freeway was built in 1981. Photo taken 06/12/08.
Passing over Shades Mountain, Interstate 20 next meets U.S. 78 (Crestwood Boulevard) at Kilgore Memorial Drive. This interchange serves the Irondale city center via 20th Street South from U.S. 78 at Kilgore Memorial Drive. Photo taken 10/03/10.
Exit 133 links Interstate 20 westbound directly with parallel U.S. 78 (Crestwood Boulevard) at a parclo interchange. Kilgore Memorial Drive begins and heads east from U.S. 78 and 20th Street South to become Grants Mill Road east at retail area on Shades Mountain. Photo taken 06/12/08.
U.S. 78 continues west from Kilgore Memorial Drive and passes under I-20 to enter the Birmingham city limits. Crestwood Boulevard enters a sprawling retail corridor by Sandstone Ridge and Red Mountain. Photo taken 06/12/08.
Montevallo Road arcs southwest from 16th Street South in Irondale to U.S. 78 (Crestwood Boulevard) and Montclair Road in Birmingham. Photo taken 06/12/08.
2 photos
2 photos
Interstate 20 kinks northwesterly over a viaduct across both Montclair Road and U.S. 78 (Crestwood Boulevard) while formally entering the city of Birmingham. Photo taken 10/03/10. Second photo taken 06/02/08.
Exit 132 departs Interstate 20 at a diamond interchange with Montevallo Road. The ramp also serves the adjacent parclo interchange with Oporto Madrid Boulevard. Photo taken 06/02/08.
The first guide sign for Interstate 59 (Exit 130B) appears between Montevallo Road and Oporto Madrid Boulevard at the Eastwood neighborhood of Birmingham. Interstate 59 enters the Birmingham area from Trussville and Gadsden to the northeast. Photo taken 06/02/08.
Westbound reassurance marker of Interstate 20 posted on Red Mountain in Birmingham. Photo taken 10/03/10.
U.S. 11 (1st Avenue North) crosses paths with Interstate 20 between the Wahouma and Woodlawn neighborhoods in one mile. Exit 130 drops from I-20 west onto 64th Street just south of the US highway. Photo taken 10/03/10.
A lengthy viaduct spans the Alabama and Tennessee River Railway, two Norfolk Southern Railroad lines, Brussels Avenue and Georgia Road between Woodlawn and Gate City. Photo taken 10/03/10.
Interstate 20 west merges with Interstate 59 south in one mile at the Exit 130A trumpet interchange with Interstate 59 north. The two share 154.7 miles southwest to the Magnolia State. Photo taken 06/02/08.
Exit 130B departs Interstate 20 westbound for 1st Avenue South. U.S. 11 follows 1st Avenue North northeast to East Lake and Exit 132 of I-59 and southwest along an industrial boulevard to downtown. Exit 130A follows in one half mile to Gadsden and Chattanooga, Tennessee. Photo taken 06/02/08.
Speed limits drop to 45 miles per hour as Interstate 20 prepares to merge with Interstate 59 south to downtown Birmingham, Tuscaloosa and Meridian, Mississippi. Exit 130A carries motorists onto Interstate 59 north for East Lake, Roebuck and Huffman in northeast Birmingham. Photo taken 06/02/08.
Interstate 59 northbound continues 131 miles from I-20 east to end at Interstate 24 near Wildwood, Georgia. Photo taken 10/03/10.
The merge of Interstate 20 westbound onto Interstate 59 south utilizes a tight two-lane ramp. Numerous caution lights and this overhead warning sign bridge are in place to alert motorists to reduce speed as they enter the sharp curve. Photo taken 06/02/08.
A flashing arrow and a number of beacons line the ramp from Interstate 20 west onto Interstate 59 south. Forest Hill Cemetery lines the west side of the interchange. Photo taken 06/02/08.


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