Business Loop I-20R follows old U.S. 80 west from Exit 292A to Treadway Boulevard outside Downtown Abilene. A brief jog southward alongside U.S. 83 Business takes the business loop west onto 1st Street, the former alignment of U.S. 80, U.S. 84 and U.S. 277 through the central business district. The current routing of U.S. 84 accompanies 1st Street west from a folded-diamond interchange with the Winters Freeway, a west side bypass doubling as U.S. 83 and 277.

Remaining parallel to a Union Pacific Railroad line, Business Loop I-20R & U.S. 84 upgrade into an expressway with a south side frontage road west. A diamond interchange joins the tandem with Arnold Road (FM 3438) for Dyess A.F.B. This exit was a two-wye directional interchange with left-hand ramps originally, but an extension of FM 3438 north resulted in its reconfiguring. West from there, Business Loop I-20 concludes at Exit 279 of IH 20 opposite the east end of the Tye Business Loop I-20Q.

Business Loop I-20 West
This view looks westbound at the sparse Abilene skyline from the beginning of the business loop. 04/18/08
The east side of Abilene is lightly populated and peppered with many industrial businesses. This is the first reassurance marker along the route's 8.5 mile length. 04/18/08
The first major intersection for BL 20 is Loop 322. The overpass here was only completed in 2002. 04/18/08
Going under Loop 322, the Jake Roberts Freeway. Take it southbound to Abilene's major suburban shopping areas and to US 83. 04/18/08
Although US 80 has been gone through here since 1993, the Business Loop is still locally signed on street signs as Highway 80. Many businesses along this stretch of road use Highway 80 in their names. 04/18/08
Closer into downtown, another Business Loop marker points the way to the central business district. 04/18/08
Further westbound along BL 20, the T&P overpass comes into view. Abilene became a prominent railroad hub in the late 19th century as rails replaced trails for cattle drives to northern markets. 04/18/08
Along with the road, the old T&P overpass has been renamed after Martin Luther King, Jr. 04/18/08
The next major intersection for BL 20 is Treadaway Blvd, also known as Business Loop US 83. Downtown Abilene is seen in the background. 04/18/08
As BL 20 prepares to turn one block south, the road becomes N 1st St and continues into downtown. 04/18/08
This view looks westbound as BL 20 turns one block south to continue west through Abilene and back to IH 20. 04/18/08

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04/18/08 by Justin Cozart

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