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Interstate 22 U.S. 78 East
Flat Top Road ties into Snowville Brent Road just south of Exit 81 to connect the freeway with the town of West Jefferson. County Roads are generally unsigned in Jefferson County and CR 45 is only referenced here. Photo taken 10/08/16.
xit 81 leaves Interstate 22 & U.S. 78 east for Snowville Brent Road. Flat Top Road branches east from CR 45 nearby to Graysville. Northward, Snowville Brent Road follows an arc to SR 5 (old U.S. 78) near Robbins Crossroads and West Sayre. Photo taken 10/08/16.
The Joe F. Fuller Bridge carries drivers along Interstate 22 across the Locust Fork of the Black Warrior River. I-22 enters the city limits of Graysville beyond the east banks. Photo taken 10/08/16.
Interstate 22 reassurance shield posted ahead of milepost 82 near Flat Top. Photo taken 10/08/16.
SR 5 (old U.S. 78) ventures south from near Linn Crossing to meet Interstate 22 & U.S. 78 at Graysville and Exit 85. Photo taken 10/08/16.
U.S. 78 rejoins its surface route (Bankhead Highway) south from Interstate 22 (Exit 85) through Graysville to Adamsville, Westwood, Forestdale and Thomas in northern Birmingham. Photo taken 10/08/16.
Exit 85 departs Interstate 22 east for U.S. 78 to Adamsville and Birmingham. U.S. 78 meets I-20/59 at East Thomas before combining with U.S. 11 at Smithfield to Downtown. Photo taken 10/08/16.
Interstate 22 enters the city of Graysville as it turns south near Fivemile Creek. Photo taken 10/08/16.
1st Avenue SE stems east from Main Street in Graysville to County Road 112 (Glasgow Hollow Road south / Cherry Avenue east), which connects with I-22 at a parclo interchange (Exit 87) in one mile. Photo taken 10/08/16.
Glasgow Hollow Road leads south from Cherry Avenue and Exit 87 to U.S. 78 and the city of Adamsville. Cherry Avenue (CR 112) east from Exit 87 continues to Blossburg, Pinkney City and Daisey City, all communities within the Graysville city limits. Photo taken 10/08/16.
Interstate 22 eastbound reaches the ramp departure of Exit 87 to Cherry Avenue. Cherry Avenue meanders east from Graysville to southern reaches of Brookside before returning to I-22 at Exit 97. Photo taken 10/08/16.
The freeway undulates east from Exit 87 to Prudes Creek and a diamond interchange (Exit 89) with Hillcrest Road (County Road 65). Photo taken 10/08/16.
Future Interstate 422, the Birmingham North Belt Line, is proposed to cross Corridor X on this stretch of freeway in Graysville. Terrain issues will prevent a direct interchange between the two freeways. Instead a 2.26-mile connector (Future Interstate 222) is planned at Brookside to the east. Photo taken 10/08/16.
One half mile west of the off-ramp (Exit 89) to Hillcrest Road on I-22. Hillcrest Road winds south to an interchange with U.S. 78 & SR 5 at Minor Parkway in Adamsville. Photo taken 10/08/16.
Northward from Exit 89, CR 65 concludes at Cherry Avenue (CR 112) in Daisey City. Photo taken 10/08/16.
Six lanes of Interstate 22 continue ahead of MacDonald Hollow. Beyond the next rise is the planned interchange with Interstate 222 north to Interstate 422 at Brookside. Potential construction is a long way off, with initial projections citing 2026. Photo taken 10/08/16.
Cherry Avenue curves southward from Brookside to converge with Interstate 22 again at Republic and Exit 91. Photo taken 10/08/16.
Signed here as County Road 105, Cherry Avenue joins Interstate 22 with the unincorporated community of Forestdale to the south. Photo taken 10/08/16.
Eastbound I-22 at Exit 91 for Cherry Avenue (CR 105). Cherry Avenue serves numerous subdivisions from the freeway south to its end at U.S. 78 in the Thomas section of Birmingham. Photo taken 10/08/16.
Interstate 22 travels over a series of hills south of Fivemile Creek and Lassiter Mountain. Photo taken 10/08/16.
The last mainline exit of I-22 joins the freeway with Coalburg Road in one mile. Photo taken 10/08/16.
Coalburg Road (County Road 77) south links I-22 with Daniel Payne Drive and 4th Street SW at the Sayreton community of Birmingham. Photo taken 10/08/16.
Entering the diamond interchange (Exit 93) with Coalburg Road (CR 77) on Interstate 22 east. The freeway ended here until June 20, 2016. Photo taken 10/08/16.
North from I-22, Coalburg Road lowers into a valley across Fivemile Creek ahead of Upper Coalburg. The road winds northward to Eastwood Mountain and suburban development near Fieldstown. Photo taken 06/02/11.
An arrow per lane sign at the CR 77 overpass outlines the forthcoming ramps from Interstate 22 east for I-65 north to Huntsville and south into Birmingham. Photo taken 10/09/16.
Interstate 22 arcs southeast beyond the final confirming marker of the route. Photo taken 10/09/16.
Advancing east with three lanes, Interstate 22 ends at I-65 between North Birmingham and the community of Lewisburg. The exchange is unnumbered. Photo taken 10/09/16.
2 photos
2 photos
A future connection will extend the mainline of I-22 east to U.S. 31 (Decatur Highway) at Fairmont in north Birmingham. Photo taken 10/09/16. Second photo taken 10/08/16.
Interstate 65 winds south 3.7 miles to "Malfunction Junction", the local name for the interchange with I-20/59 outside Downtown Birmingham. Photo taken 10/08/16.
Heading north from I-22, I-65 travels 76 miles to Interstate 565, its freeway spur east into Huntsville. Photo taken 10/08/16.


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