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Interstate 24 dips into northern Dade County, Georgia as it circles around Aetna and Raccoon Mountains in Tennessee. The four-lane freeway shoots through a gap north of Windy and Tatum Mountains, entering the Peach State just ahead of Interstate 59. Totaling just 4.10 miles within Georgia, exit numbers for I-59 and SR 299 continue the Tennessee mileage system. Designated State Route 409 by GDOT, the four-lane freeway can be congested leading south from Monteagle, Tennessee to I-59.

Interstate 24 East
Confirming marker for I-24 east posted as traffic from Interstate 59 north merges onto the freeway by the Slygo Road overpass. 11/03/11
Georgia 299 parallels Interstate 24 east from Tennessee 134 to Hooker and a folded diamond interchange (Exit 169) with the freeway. 11/03/11
I-24 reenters Tennessee beyond SR 299. Downtown Chattanooga lies eight miles to the northeast. 11/03/11
The 3.5 mile route of SR 299 ends just east of Exit 169 at U.S. 11. U.S. 11 travels southwest to the community of Wildwood and northeast to run alongside I-24 to Exit 174. 11/03/11
Interstate 24 crosses over a CSX Railroad line beyond this shield assembly posted north of Georgia 299. 11/03/11
Travelers enter both Hamilton County and the city of Chattanooga at mile marker 171 and a Tennessee welcome sign. 11/03/11
Interstate 24 West
A state named shield for Interstate 24 stands just ahead of the folded diamond interchange (Exit 169) with State Route 299. 06/25/12
Exit 169 loops away from I-24 west for SR 299 east to U.S. 11 near Wildwood and west to Hooker and Tennessee State Route 134 and Whiteside. 06/25/12
SR 299 travels 3.5 miles overall, from U.S. 11 west to the state line at Paris Hollow. Slygo Road stems south from Hooker to meet Interstate 59 at Exit 17. 06/18/05
Interstate 24 curves westward toward the northern terminus of I-59 (Exit 167). Interstate 59 provides a direct route from the Chattanooga area to Birmingham, Alabama. The freeway travels 445 miles between north Georgia and Slidell, Louisiana. 06/25/12
Interstate 59 begins via a left side ramp (Exit 167) from I-24 west. A three-wye interchange joins the two freeways east of Tatum Mountain and north of Slygo Ridge. 06/25/12
Slygo Road spans Interstate 24, just ahead of the partition with I-59 south. Interstate 59 angles southwest 20.67 miles within the Peach State, serving the Dade County communities of New England, Trenton and Rising Fawn. 06/25/12
Interstate 24 turns northwesterly from Exit 167 on the 117-mile course to the Tennessee capital city of Nashville. Interstate 59 ventures 77 miles southwest to Gadsden, Alabama and 132 miles to Birmingham. 06/25/12
Interstate 24 scenes
Georgia 299 parallels Wauhatchie Branch west from U.S. 11 to meet Interstate 24. Construction of the freeway realigned the route southward. 08/23/03
Approaching Interstate 24 on Georgia 299 east at the intersection with Old State Route 299. 06/18/05
I-24 arcs west from Georgia 299 to meet Interstate 59 south before reentering Tennessee around Windy Mountain. 06/18/05

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