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Interstate 25 U.S. 85 U.S. 87 North
Bald Mountain (el. 7,881 feet) rises prominently to the east of Interstate 25 just north of the El Paso County line. Photo taken 04/28/17.
Interstate 25 makes a gradual easterly shift north from the El Paso County line toward Rattlesnake Butte (el. 7,575 feet). Photo taken 04/28/17.
Nemrick Butte (el. 7,465 feet) appears to the northeast of Rattlesnake Butte while a tributary of Carpenter Creek flows along the east side of Interstate 25. Photo taken 04/28/17.
True Mountain (el. 7,784 feet) comes into view just north of Bald Mountain. Photo taken 04/28/17.
The 17-mile section of Interstate 25 between Monument and Castle Rock is known as "the gap". The I-25 Gap Coalition, a group comprised of government and business leaders, advocates expansion of the remaining four-lane segment Interstate 25. CDOT may begin work on the widening by the summer of 2019, and complete the expansion in five years.1 Photo taken 04/28/17.
Greenland Road crosses paths with I-25, three and a half miles into Douglas County at a ranch exit. Photo taken 04/28/17.
Exit 167 departs I-25 north for Greenland Road east to Spring Valley Road and Noe Road west to Greenland. Photo taken 04/28/17.
3 photos
3 photos
3 photos
Interstate 25 makes a long S-curve northwest to pass between Larkspur (el. 7,535 feet) and Raspberry (el. 7,740 feet) Buttes. Formerly situated along this stretch were two rest areas. Photo taken 04/28/17. Second photo taken 06/29/08. Third photo taken 04/28/17.
The Larkspur rest areas permanently closed southbound in November 2008 and northbound on May 11, 2009. An increase in crime, budgetary issues with bringing the facilities up to health department code, and lack of capacity were cited as reasons for the closures.2 Photo taken 06/29/08.
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2 photos
The northbound rest area was completely abandoned while the southbound area was repurposed as a truck chain station. The areas were incorporated into I-25 at a time when minimal traveler services were available to motorists at both Monument and Larkspur.2 Photo taken 04/28/17. Second photo taken 08/29/04.
Exit 172 follows as a diamond interchange with Upper Lake Gulch Road (CR 56) west to Spruce Mountain Road (CR 53). West from Exit 172, Upper Lake Gulch Road used to be part of the short Colorado 18 to Spruce Mountain Road. The 1,531 foot long state highway was turned back to local control around 2000.3 Photo taken 04/28/17.
Spruce Mountain Road is the former alignment of U.S. 85-87 leading south from I-25 (Exit 173 on southbound) into the town of Larkspur. Photo taken 04/28/17.
Upper Lake Gulch Road (CR 56) leads east through Upper Lake Gulch, then changes to Douglas County 51 en route to Castlewood Canyon State Park, near a junction with Colorado 83. Photo taken 04/28/17.
Interstate 25 and parallel BNSF and Union Pacific Railroad lines arc westward to circumvent Hunt Mountain. Photo taken 04/28/17.
The northbound freeway next meets Tomah Road at Exit 174. Photo taken 04/28/17.
Travel time signs were added along Interstate 25 north through Douglas County in 2017. Photo taken 04/28/17.
The diamond interchange at Exit 172 connects with paved frontage roads leading north to Tomah Road, and unpaved Sky View Lane west to an adjacent campground. Bear Dance Drive stems south from Tomah Road from the north, serving the Meribel Village, Sage Port and Village at Bear Dance golf course subdivisions to the west. Photo taken 04/28/17.
Interstate 25 continues north alongside East Plum Creek six miles north into the city of Castle Rock. Denver is now 35 miles away. Photo taken 04/28/17.
Descending gradually from Monument Hill in El Paso County, the freeway has lost over 1,000 feet in elevation. The town of Castle Rock is situated at 6,202 feet above sea level. Photo taken 04/28/17.
Speed limits decrease to 65 miles per hour north of Crystal Valley Parkway. Interstate 25 was expanded to six overall lanes with a concrete surface and barrier median through Castle Rock in 2009. A modified diamond interchange (Exit 181) joins the freeway with Plum Creek Parkway west of Wilcox Street in one mile. Photo taken 04/28/17.
Prior to mid 1990s, parallel Wilcox Street (old U.S. 85-87) north through Castle Rock was a state-maintained business loop for I-25. The street meets I-25 directly at Exit 182 in 1.5 miles. Photo taken 04/28/17.
One half mile out from Exit 181 to Plum Creek Parkway west to Philip S. Miller Park and Coachline Road. Photo taken 04/28/17.
Exit 181 leaves I-25 north for Plum Creek Parkway east to Wilcox Road, Fairgrounds Regional Park and Ridge Road near the Founders Village community. Photo taken 04/28/17.
Wolfensberger Road (CR 46) meanders east from SH 105 (Perry Park Road) to the Monte Vista Estates community and west Castle Rock to connect with Interstate 25 opposite the north end of Wilcox Street (old Business Loop I-25) at Exit 182. Photo taken 04/28/17.
Castle Rock rises to the north of the Castle Rock town center as Interstate 25 passes both to the west. Photo taken 04/28/17.
Fifth Street spans Interstate 25 by this interchange sequence sign posted one half mile ahead of the diamond interchange (Exit 182) with Wolfensberger Road west and Wilcox Street south. Photo taken 04/28/17.
A two-lane off-ramp (Exit 182) departs from I-25 north to Wilcox Street to Downtown Castle Rock. Several traveler services, an industrial park and a mobile home park lie to the immediate west. Photo taken 04/28/17.
Widening of Interstate 25 to six lanes included the replacement of the Union Pacific Railroad bridge north of milepost 182. Photo taken 06/23/08.
This reassurance for I-25 north stands by the Liggett Road overpass. Photo taken 04/28/17.
Front Street runs along the east side of Interstate 25 to Exit 184 with SH 86 (Founders Parkway) east. Photo taken 04/28/17.
An interchange sequence sign outlined the distances to the last two off-ramps for Castle Rock and the first Castle Pines exit. A greenout replaced Castle Pines Parkway with Castle Rock Parkway (Exit 185). Photo taken 04/28/17.
U.S. 85 splits with I-25 & U.S. 87 north at Exit 184 for Meadows Parkway west to Santa Fe Drive. The US highway branches west along Plum Creek to Sedalia and north to Chatfield Lake and the Denver suburb of Littleton. Photo taken 04/28/17.
One half mile ahead of the six-ramp parclo interchange (Exit 184) with Meadows and Founders Parkways. This sign peculiarly omits both U.S. 85 north and SH 86 east. Photo taken 04/28/17.
Exit 184 leaves Interstate 25 north. Colorado 86 was redirected from 5th Street west in Castle Rock to Founders Parkway north to I-25 and U.S. 85 at Exit 184 in 2006.4 The state highway turns east from the parkway in 4.35 miles toward Franktown. Photo taken 04/28/17.
Interstate 25 U.S. 87 North
The trumpet interchange (Exit 185) with Castle Rock Parkway, located just north of U.S. 85 (Meadows Parkway), opened to traffic in August 2016.5 Photo taken 04/28/17.
With $85.7 million construction starting in October 2013, the joint CDOT and Douglas County project built both Castle Rock Parkway west to U.S. 85, and North Meadows Drive south to Meadows Boulevard.5,6 Photo taken 04/28/17.
Interstate 25 & U.S. 87 traverse a series of hills beyond the Castle Rock town line Photo taken 04/28/17.
A diamond interchange (Exit 187) joins Interstate 25 with Happy Canyon Road in 0.75 miles. Photo taken 04/28/17.
Happy Canyon Road angles northeast from U.S. 85 through the gated Castle Pines golf course community to Interstate 25 and the Happy Canyon community. Photo taken 04/28/17.
Continuing north, motorists on I-25 next reach the parclo interchange (Exit 188) with Castle Pines Parkway in the city of Castle Pines. Photo taken 04/28/17.
Castle Pines Parkway meanders west to the Castle Pines North golf course community and Daniels Park. Havana Street and Hess Road north tie into Exit 188 from undeveloped areas east toward Rueter-Hess Reservoir. Photo taken 04/28/17.
Northbound traffic reaches the off-ramp for Exit 188. A $19.3 million project extended Hess Road west from a dead end near Chambers Road to Castle Pines Parkway. The new alignment opened to traffic following a ceremony held at the Castle Pines Community Center on January 24, 2012.7 Photo taken 04/28/17.
Interstate 25 continues north from Castle Pines Parkway with eight overall lanes. Photo taken 04/28/17.
The subsequent three exits fall within the city of Lone Tree. I-25 meets the Denver beltway, C-470 west and E-470 north, in 3.5 miles. Photo taken 04/28/17.
A second confirming marker stands along I-25 north between Exits 188 and 192. This assembly remains from when a RIRO ramps (Exit 190) linked the northbound freeway with adjacent Havana Street by Oak Hill Lane. Photo taken 04/28/17.
RidgeGate Parkway replaced a RIRO connection (Exit 191) with Surrey Drive south by 2011. Photo taken 04/28/17.
Interstate 25 threads through a valley fed by Happy CanyonCreek to the six-ramp parclo interchange (Exit 192) with RidgeGate Parkway. Photo taken 04/28/17.
RidgeGate Parkway constitutes an east-west arterial serving RidgeGate, a 3,500 acre mixed-use development slated for over 12,000 homes by 2018. Photo taken 04/28/17.
The six-ramp parclo interchange (Exit 193) with Lincoln Avenue serves an array of nearby office parks. The arterial west to University Boulevard serves suburban areas including the Heritage Hills neighborhood and Lone Tree golf course community. Photo taken 04/28/17.
Interstate 25 northbound meets the off-ramps for Lincoln Avenue (Exit 193), C-470 / E-470 (Exit 194) and County Line Road (Exit 195) in quick succession. Photo taken 04/28/17.
Commuter traffic swells the volume along Interstate 25 to 139,000 vehicles per day (2015) north of Exit 192. An additional 28,000 vpd adds to the route beyond Lincoln Avenue (Exit 193). Photo taken 04/28/17.
Exit 193 to Lincoln Avenue was expanded to two lanes during widening of I-25 north in 2014-16.
Started on September 1, 2016, the Southeast Rail Extension Project includes the construction of a 1,397 foot long overpass across Interstate 25 at Exit 193. Costing $233.1 million, the 2.3 mile extension of the RTD light rail system will connect with a new station at RiverGate Parkway east of Exit 192. Two additional stations to be built include one at the new Lone Tree Center east of I-25. Work runs through 2019.8 Photo taken 04/28/17.
Costing $32 million, the I-25 Lane Balance project added a lane in each direction of the freeway from Lincoln Avenue north to C-470 / E-470 (Exit 194) and County Line Road. Work ran from August 2014 to the fall 2016.9 Photo taken 04/28/17.
Additional office buildings dot the landscape east and west of I-25 as the freeway passes by the Meridian Golf Club and approaches the pedestrian bridge for the RTD Lincoln transit Station. Photo taken 04/28/17.
C-470 east and E-470 west come together with Interstate 25 & U.S. 87 at a symmetrical stack interchange (Exit 194) in one quarter mile. Photo taken 04/28/17.
Utilizing all electronic tolling (AET), E-470 north provides a congestion-free drive around metropolitan Denver and the fastest route from Douglas County to the airport. Photo taken 04/28/17.
Exit 194 departs from Interstate 25 north for C-470 west to Littleton, Lakewood and Golden and E-470 east to Parker and Aurora and north to Denver International Airport (DEN). Photo taken 04/28/17.
Exit 194 separates from I-25 within the four-level interchange with the 470 beltway. Succeeding exits with Dry Creek and Arapahoe Roads link the freeway with adjacent commercial areas in the city of Centennial. Photo taken 04/28/17.
C-470 constitutes a 27.41 mile long freeway wrapping around the southwestern side of the Denver Metropolitan area to U.S. 6 at Golden. E-470 encircles the east side of the urban area along a 46.40 mile course to I-25 and the Northwest Parkway at Broomfield. Photo taken 04/28/17.
The six-ramp parclo interchange (Exit 195) lies just north of Park Meadows mall and west of the Inverness business complex and golf course. County Line Road parallels C-470 west to Littleton. Photo taken 06/23/08.
Interstate 25 widens to ten overall lanes north from the 470 beltway to the Arapahoe County line. A pedestrian bridge spans the freeway here for the RTD County Line Station serving Park Meadows mall. Photo taken 06/29/08.

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