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Business Loop I-25 begins at the diamond interchange (Exit 54) joining Interstate 25 with Wyoming 221 and 313 in Chugwater. Following Wyoming 313 east, the route overtakes old U.S. 87 at Chugwater Way / Old Yellowstone Highway nearby. Wyoming 313 and Business Loop I-25 take 1st Street into the Chugwater town center, where they split at Clay Avenue.

Wyoming 313 departs Chugwater along Lone Tree Road east toward a rendezvous with U.S. 85. The remainder of Business Loop I-25 accompanies Wyoming 321 north from First Street onto Ty Road (Historic U.S. 87). A 2.75-mile long state highway, Wyoming 321 concludes with the business route at a diamond interchange (Exit 57) with I-25.

Business Loop I-25 Mileage and Junction List

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